chronicles the work ol‘ South Africa's 'l‘rutli

provocative and harrowing narrative.


will be discussing her \Vot'k with the (‘oininission and signing her book on





98 Bt'eiiANAN S'l‘RIiIi'l‘. Gr..-\.s<;o\\' GI ()I4l 7” 77()()

South Africa

and Reconciliation Commission in an illuminating.



1. Which British 19th Century photographer is responsible for the images on ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ and ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes’?


2. Which Penguin Black Classicsauth'or said: L "

“I have put my genius into myylife; all I’ve put into my work is my talent”


3. What film links: a) Tolstoy Greta Garbo

b) Jane Austen Greer Garson

c) Robert Louis Stevenson lflQrid Bergman (1) Charlotte Bronte Orson Welles

Answer: a)



d) ,.

4. Which newly transilated'edition of an old favourite includes the story

‘The Camel Who Shat lathe River’? Answer: I i

5. Which Russian novelist was sentenced to death. reprieved at the last minute

and spent 4 years in a penal colony.?. Answer:




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98 THE lIST 2’ .'. E-z-z,

' (KIM/l

_. \\'.\'l‘l-.l{Sl'U.\'l-I'S


new titles

LITERARY SATIRE The Mistress Of Lilliput Alison Fell (Doubleday £12.99)

Ambition has never been |a(l<in(; in Alison Feli’s projetts In 1996's The Pl//()'.'/ Boy Of lady Onoqo/‘o, she fooled (ritits and audien(e alike \‘.’Illl the most unreliable of narrator's before launt lllll(] into a literary and sensual delight

Here, the narrative thr‘ust (ornes from a toy (loll belondiiid to Mary Ciulliyer, the mfe of the famous Lemuel, ‘hero' of Swift's ( lassit satire Fell's mission is to dive Islary a role she \.'.'as so (rudely denied in the a<<ount of Gulliver's travails Unfortunately, this means l()ll()‘.".'lll(] in the footsteps and pi( kind up the pie(es from her husband's aduentures as she tries to tra( k down the man azho appears to have abandoned her.

While it would be unfair to say that fell has o\.'er-iea( hed herself on this

ottasron, :t txill take a deditated reader

to stir k ‘«.'.Illt it she has done to great lengths to re( reate the style and literary nuantes of the day If you (an, the rewards are plenty ‘BDr


Provocation Charlotte Grimshaw (Abacus £9.99)


'C II A fit ii! I? t, R I 3.: 3 ii

‘Darkly (mnpcllllllj' GILLIAH SLUVO

Were is no dispute that Carlos Iehinan \.'.as provoked I"I() tne ii‘urder o" his "(‘l(]lll)()lll Il‘ rural Nex'. /ea!and \‘Jhat is under drieston is Stella's I'(‘l(ltl()ll8l‘il) ‘.'.Illl her lower, boyfriend and boss Stuart, a hot-shot .a.‘.'yer \.‘.:th a Hunter S lhoi'ipsoii-si/ed attitude, al<oho| iitake and propensity to xio‘eiue, ‘.'.ho has taken on lehi'iaii's defente

If these (ll‘.("l(}|l‘.(} strands xtere ever in danger of l)(‘(()ll"li(l ir:(()he'ent, then Ciriiiisnat'; nexer‘ notited In tnrs powerful debut ft()\.(‘i she wields Il<ill'<ii|‘.(‘, (hara( ter‘isation a"d a". atmospherr< sense of p|a(e, taith all the authority of a veteran \.‘.'Ii(‘l, to weave her dark and (ompeilznd thenies to a (liiiiax

Usirid the hoii'ifat l()(l|( of the rural tradedy as her l)(l( kdiop, ()lill‘xl‘al‘f. plays out Stella and Stuart's irrational relationship to its ()‘.'.ll Il:(llliIlT(lI|Sl‘, end It is this iiiteliide'it IIIXI<II)()S.II()II of iiioi'ality \.'.Illl biiita' obsession mm b will liiidei ‘.".!'tll the reader far more

unromfortably than any mere thriller \.‘.'oul(l (TD'

