Six Days, Seven Nights (12) 97 mins

lhe durable llarrrsorr lord and the yersatrle Arme l'l(‘( he team ub for a rrtoderrr-day s( retuball (orrtedy that mrxes lrdht-l‘rearted adventure ‘.'.rtl‘v a mood of ro."ra'r(e He's a briot ‘.'.rth l()\.‘.' arrrbrtrort, she's a rrrada/rrre edrtor \.'.ho's about to be marrred bat a blar‘re (rash or‘ a deserted bea< t‘: ‘ortes them to ‘.‘.or'f-\' together In oroe" to strr‘\.‘:‘.'e (lever dralooue underlines ll‘.(‘t stab at (r'eat:'=(; a ‘.'.:rtttltt(] s< ree'r bartrrer‘slwo rBuerta Vrstar r»\l.l

Blues Brothers 2000 (PG) 119 mins No Johrr Belushr (trlkrr‘ lookairke to rebeat the torrr‘ula of a '( u t' rrto‘. e

dedu(t bo r‘ts Add a :ose more borrrts in;

that sorr‘e"o‘.‘. ;a:":ed a rebutatroh

aboxe rts rrtert \.'.hat Is the bo [)ar‘ Aykroyo ar‘d l()l‘.t‘. (ioodr'ra'r lead tht band of assorted blues 'r‘..;sr( rabs as they tras'r‘. rr‘rore (ars and (Jert‘rt) oat r“ore sour; 'rr' (:a"(e routrr‘es l.lea't\.‘.h:le Johr‘ larrdrs' (ar‘ee' lotus Beias"l sx ‘eet u"der {C l( »\l.l

The Gingerbread Man (15) 109 mins

lle'e's a ta": t"at falTs betxzee': t‘.'.o stools, ‘.'.rt" a t're (rood artr: bad t'iat erttar s Basedo" a l()lt!t(1t'rsl‘tit“ sto'y r"-ot book or s( "(’(‘l‘l)l<l)¢", Robert Altrr‘a'Vs ‘rrrr‘ abartdorts the Warratz'.e dune ar‘d (r'a".(:start(lrr‘.(; (ou't'oorr‘ s<e!‘es triat de‘rrre other adabtator‘s ()5 tl‘e author's ‘.'.o"-;, ()l)iltt() n‘steao to r'reabder alo"(; arro let rts ( l‘a'a( ters breat're lr‘ thrs ‘.'.a‘.« rt's lrkei‘, to drsabbo rit A t'r‘a't d e-hards arrd (or“use those .ookrrro for a

ma rrstrea"t thrrl‘er lo be fa ', r2()'.'.e'.e", the d ret to." :s'Vt tryr'ro to rrraie ariotr‘er ."\.'asr:..'//e or Short (uts, a"d ‘.‘.l‘.err tlte bs'rt ".o-"orror eler'ierrt k'( \s r"., rt does berorr‘e or'rbbrrto

‘l’oyCrrarr: AM

Love And Death On Longlfland (15) 89 mins

lwrrrq arra< l‘ro" srr‘ (rrles Dem" John

Hurt: bero"res obsessed \‘.:t" teert

star Rormre Bostor k rlasorr Prrestlevr arrd e‘.errtually tra< ks hrs quarry to low; lslartd Perhaps the modei rs [)eatr'r /rr Veil/(e, bat the lrsh-out-ot- .‘uiit‘l asbe(t ot' the fr’m blares rt (loser to (l()( odrr'e Dundee Sadly all mterests exaborates soorr after the rrrrddle borrrt rs rear hed 'lox Pathe: r/\l*.l

The Ice Storm

(15) 112 mins

l Ike Hood/e \rq/rts, lire /( e Storm

es< he‘.'.'s k.ts( l‘» to' l‘eurr‘rartisrr‘. And lee sets dyslur‘r t:or‘.al r'eiatrorrsl‘rbs “.'.tl(*8‘.‘.<i_l)_l) no, :a( k of (orrzrrturtrratzort, ett aoarr‘st a \.'.’ate'<;ate ba< kdr'ob, and asks ouestrorrs about trust artd desrr'e (hrrstua R'ur (trues a". outstartd hog; truthful be'torrr‘arrte as a or orr the br'r‘k ot sexua rvratarrty rrr a trim as beautr‘ul and heart—r r: llrr‘r; as tlie storm that tor'rrs rts (er‘tra rrtetabhor ~Bae'ia \"rsta f 1.1 99 -PR


