I New-to-Edinburgh professional woman. 38. iinergetrc and fun-loving. iinioys‘ working otrt. the arts. good food/wine. family. cltthhrng. Seeks short-cut to meeting people for new fi‘ienshrps. Box No f/350/l.

I Edinburgh/Glasgow new to area. 30s. business lady. Wl .‘l’M. attractive professronal/husiness man. 35-45. to halt slide into workaholrsiri."c‘.\ sport. dining. music. film. Photo and letter please. Hos .\'o 350/2.

I Sincere professional male non-smoker. seeks hold. horrny. masterful woman. but not hutch. \\llil perrcltant for icather suits. 40¢. for fulfilling relationship

No hung-up divorcees please. 1 Photo appreciated. Box No i Rio/3

I Edinburgh girl \\'I .'l‘.\t. l-Zdinhrrrgh guy. 30 38. for ftrn friendship. possrnly more into cinema. music. ptrhs. chrl‘s. nights in. Photo appreciated. hut not necessary Hos No 350/4. I Male musician in his thirties. rhased in (ilasgtm i. is looking for a female musician for musical triendslrrp or. if she plays her .‘aids right. '\ possible romance Hm \o 350/5

I Male, 28, 5'6" (At lll. romantic at heart. hives mm res. music. cosy nights in and the uncomentional. \\ l.'l‘.\l similar. quirky. honest. 20 something fenrale for friendship. ftrir and wacky com ersatiori. lie daring? Box No 350/0.

I Attractive, warm, kind intelligent lady. mid 50s. Wlfl‘M. gentle. cheerful. handsome male with a down to earth. lardhack nattrre. to euro} comersatron. my wonderful cooking. cinema. drinks. theatre. tra\el. whatexerl Hos .\'o 350/7. I Really, handsome adventurer. former international sportsman. (Networked. torrrier free spirit. seeks stunning. slim. sporty. sesy. silly ccrchral soulmate. who loves motttarrrs. lot its and wild adventures.

:7 H. pittilti plcasc. i3ti\ \ti 350/3

80 THE LIST/ xi Jan 199‘)

I Amusing, thirty-something petite female. likes living in the city. loves escaping from it even more. WI.TM. intelligent gtry with a strong aversion to cheesy cliches and a passion for good food and htrmour. letter gets one back. photograph please. Box No 350/9.

I Male linguist seeks female between 2‘) and 33. My hobbies are travel. photography. cinema. running. eating otrt and music. l.ooking for kind. easy-going girl. Look forward to hearing from you. Box No 350/l0.

I Have you made a new years resolution? This professional lidinhurgh male. 33. needs a life outside work. so if you are female and think” you can help. wonderful. BOX No 350/] l.

I Bright, sensitive, Edinburgh man. 35. friendly. affectionate into drawing. folk music. ceilidhs. mountains. skiing. cirietiia. languages and central litirope. Seeks new friends and a special woman to caress and care about. Box No 350/l 3.

I Wide-awake in Edinburgh grow n-up woman. small decrepit dancer. lots to offer - hugs. laughter. kindness. energy. seeks special man to receive and reciprocate. My interests include etneiitatic. musical. literary. sensuous culinary. Box No 350’13. I Why is a raven like a writing desk? Mull)". riiisanthropic. professional lidinhurgh male. Wlfl‘M. attractive. petite lady with suggestions. 3-1. 5‘6". enjoys cooking. cinema. conversation. candour. Photo and phrases appreciated. Box No 350/14.

I Male, 44, good-looking good-natured. GSOH. caring. Wl .TM. nice natured female. for ftrrr and future partner. Ayrshire. (ilasgow. Edinburgh area. Hos .\'o 350/15.

I Thirty-something, ‘List', Glasgow girl. looking for similarly reading nrale for evenings or weekends about town. Not quite ready for another long term relationship yet. but who knows‘.’ Box No 350/](i.

I Well thats Christmas and NC“ Year ti\ er. [‘ilt‘Wl move on quickly. I am a .10 year old West l.othian male. 5ft Sin. kind and caring. wishes to meet female for friendship. outings. West l.othtan or lidinhurgh. .ila. Box Ni) 350/l7.

I Jaded cynic seeks similar rot hollow laughter. lidmhtrrgh male. 3-1. looking for a woman. 38 735). with intelligence. wit and looks. Hos No 350/lh’

I Presentable, professional man. 34. seeks sensitii c. adventurous female for ftrii and frolics. maybe more. Wotild appreciate letter and photo. All letters answered. Box No asn/ro. i

I Glasgow, gay, 33 on tin. IN) lhs. dark. .\’/s. friendly sincere. GSt )l l. WL’I'M similar. t30~40. tall r. interests; Music. videos. keeptrt. (ilasgow only. please. hrrer' physical description. photo (not essential). Al A Box No 349/50.

I Looking for a soul mate? 2*) year old. gay guy. 6ft. straight-acting. str'aiglit-ltxiking. interests include music. cinema. theatre. travel. Seeks srririlat‘. Photo appreciated. lio\ No 150/50.

I Gay male professional. ‘10. Looking for someone w ho is relisahle. honest. genuine. é sincere to develop friendslirp/relationship in the

new year. Non-smoker. non. scene. Photo appreciated. All i letters answered! Hos .\'o ( 350/5 l. l I Edinburgh guy, 21 enjoys i sports clubs. straighr-acring. non-smoker seeks sitttiiat‘ young guy. i iii-25). for friendship or ruayhe more. Photo appreciated but all letters answered. Bti\ No 350/53.

I Sadly, single Glasgow guy. 34. mailahle for Christmas. llogmanay. l999 and onwards. Looking for s/a. n/s. guy. 25 35. to romance. share lilies moments with and have fun. No psycho's or .lt‘sslcs apply. ALA“ l’. llo\ No 350/53.

I Edinburgh professional irr.rlc.t—10l. tall. s/a. as genuine and pieseritahle likes music. rrro\ res. eating out and tr'ayel. looking for similar. attractive younger guy. I35 islil. for friendship and hopefully more. litH No 350/54.

I Edinburgh gay guy 23. s/a. good-looking. lit. (iS()ll. seeks mates tiiale/feriralc for laughs or similar horny. guys tor a hit more lrrti. making l‘)‘)‘) a year to rememher llos No 350/55.

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° l)o think carefully before disclosing your personal details. address or telephone ntrmher

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° Always meet in a public place.


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