LiberoGrande (SCEE) £34.99

Every vrdeo game shop has one one of those brg bur kets pat ked to the br:m wrth ant rent or setond-hand soft\‘.'are berng sold at farrrrally (heap prrces Many types of games end up rn these graveyards, but the football game rs the most prevalent Wrth the release of Lrbr-‘roGrande, shops had better start searc hrng for even more voltlrnrnous reteptar les for therr 'bargarns'

Theoretr<ally a great rdea, LrberoGrande allows you to play as one member ras opposed to swrtt hrng between players as In every other football sum of an rnternatronal team For 90 mrnutes you (ontrol the atta<krng mrdfrelder, tatklrng bark when you have to, arrrvrng late rn the box to (ra(k home the \.vrnner and generally grvrng 110%

There are leagues, (ups and exhrbrtrons to (ompete rn, plus some fun trarnrng exertrses, but all thrs rs rrrelevant next to the gameplay It rs murder You wander armlessly, wartrng for the play to reat h your part of the freld and, when rt does, the (ontroi you have over the ball rs woeful Often you can’t |o( ate your team-mates, you (an't see the goal and you have no rdea how close the opposrtron are Oh and let's not even talk about the graphrcs

LrberoGrande rs unrewardrng and no fun at all The bargarn brns awart rlDr

Brian Lara Cricket (Codemasters) £44.99 -

If you don't lrke (rrtket then don't buy thrs game You adrenaline Junkres (an strr k to your Laras and your Bandrtoots and leave the more (erebral members of the gamrng (ornrnunrty rn peare Crrcket rs basr(ally team (hess one team tryrng to outer and out—thrnk the other and Brran Lara (fr/(Ike! has raptured thrs feelrng exa< tly

You must (aptarn one of the top nrne teams rn the world to W tory through frrendly boun<e games or full test matthes You have (ontrol of battrng, bowlrng and, should you wrsh rt, freldrng Battrng and bowlrng order and freldrng platement (an also be

rs; 23.24


ames reviews

t.nkered mth, allovvrng you to get the most out of your team

The a( tuai play rs gu'te slow but rt makes the plannrng of shots and delrverres very .mpor‘tant and you \‘.rll soon be(ome engrossed rn the battle of Wrts The graphrts are fun<tronal, but the gameplay has been tweaked to near perfet tron and the sound as your erlow strrkes a srx rs all the s\‘.'eeter If you play agarnst you." mates l'hrs game rs Just b." uh-oh, those Junkres are returnrng Ahern, yeah, as we were sayrng, thrs :s dead borrng and that No guns or babes Rubbrsh rlDr


The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (Nintendo) £49.99

The bu// around the release of legend OfZe/da has been gurte phenomenal and, \vrth hype transratrng rnto sales, rt has s\'-.rftly betorne the fastest-sellrng vrdeo game of all trrne lven rewev. (opres have been hard to (one by, but [he Lrst has nov. managed to get rts strt ky paws on a (opy and s happy to report that, rf you have any money reft over from C hr-stmas, you'd do tell to rnvest your loot in tl‘rs llell, thrs a( tron adventure rs so good rt's worth shellrng out for an N64 jUSi so you (an play rt

You play tank, a young elf boy frorr Kokrrr Forest, who must save the world of Hyruie from the forres of evrl You start off wrth no weapons and must burld up an armoury :nr ludrng sword, drfferent shrelds and a slrngshot You must also frnd and use the Qt arena of Trrne, a rnystrtal musrral Instrument whr( h rs rnvaluable to your guest and for \.vhr(h you must learn a nurnbe' of magr(al tunes

It's very hard to frnd any faults at all \vrth thrs enormous game the anrrnatron, espet rally rn the ( ut st enes, rs se( ond to none and the gameplay rs perfett The whole pat kage reeks of rrnagrnatron, attentron to detarl and hard v-rork ere a lot of Nrntendo games, rt's a lrttle too ( ute, but that rs to gurbble If you only buy one Nrntendo game rn 1999, make at thrs one tPRr

rr” r " ' .q ,1, _'-

liberoGrande: woeful

LAP TIMES 2'f3'?2

Knife Edge (Nrntendo) £39.99 Tarth has (olonrsed lula's Barren red ‘.'.'astes have been terrafor‘nteo‘, (reatrng a lush green envrronment for the brave pronee's ‘.'.'ho noz‘. have t‘.'-.() planets to (all norne But ‘l.'.art, '\.'.'l‘at's thrs) Contatt ‘.'.rth outyr‘g homesteads rs berr‘g lost and 508 (alls are berng reterveo from all over the planet Does thrs have any (oenet tron vrrth the rnyster‘oas alrer‘ rarns ‘ouhd ony '.‘.eeks ago? As Knrfe loge, the f'ont gunner on an experrrner‘tal assault (raft, you are sent to rnvestrgate l'hrs ( ratt rs remotely prloted, leavrng you ‘ree to blou‘. the lrvrng hetk out of anytl‘rng that moves Whr< h, as rt happens, :s a lot

