junction of Princes/Charrlotte

CLASSIFIED i saw you m

V I saw you Jane throughout the year. So may happy memories and lots to look forward to. Thanks for

a great year. Love you. The Linger : Doctor. Bin No [3/350/1.

V I saw you Baroque. Sat 12 Dec. You. tall. dark hair in pigtails with purple top. He. guy. brown jacket with two mates. You looked unhappy when we left. so we came back. \Yould really like to meet you without a crowd Boy No [7/350/2.

V I saw you Aiknian‘s'. St Andrews. Wed 9 Dec. You (dark. cuter recommended lloegaarden and l (ginger. specs) too flustercd to reply with grace. Would like to try a two pint pitcher sometime . . . Box No [7/350/3.

V I saw you 'I‘r'uant. I keep see- ing you everywhere. I can't get you out of my head. Please phone me. Box No W350“.

V I saw you Fri ll/IZ. 3pm.

Street. ltyes met waiting for green man you handsome heading east. me man w rtli M&S bag going west. love to see that smile again? Hm No [7350/3

V I saw you before nndge. and I want to see you again. It‘s been Iguana. The Woolpack and The I Antiquity. Where to nest .’ Ilos .\'o I‘/.“5II/(y V I saw you purple mini cooper l driver. in the old town Its a New Year. tnuc litt' tlte \tIL‘tlcc 1U end'.’ Hm NU [7150/7

V I saw in the I‘lllllltttlle‘ and you blew me away. Your cool \ll\ er esterior and love

\lttlcls eyes lltttse lasltes are arna/iiig. You w ere w earing two great logos. my favourite leading ‘/‘/re /.I\I and my fa\ourile drink SAL/A. l had to send you a love letter.

I S.~\\\' YUI' pristhH'

V I saw you in Tron Ilai. Sat l‘)/12. You gorgeous guy. tight pants. pink T-shrri. .\le. short. blonde. trglit T-shrrt. pink cheeks. Be in Tron Bar for Ilogiii.iri.iy" llm No [7350/3

V I saw you lIelen. Murrayfield ('lirrstmas disco party Tall. deli- crous \elyet dress and an illegal sense ot rhyllini Thanks for the dance - I'm still liypnotised (‘ould you tear yourself away from your maths to hay e dinner with that older man ' Hos No t/litm

V I saw you Kriss. tilt Xlllas I‘.\t' at the Links in .\Ionliose We talked and spent the night togeth- er You: at I‘niyersrty. (ilasgow.

studying (ieology .\Ie‘ ll\ ing in Izdrnburgli. Please call. ("arol llos Nol Hfill/lll



V I saw you homiiie fatale. blond boy in Bar Brel. Me and everyone else fancied you. Are you from the Shire'.’ Seen you in the chip with epidural man. Patsy covets you?! Box No U/350/Il V I saw you haired dyed ginger at Bennetts with some old guy. you said. run along. I’m busy. I nearly cried. Box No UBSO/IZ. 9 I saw you in Gttiller‘tno‘s flat and it was an earth shattering experience. I couldn't bare not to see you again. so pick up the phone ell: give me a call. Kisses. (ion/.3 Box No U/350/l3.

V I saw you chunky black specs on No. l() to Killearn. Didn‘t stop talking to your mate about Celtic and dance music. Call me

dusky. Italian teinptress. Box No li/RSU/I-I.

0 I saw you (iai‘y Hui-low look- a-Iike. I loved your short baby soft hair The way you looked at me melted my pants. Light my fire and whip you stripey top off. Box No U/350/15.

V I saw you Bar Brel. turquoise shirt. flicking coins. I'd like to check out your small change. (fat wallet). Box No U/350/l6.

V I saw you Delirionicas. Friday 13th Nov ‘98. You from Paisley wearing blue shirt. rne. black. The master would like to hear from you. Box No U/35()/l7.

V I saw you the hunky. sesy. spectacled man with short black hair. sporting a polo-neck sweater. lzdward g-string is Ins name. fan- tasisrng's the game. A cafe cos- inoiiaught. Box No WHO/IX.

V I saw you skinny. black-haired boy for Izasteihotrse. storming out of (iI'I. Bos N0 Il/ASII/l‘).

V I saw you in the (WT cale You had some soup and a cappa- cmo. I had a slice of quiche and an (H. I left you to speak to some- one else. Britt Ni) U/ASII/JII.

0 I saw you at (it-’1' cafe/bar. You had quiche and an 0]. I had soup and a cappacino. You left. I slayed. Bo\ No li/35IJ/3I

V I saw you Lucy. at Apes. Ldrnburgh. Can I stroke you red hair again‘.’ Box No IIISSU/ZZ.

V I saw you Patrick in Rainbow Room (Gt. Western Rtll. I'ancy a drink when I get back from .»\Iristerdain'.’ Your short-haired L'IIL‘III. Iio\ NU I.'/.“5II/2.I.