SHORT STORY COLLECTION This Place You Return To ls Home

Kirsty Gunn (Ciranta £9.99)

The S‘nandr'i la—s were right, of (our'se

you (an never do home Home is that ‘~.‘.’()()(l(‘l‘. house su( ked out of a bia( K and \.'.hite Kansas and tossed down in the letnnitoior O/ leavinr; Dorothy to seek a return ti( ket at the end of the iaiitbot': The problem, as Kirsty (runn explores ‘.'.iIll a subtle and often poeti( style, is you tend not to find that ‘.'.lll(ll you left behind

Whether from the perspet true of a fuditive iriother and her three

pr‘et ()( ious ( hardes, a szster ‘.'.'ho (astzdates herself for betraying her haridirapped sib'in ;, or air (‘il(()l‘.()'|( who diyznes his o‘.‘.n end, tl‘e irtotf of all eleven (‘l(‘(l(il‘.lly frari‘ed stories here is borne And not algaays so s‘.'.eet Home as l‘.(‘<l‘.'(’l‘ and hoiite as hell, sti( 'Ky as a spider's uneb or unarm as a dmndrnotl‘ei's embra(e for a shoxx-off little boy It's \.'.'here the near: may be, but in iT()‘.'. many p.e(es? inW


Lisa Appignanesi (Bantam Press £9.99)

A deati‘ II‘ a shall Sli()‘.'.-l)()tlli(l Canadian to‘.‘.n it's the staff of Miss Sriii/la and i‘t’ortrier/i [.xposi/re, a literary thriiler i.'.ith an exot:( settrnr; Beaut:fu| at tress Madeleine Blais is found dead, banding in her (irandinother's barn on Christmas iirornind Suiude or ll‘itll'tlt‘l‘) In the 5attei' (ase there are plenty of suspet ts, not least of ‘.'..":i( it is l‘.Iade|e‘ne's ex, ti‘e noxel's unreliable "arrato" P'eri'e Rousseau

/\l)l)'(lli(il‘(‘8| ele‘.ates nei l".'(‘lil‘(] tale beyond :ts (,ienre trappinds by infus;n(; at ‘.'.'th the politi< s of a divided Milt)” arid a doomed romante l'ne hastor'y of animosity l)(‘l\.'.(‘("l Frenr h and English- speaking Quebet is mirrored by the lone/hate relationship 'oet‘.‘.een soai'inr; sp=rit Izladeleine and jt‘letlS, ea'tl‘- bound P;ei'e

The ‘.‘.l'|Iil‘:(l is good, partit tiar'y the insidi‘ts into the desti'ut li‘.(’ nature of '()‘.'(‘ vr'err‘rn.s(er‘.t of fit/dera'd's lender /s The Nip/rt Only ti‘e onein ritelodramatit (l(‘-’l()\l(".'ll("i"l (l'8<il)l)()rllIS ‘.'.!i" its "etur‘n to the (onfines of the ar'm(ha-i thr-llei il‘.ll<


Fair Exchange Michele Roberts (Little, Brown £15.99)

\"i'hat appears on the surfat e to be a rather stradhtfortzaid nistorttal sad“: .s ele‘.ated by strond story ter'rno, a su'pt'e b'at effer ti\.'e fe'ninrst subtext and, espetial'y, a feast o‘ poetit net earthy landuatie lhe stints, sound and exen smei‘s of late l8th/eariy l9th (entiir'y mm? and urban lurid in fiidiarid and Tram e are expertly (onxeted in that, perhaps stiiprisrridiy, .s Rooerts' first ‘.e"t-\;re outs'de the world of (oriteii‘porai‘\.' ii( I on

Readers may a'so retsl‘ the ( ha"te to endade n sortie liteia'y self-satisfat tron as \'~. i learn \'-.'oids\‘.o'tn and Man, \".o'5stonet raft i'iteratt ‘.'.Il?‘. the noxel's