Thinking of getting your locks off in 1999? We asked four of Scotland's most respect- ed hairdress- ing salons to reveal this year's new look.

Words: Simone Baird

Paterson S.A.

Rita Rusk

’This year Will see lots of texture and movement, a move away from the sleek look. Things have been sleek for so long now,’ says Rita Rusk. With a high standing on the inter- national scene, Rita Rusk is consis- tantly recognised as one of the best hairdressers in the world. HaVIng scooped the British Hairdresser of the Year title in 1984, she runs two Glasgow salons as well as The School, which attracts students from all over the globe to study her ground-breaking techniques and intensive programmes.

Paterson believe that 1999 Will see a move away from the prettier, softer cuts of recent times. The under- lining cut is defined, but there are Wispy bits of hair which can be styled forward or brushed back depend- ing on the mood. ’Styles have been soft for a while,’ reckons George Paterson. 'This type of cut is a way

to get strength With a safety net.’ Paterson and John McLeod run the three branches of Paterson SA. in Edinburgh. With a complete team of 52, the salons have Just celebrated their tenth anniversary. Photographer: Jonathan West Hair/make up: George Paterson Styling: Michelle at Metropolitan


’Really short, sharp fringes Will become very popular in 1999,’ say Cheynes. ’This head of hair is an extreme version With added touches of gold to the hair and make up to soften the overall image' Salon pro- prieter Jennifer Cheyne has built up an Impressive international reputa— tion over the past two decades. With five salons and and an educa- tion centre in Edinburgh and a heavyweight porfolio of TV, maga- [IMO and styling work the reputation is deserved.