RENTAL Lost In Space (PG) 103 mins

One of several hrg hudqet turkeys that ('ame to roost rn our (:nernas thrs srrrrvrrtv', Lost In Space hoasts ahout the tatt it has more spet ra’ e“e< ts snots than any otne' rnoyre out forgets to trll the st 'eer‘ \'.rth (harat te's \.'r.e 'nrn rt (are ahotrt Unl'ke tnezr‘ (ounterparts .n. the old TV serres, the Rohrnson tarrrrly l‘ere hetorne dysltrnt trorra: ()dhK t'( (asta‘.'.ays, rrrrtatrnd the let! out o" exeryor‘e, espe< rally parrtorn'rne had duy (rary Oldrrran Lr‘rtertannre'fl

The Daytrippers

(15) 84 mins

llrer'e's not l‘.‘tr( ’r the l.laone ‘a'r::*'/ haze n (ornr‘zo'y untr da..<;hter L‘rxa hetornes (ortxtnte 1' "er hasnavrd rs haunt; an att'arr ll‘en, ‘r.'.rth hiooo tarly th ( ke" than \.'.ater, they a head through Nev. York r: a statron ‘-.'.a()()"- to seek out e‘.rde"<e (net; l.lott< as s( not is fanny and pan‘u’ y 7"( ashe, and thrs 's ‘.‘.l‘at lio ds t<>oet"er the (haotrt sto'ylrrre A "rent o". too for the (ast, \.‘.l‘() reve.‘ tr‘ t"-e t)8‘,'( i‘o‘oort al suhtletzes of ther" (l‘ar‘at ters 'lox Pathe=


(15) 93 mins

\.'-.':th Get Shorty and Out Of Bro/rt, Eln‘ore leo'raro 'ias hee" oetter serxeo of late hy Hollyz'.‘ood than n ost at.tho"s Pa;.l Sthrader s the drrettor rn (ruestron i'itS true, and he too 'rtanaoes to entapsuiate leona'o’s patented x'.or'vd o‘ oddhal‘s A ‘orn‘er monk Skeet Uirrt l: (ere "lness 'ner‘ey hy to..< h .s rrtar‘rparated hy an e‘.an<;e :(al (‘Y‘l"(’l)l‘("t(’.." (hrrstopner \‘Ja‘len , ar‘dsoo" tr‘dshvnse"o" t"e'.'.rs'1‘st o? exeryorw t'ro'r that shot. "osts to

'. t’r‘ t".e at) to

ta" rrt;"t tanat ( s Fox Eadie

Mad City

(12) 110 mins

Events sprral out o" (or‘t'o: '\.'.l2er‘ reorrridart set urnty traard Jo‘rn l"a‘.olta

Bigger, not better: all the special effects in the world can't save Godzilla (Columbia Tristar, PG, 134 mins, it) from being infuriatingly dull. Available to rent from Mon 11 Jan

92THE LIST /' /“ ‘91,“:

(onfronts hrs ex-hoss and shots are attrdentaiy ‘rred Soonther"rr1..seurr: ‘.‘.()"\t)hi((‘ rs surrounded hy t)()l‘( e a"d r‘redra types, ‘.‘.ii.": TV nran [)ustn Hoffman spottrnt; a (hante to manrptrlate the sreQe to hrs (areer's adxarttaoe The stars and d;re( tor (osta-Cxa‘.ras Ertt the ‘r rr‘ tar anoxe '-.‘.rhat's expet ted of the Hoi‘yx'.ood pramstreanr hy drum; the ( tiarat ters sorrxethrnn to say ‘\'./arr‘er

Saviour (18) 100 mins

One of the strongest (rrrenra

rnd't tr'ter‘ts yet of the '\.'.a" rr: ‘orr're' Yuoosra'xa "as m:exne< ted (redentra s Oir'.er Stone's "anre is on the

t).'()(l..‘( ers' (redrts, r.‘."-r|e Denr‘rs Quard taxes the read rn a truy hrutal and (r‘a'rt'xnt; "drt trrient o‘ \.'.ar in den-eral and Bos" a's etr'Ht nioodsheo r1 partr< ula' \.'.’hetl:er o' not (lrt(‘( tor Pete" Arton I(‘\.( rs nu ‘ty of Serorarr hras is dehatah e, hut Quard trues hrs all r". a 'esol..te y rrrrs‘~,«rr‘pathet1( pertorr'rar‘te '( olur"t)ra lrtsta' Washington Square (PG) 111 mins

A star',e' tast

Alhe't l 7"‘ey splash on the per od deta rs a r"ost at!

