DLC Illa Mitchell l.ane. 30-1 303“.

See feature.

Free 3l ('hisholm Street. 553 7l00. l‘ree is located opposite the iron bar and favoured h} a )oting art} croud of professionals and students. You sliotild also check otit the galler} do“ nstairs which regtilarl) holds exhibitions in conjunction \\ ith the Art School. t'nforttinatel} the name isn't prophetic. hut students get a 30‘} discount

.\lon 'l'hu. other“ ise a ctit and blow dl'_\ starts from £33 for women and £ 1 3 for men. Depending on the time of )Citt' the} ofteti hax e colour promotions \\ hen )Utl cati get half price colour or free semi- perinanents if _\ou are a nets client. Opening hours: Mon. Tue ck Sat

9.30am (rpm: \Ved l‘ri 9.30am 0pm; Stiii noon 5pm.

‘l’he Green Room It» Park Road. 334 5505.

:\s the name stiggests. this small \Vest liiid salon onl} tises products made \\ ith organic ingredients and not tested on animals. The} also sell the

em ironmentall} -friendl} .\latri\ range of shampoos and conditioners. .\lon 'l'hti. students get a 30‘; discount on the basic ctit price of £ l 7.90 and if )ou recommend a friend. )(iti hoth get a l0‘é discount. In 199‘). the} are planning to set tip a heauty salon which \\ ill tie in \\ ith the holistic approach \satch this space? Opening hours: Mon \Ved 9am (rpm: Thu liri 9am 7pm; Sat 9am 5pm. Hairlynks 433 (ireat Western Road. 33‘) 97-18.

This funk} ethnic salon has heeti going since 1983 and specialises in Alto and litiro hair. Aimed at a _\oung. alternatite ci'ottd. a ladies ctit costs onl} £ 1 3 and gents £ 1 S. htit foi' dreadlocks. heads or plants )titi'll need to cough tip an} \\ here hettteen £ l 30 £300. lior all those mad. uncontrollable afros that want to go sleek) straight. hair straightening costs

£35. The} also stock shampoos specifically for Afro hair and a selection of different \taxes. Opening hours:

'l'tie Sat 10am 5.30pm.

iter Hair 343 Saticliieliall Street. 333 6(th

The llel} 's fainil} business has been running in (ilasgott for eleten )ears and attracts a clientele of all ages. Prices range

"ti; offe r l


88 THE LIST / '2? i999

i f C.

Tues-ragga O 13 1

With a photography studio inhouse, Taylor Ferguson is a high profile, high fashion salon.

from £14 to £37 for a more e\perienccd

st) list. A student cut costs £ 14 \\ ith an} of the st_\ lists and is atailahle in the mornings. .\lon l'it'i. Look out for the colour sales ili l‘chrtiar} and ()ctoher. \\ hen colour is half price. meaning )oti can sa\ e as much as £30. Opening hours: Mon 0am (ipm:

'l‘ue l-"ri 9am 0pm: Sat 9am 4pm: Stiii noon 5pm.

Kavanagh (i3 (i5 Virginia Street. 553 365 l.

Situated just down from the old Virginia (iallerics. there's a friendl} and informal atmosphere to this salon. Students. nurses and air hostesses get a I0‘é discount on the normal £37.50 ctit and hit)“ dr}. lf )ottt‘ head is pounding and )ou need to wind dots n. tr} one of their dc-stt‘Cssitig head alid scalp massages \\ hich cost £ 1 5 and malte ideal hirthda} presents. Opening hours: Mon \Ved. l-‘ri Sat 0am (iptiil 'l'hu 0am 7.30pm.

Mokuzo 50 .-\lhioii Street. 553 4004. [Mike an axeragc hairdressers. this Japanese themed salon has an artistic decor \\ ith mo/aics. \tood stuctures and big fish tanks. A cut atid hlott dr_\ starts from £18 and there is 30’é student discount 'l'tie 'l'hti. Situated in the heart of Merchant ('it}. the salon is home to the professional Sistars iiialse-tip artists \\ ho regtilarl} do photo shoots and TV work and are a\ailahle to gi\e top tips and tiialsem L‘t‘s to clients. ('all 553 llillli for more information. Opening hours:

'l‘ue \Ved l0am (ipiii:'l'hu l0am ()pm; Hi l0am (rpm; Sat 9am 5pm.