‘lhrs rs a 30 shoot em up rn tl‘e vern of Sta/fox or Pan/er” Dragoon Valleys, (rtres, lakes and nuns rat e by as you shoot your vgay to the next brt of the story Unfortunately, thrs unfolds exat t‘y as you mould expe<t and the snooty se< trons are outrageously fast So last, :n fa< t, that Hltr( l: of the (ombat passes you by, leavrng you feeirng more lrke a". onlooker taan a partlt rpant lot better (o"trol, bette' graphrts and alr round better fun, try erther of the two gan‘es rnentror‘ed above 'll):

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evrl (Acclaim) £39.99 If legend ()f/e/da rs the best game for N64, then Turok 2 rs (ertau‘ly the greatest biaster You play a trrgger- happy xzarrror (alled ltll().\ who must save the ‘.‘-.'orld from an evrl fort e (ai'ed the Prrrnagen er huge energy poles keep the Prrmagen (aptrve rn the lost land, but there are loads of xery stary genetrtally-rnu ated hands and other nastres who are out to destroy them and set then rnaster tree

(ontrollrng lurok from a lust-person perspe< trve rthrnk Quake, (lo/den! “,re en r you must go up agarnst these st aly krllers ()rrgrnaily arnred urth nothrng more than a rather pathetzt steel {law you gradually burid a potentral arsenal of over t\.'.renty weapons rn< ludrng tl‘e frendrsh ( erebral Bore \.'.'hr< h drarns the brarn flud of vrt trrns

If that sounds a lrttle unnetesmrw, then rust ‘.'.art trll you've seen the

V-Rally: adrenalin-pumping arcade thrills



opposrtron jurassrt Park fans ‘.'.r§l relrsh the opportunrty to go toe-to—toe \‘.lIlT ‘vrr rous Raptors, xvhrle frustrated N64 outrters r.'.'ho long for ther" o\.'.'n Res/dent [Ax/l xxrli hane fun helprng the Deaomen bar k to the grave

Thrs -s far and av.ay the rnost pant- ‘.'.ettrngly frrghtenrng game for the N64 and more than enougl‘. to nave you h'd'eg beneatl‘ you" Barney danet {Prat '

V-Rally Edition 99 (Infogrames) £39.99 What ‘.'.rth lop (year Ra/ly and Mu/tr Rar rng (harnpronshrp, there are those who mrght argue that the N641 already has rts farr sha'e of (ool rally games and a th rd :s surp'as to regurr‘enrents lhose people are to be prtred for they xvrll neve' knov. the joy of ‘/—Ra//',r ldrtron 99

There are fou' modes to (hoose t'rorn Arr ade \‘.her‘e you 'y to beat the (lo(k one! four drfferent trat ks and three (llffl( urty settrngs, ( harnpror‘shrp you (o'npete agarnst three other term ies one! erght (ount'res, lrrne lrraE \.'.vhr( l‘ ailo\.'.s no\."(es to get to grrps \'.lIl‘ tars a"d tra< xs by settrng therr‘ (ltl|( kest trn‘e ther‘ t'yrng to beat st, and lulultrplaver, possrt)ly the most lager-tnendly as t lets you in to slam your mates off the t'at k

lltere are ten (ars to ( l‘oose ‘ro'n, eat h of lf ts strrted to sl-ghtly drfferent (ondrtrons lrie ( .t'oe" Xsara, for exantpie, ‘s a r'(}ltt (at very 'n:.( l‘ at l‘orne on d'y frat ks, \.'l.h re the sxnrft gear shrlts of the Skoda Or tavra guarantee lirgn perfo'rnante on t\.‘.'rstrng roads

lhrs rs a great 'arer \‘.hr( h perfet tlv ba antes 'eai'srn wt": adrenalrn— purnp'ng art aoe tn'lls lrnagrne playrng (nan Inrrsrno on a roiiertoaster and you'd be gett-ngt ose to xxhat tn.s feels lrke 'l)Rr


larn [)a\ (:son, Peter Ross



Very good

\Vorth a shot

Below. average You've bee" \.\a'."eo

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