,‘t-"n'ter ,ason le oh, and more (as!‘ to

tt‘at (:rst ."(itllSlit'S Atynes/ka llo‘iar‘u's Henry Jar'ies adaptat on how ts l‘.” Hill ‘.a e'its At t'ie (ent'e of the story rs t"e 'o‘-.e het'.'.een .' t". krd l.e oh and n‘po‘.e"shed Ben ( rian'n‘, a ronzante roundly detesteo hy her dad ll .nney to t"e extent that he's 'eady to ors'whert "e." and at ( .rse her s.. to' ot ‘ortur‘e- "..t"_r"(; l nrrey do'r‘..nates t"e st 'eerr Btlt""<l ‘.’ sta


Good Will Hunting (15) 120 mins

Rohr". 'ra'ns Sappo'trnr; At tor, "ot ‘yoar‘t; th nos

o" a" ()star ‘o' Best

Matt [Damon and fie" , it et L. out the sarrte to' fies: 0' o "ar St :eenp ay It \.'.as a hox otfrte “it and [rst readers ia‘.().r’(*(t t hrdhly r‘. our e"d o‘ year porl And yet tl‘e'e's sor"ethrn<; ahout Good '/.”r// Hunt/no t"at rriakes .t feel

RETAIL High Noon (U) 82 mins

The solitary hero set against the wide expanses of the American frontier: the Western is the perfect cinema format to test the resolve of the individual. High Noon is a classic example. 0n the day that Will Kane (Gary Cooper) retires as marshall of a small town and marries his Quaker bride (Grace Kelly), he learns that a man he sent to prison is coming back with three accomplices and the intent to kill him. Kane tries to rally the townfolk for support; cowards one and all, they turn their backs on him. And so the hero sets out on a lonely road towards a climactic gunfight, armed only with his integrity and a trusty six-shooter. Fred Zinneman’s film gains tension and excitement as the ghosts of Kane's past and his hopes for the future are distilled into a tight 85 minutes of screen action, edited to give the impression that the story plays out in ’real time’. Screenwriter Carl Foreman, blacklisted after McCarthyism hit Hollywood, uses the plot to criticise those who failed their friends during the Communist

witch-hunts; but the film's power isn't limited to any one period. As a bonus,

Do not forsake me, oh my darling: Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper in High Noon

this video edition contains the original theatrical trailer and a ’Making Of'

documentary. (Alan Morrison)

Avar/ah/e to buy on 4 Front Video Golden Classics from Mon 78 Ian, prrced

[5 99

as rt' :t's ’ust Hollywood 'st’ttlttt‘t‘lll rn a t'la'.'our-o‘-the-rrxo'tth patkaoe lt (er‘tarr‘fiy .ndtr'oes r‘ moments of rnarrrpuratrtr'e ernotror‘, hut the ;)(‘.'l()"‘.l(il‘((‘8 manage to steer rt (lear of the ‘.'.o'st ex<esses of the genre 'iuena V sta [1499'

Alien Resurrection

(18) 104 mins

In her t'th" oatrrrt; as Rrpéey,

S (journey \."."ea‘.'er dryes her hest r)e"orrr‘an( e lhere realty .s a l()tl( h ot' r‘ohre tragedy ahout the ( ha'at ter's reafrsat'or‘. that she has he<on:e, rr‘. part, her man worst enemy a (‘oned herntr that has alre'r DNA r" ar'rondst the nurran prts The rest of the trlrr‘. ()r‘.'(‘8 p’enty ot' opportun'tres tor shot k tat t'ts In long, dark (0" (tors hut trrrfo'tanatery too many (oth lrnes unoer'rrr'te the tensron rlox {1‘1 ()9 itrhm 'een/f l 5 9‘) ‘.‘.'r(l(‘8( r'een:

The Jackal

(18) 119 mins

St ott:sl‘ d ."e( tor l.l'< hael ( aton Jones does "rrnsell no ‘ayours \.'.'rth ths dud "enrake of fire Day Of Me Jat ka/

B"..( e \‘frfizs plays the hrtrnan, \'.h() (an only he rtlerttr‘;e(l hy rrtprrsoned IRA man R'( had here \‘V'tht unkrntr

d alodue, so many lot atrons ( rammed 'n that rt feels lrke a holday proora'rrrne and a serres of dodgy drstrtrrses for \"y’rilrs, rt doesn't (rarr‘. enoudn respett to he tawn senous y lhe addrtror‘. of Bfat k Grape and l/lnssxe Attat k on the soundt'at k doesrz't h' or; rt up to date :t only shouts hot'. outdated the rest ot the rr:ate'tal rs 'C'ICr

Chained Heat (18) 95 mins

Anyone (autyrt s':o\.'..n(; a lrkrnt; for the '\'.'omen .n prrson' serres of mowes should perhaps he a 'rttle shame-fated hut, as rrr any expiortatror‘. genre, there rs (rood among the had There's frequently also a reason or two for some trarnspottr'x; (urros.ty here rt's worth notrnt; that the t'rrrr‘. (r'ves some rndrtatron of the sansequent (areer of [xort rst sta,r ltt‘.(l(i Blarr She's an rnnotent naturally enouotv sent to a (orrupt [arl yep, mom of the sarner \‘.t‘.("'(‘ she's Eusted after ny other female :nmates so far, so ( M ."ed

tl.llA HO ()9

Mr Smith Goes To Washington

(U) 124 mins

Non, rf rt \' Jrrnrny Ste\.'\.ar‘t who \.'.as voting on \‘.'.'retner or not to :rnpeat h Presrdent C lrnton, mayhe the out<orne would have heerr rather (:r‘t'ere"t ()7 rrrayhe not, hetause t?‘ s F'ar‘k (apra < -assr( he pays a young .dea :st \‘.hose patnotrsrr‘ nexe.’ waters, (“.0" when. hrs our: reputatro". s (arled rlllO (ruestron Other releases In the same series ..".( rude the t.rr'rrrssal)le It Happened One .N/ght, Amer/(an Madness and You (an: [axe /.' 2".)tn You \( It rne'naC lut) {-199r



Very good

\»Vorth a shot

Below average You've been warneo