V I saw you Rachel ( 'i.

nursery nurse. 3 years in lzdrnburgli. es .-\berdeen.

lair hair wrtli lovely smile arid even lovelier' voice. in Armchair Books on Candlmaker Row.

Sat l‘) l)ec Me. hunting ()or \Yullie annuals. you. buying flocks ol Wild Swans with

(also lovely) llatrnale. tcottagemate‘.’l. I should hay e suggested a coffee. Talk to me some more" Boy No [7150/34

0 I saw you at the SR() Christmas bash. 2| December “)8. lilegant international recruiter - what you lack on top you make up for below. Be mine. Box No I,l/35()/35

V I saw you Stuart Duncan. Xmas day. but you acted weird. Do you want another chance to pro\ e you‘re worth it'.’ Boy No [7350/20

V I saw you Euan behind the bar in lih l. Lets hope you pull more than my drink next time I’m in. Bo\ No L'/35()/37.


V I saw you silent Italian beauty. You saved me from the fire. Leave your Scottie dog belnnd and shack tip w ith the Prince. Hos No [7350/28.

V I saw you Sally. You‘ve seen the draw mg. would you like to see the real thing‘.’ Leis meet up alter college for some bunny bonanza" Ilm No [7350/29.

V I saw you Gucci shirt. tall. dark hair. You lost your glasses in my tll’lllk The I-ilinhouse was crowded tltal day. llo\ No [7350/30.

V I saw you |)esparately seeking a real gent called Murray. You met Shirley from Montrose at Sublrrne on I'll l8 l)ec. You hay e a beauti- llll smile Would you like to meet ill1 fur a chat'.’ Boy No l'/35()/3l V I saw you petite. long. blonde hair. glasses. collectriig postcards in ABC foyer. Lotlnari Road. 23 Dec. Me 7 smiling in big purple checked shirt. ethnic hat. You smiled back. Loy elyl Postcard me please. Hos N0 CASH/33.

V I saw you David. last train for Izdrnburgh (5th Dec). You with friend | me with friend S (iaye you my number you sent me rrnce and naughty 1 card. Like to see you again Ilo\ No WHO/‘3

V I saw you with your guard down reaching out to someone in pain. you were crying. Dark hair framing soft lips and softer eyes. it started than. I lowered my guard and will try to keep coming back for the comfort that you. angel in the city. provide. Box No U/350/34.

V I saw you at tall friend‘s Christmas live gathering. You. beautiful brunette who left early- isli. Me. awstruck since the first

' time l saw you months ago. in similar company art gallery. Please. Box No U/350/35.

V I saw you every morning. you sleep with a boy called ‘Barney‘. Velcro and Nikki are very jealous. Happy Birthday. lots of love. can you guess'.’ Box No U/34‘)/5().

V We saw you Graeme. Amy. Cubby & Spag. and we wished you all a happy. happy birthday. Box No U/349/5I.

V I saw you crazy vegetarian at Trash'.’ Met in August at Garage. then to Trash where you knew folks who worked there. You are Sean (Mc'I‘yi‘e'.’). blond. 2 I. 6ft. 3yr cvl. eiig at gcal. I'm Val from \r'ancouvei'. Missing piggyback tours of Glasgow. Now- wishing I had a way to keep in touch. Returning to Scotland .soon . . . Iiiiiail‘.’ vbea- man(a‘rlioimailcom. Box No [5/349/ l.

V I saw you Tom. in Sneeky's with Al. Jeff and Abs. You pulled my hair. The time was never right. Iiaiicy a lling'.’ (in on. risk Ill Bos No {7349/}.

V I saw you Lee Yang. Archos. Sunday night. you girl. big brown eyes. tanned. potty silver trainers. downing shots. Me mesmerised space woman that you stole straw from and sung apology to

fancy another? Box No U/349/2.

V I saw you John Munro (Jack). Citizens Theatre. Oct ")8. You. California. me. kicking myself. Someone here help us connect you. retired twin daughters. Perth flat. Glasgow green thesis on bees. Box No U/3-l9/4.

V I saw you ordering a Sauza and Lemonade. your voice was smooth and rich. how refreshing. just like your drink. Care to share a discerning moment?

V I saw you approx. 22.4().iii Glagow underground. Thurs 26 Nov. You. cute. handsome. ()riental. dark hair. glasses( 1’). Me. fair hair. glasses. black overcoat. We sat opposite to one another. Me reading a daily rag. A face in the night. you were gone. Box No U/34‘)/5.

V I saw you Club Mercado. 27/1 I. You. stunning flame haired honey. Me. smitten till box all in blue. I called you gor- geous. See me again to prove me i‘ight'.’ Box i 'o U/3-19/o.

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