PGIG (i.3 Bath $0111.55: 777 l.

.\ hits}. st} lish salon

\\ ith tuo heauticians at the hack til. the premises. lf}ott are )earning for long. luscious locks. htit _\our hair just \son’t grim. then \\li_\ not cheat'.’ l’ele specialises ili hair e\teiisions \\ hich can either he made of monofihre or the real thing. if )ou t'eall} uant to fool sour pals. Prices for a hasic cut start from £ l .S’ hut students get a

l 5‘ 2 discount

.\lon -'l‘hti. Opening hours: Mon \Ved.

l’ri Sat 0.30am (rpm: 'l‘hti 9.30am 7pm; Sat 8.45am 5pm.

Rainbow Rooms 135 Buchanan Street. 348 5300: I5 Roin lixchange Square. 336 3-15l; 34 Ro}al li\change Square. 304 44ft”; (ill7 (ii'eal \Vc‘stct'ti Road. .337 337010 lltmie Blds.('lai'lsston.(i3l

1355; I53 High Street. Dumharton.

(ll 38‘) 70-1087.

'l‘his chain of successful fashion salons are highl} regarded on the Scottish st} le scene. .\ ctit and hlots dr} ranges hemeen £33 £45. htit )ou can get _\otir hair cut h} a trainee st) list at a reduced rate at the acadeiii} in Ro}al Iixchangc Square. lf _\oti are an earl} hird and “am to get )otir hair chopped hefoi'e work then these gti)s are tip at the crack of da\\ ti. \\ ith the first hair appointment at 7.30am. ’l‘lie} also has e standh} cuts; if _\ou turn tip at the salon \\ ithout an appointment and a

st} list is asailahle then a ctit and hlots dr} \\ ill cost )oti U5. ltt additioti to heing masters of the scissors. Raiiihott Rooms hate ttto heatit} salons at Buchanan Street and Ro_\al li\change Square. Opening hours: Mon \Ved. l’ri

7.30am 7.30pm1'l‘hu 7.30am 8.30pm: Sat 7.30am 5pm; Stiii l lam 5pm.

Rita Rusk 4‘) West .\'ile Street. 22l I472:

See l-L‘illlll’c. Scrimshaws I43 Stock“ ell Street. 552 5353.

This designer salon has been situated in the Merchant ('it_\ for three )ears and has

pt‘o\ ed to he a real hit \\ ith a _\oting professional crond. :\ ctit and hlott dr} costs £35 for \iomen and £ l (i for men. Student get a NY; discount. The} specialise iii colour correction and stock the qtialit) l‘udge range. Opening hours: Mon \Ved. liri Sat 9am (rpm; 'l'hti 9am 3pm. SCUIthl’ 33o \Voodlands Road. 337 3353.

This contemporar}. state of the art salon is tticlsed aua} in the West lind and has t\\o st) lists. It‘s a popular little haunt

\\ ith a wide range of clients from students to BB('. S'l‘V and Scottish ()pera staff. What's more. there's no glaring bright lights. so staring at )otii'self in the mirror isn't such a trauma. A ladies’ cut and hit)“ dl'} costs £ l‘) and students get a hargain price of £ 1 3. Opening hours:

'l'tic Sat 0am 5.15pm.

Taylor Ferguson 106 Batli Street. 332 0307/33] I738.

()ne of(ilasgo\\ ‘s high profile. ultra- fashioii salons. la) loi‘ l-ergtison's

d) namic. artistic team has toured the isorld \\ ith their hair spectaculars there is es en a photographer's studio in the salon for the frequent photo sessions the) do. .\ ctit and hlott dr_\ starts from £40, and students can take ad\atitage of a 30‘) discount. The salon hoasts an impressixe celehi'it) line-tip. especiall} if _\oti‘re a foothall fan the ('eltic and Rangers

pla} ers are regular clients. in an attempt to undo scars of Alan Rotigli htihhle perm prejudice. Opening hours: Mon

0am (rpm: 'l‘tie 0am 5.30pm; \Ved. l-i'i 0am (i.30pm: 'l'hu 9am 7.30pm: Sat H.30am 5pm.

Toni 8r Guy 00 St Vincent Street. 348 0343.

Toni tk (}u_\ progressi\ c hairst} les

\\ ith its fashionahle and is a design leader

£99 in Edinburgh is one of Scotland's most popular salons, with good reason.