(18) 78 mins

Not our; ago, our "rora: oaa'o'arrs

dett ".r; r" a at the t"o_.r;r‘rt o‘ l‘,’l‘r"(‘ Stobxen'. ("s ll”. be or; seerr orr s( ree'r, tar 'ess s"atte' "t; t"e o <;r‘ t3, of your riu'rrbe Porrre (r'a'ted, tr‘e sabrert rr‘atte' s ":(‘(t()t)"i, a 8a" :7a rs a you'rd ‘.'.o"ra". '.'."o it. ‘_ s ltt" (res 'es e nor-t "t; rr a "torttrar‘, but t'ns lo‘.'.-bu(:(;et ( arradza" "(lt‘t)(‘t1tl(‘lt’.l‘ti‘s a beatrtrt’ulg, rea :seo, boetx at'rrosbhe'e tl‘at tabs wito t'e"‘.ale sexua‘rty arro rrtr'r‘sarr rrtuals

surrormdrr: ; deat." Re<o'r‘."‘re"ded for .."(orr"rto'r r<>rrtar‘~t:(s la'ta" f l‘) 99 All

Dragons Forever

(18) 95 mins

l';e"ds srr‘te truer days at the l)(‘\’.'t(l Obera s( lt()()l, Jar lae ( hart, Saritmo Elur‘r; artd Yuer‘. firao (olrabor'ated tor the srxth trrrre orr thrs adxe'ttare (orr‘edy (hart plays an u'iet!‘r<aé lattyer' deter‘dr'to a t'ar to“; oxa'ter he later trrrds out rs a orer dealer llte Y’roht stertes are, naturally, sbet tar alarly

Just good friends: Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd get to grips with each other in The Object Of My Affection (Fox Pathe, 15, 107 mins, * t t). Available to rent from Mon 25 Jan

RENTAL Eve's Bayou (15) 104 mins

This gothic melodrama from actress, writer and first time director Kasi Lemmons has its setting in a steamy, swampy Louisiana Bayou community and deals with the subject of selective memory.

It’s the tale of ten-year-old Eve (Jurnee Smollett) and her experiences of growing up within her seemingly perfect Creole family. After witnessing her father (Samuel L. Jackson) smooching with a family friend, Eve decides to overlook the incident as an mistaken perception on her part. However, when her older sister Cisely (Meagan Good) later claims that her father has indecently fondled her, Eve doesn’t question the validity of the accusation and vows to kill him in her rage.

The spirit world and voodoo magic play strong roles in the story, allowing Lemmons to imaginatively explore her

reviews VIDEOS

Family secrets: Samuel L. Jackson and Lynn Whitfield in Eve's Bayou

characters’ differing perceptions of the world in which they live. The

complex relationship between a seemingly respectable father and his

trusting daughter is perfectly captured by the acclaimed Jackson and

impressive young newcomer Smollett. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea,

but it is a highly accessible drama with the bonus of beautiful

cinematography and poetic storytelling thrown in. (Beth Williams) Avar/ab/e to rent from ‘f/er.’ 20 Jan See prewerzc page 28

t"oreoorab'ted, ‘.'.rtrt '.'ro:e"(e srttz'to lt(i()l)!l‘,’til()"(ls(l(‘(>(i81(‘l"SAUSZKK \'.’rth the '..'ta‘.'.a\.' sartess ot Rush Hour, ( hart as about to r)e(o"re trie r‘te'r‘at ortal star r‘e al‘.'.ays deser'.'ed to be, s:> to' some seit-brodared' bar korou'ro to the rriart a'.'.esor‘r:e ( lrbs of h.s a<( (:e'tts a"d stunts sx'. tr " or‘. to Jackie Chan: My Story '2‘), U r'rrr‘rs, Hour; K()."(} C tassrrs ll) 99 ful st reer‘r/

(1.3 99 ‘-.'..oes<-'ee." l/\l.l


(15) 88 mins

Not all Arr‘erxarr l"-(l(‘l)(‘ll(l(‘t‘t'_ mox'es about (r‘rrrrrrrals are trar‘rtrtallv ed ted bloodbaths \'~.r’rth rts ()("‘.l e tone and (harat ter-d'rxty‘r hamour, Ptlr/(JUAtlLI’I/é’

a"d so'rre

rrudoes arrdrerrte syrrlpath‘. .r‘ the

drrer trorr ol rts (errtr'ai tr:o of losers \ltltu‘ltl (rallo, \'.’rllrarr‘. lorsytlte ar‘d Adam lrese are hopelessa,’ rrtebt ‘.'.I"er‘. ttor‘xes to ( arryrrro out (r‘;'rre (abe's, but \.'.e’r‘e bot swbjy rl“.rl(‘(l to lauoh at them as therr' home lr\.'es and (lead- errd (areer brospe< ts are taro before us, realrse that thrs rs a trim 217th hrdderr debths ll‘\l(‘ll()(l()ll‘(‘ f H 99r All

The Year Of The Horse (15)105 mins

lam larrrtusrh= has made dreat tiirrrs :r‘sbrreo by rrrusrr, but th s

ro( kurrrerrtary rsrr't orre lrlll‘lll() dar'rro the NM Youer and C ra/y Horse 1990 tour, Jarrrrus< l‘. (abtures some rrrtertdrarv berlorrr‘rar‘tes, but hrs ba'rd trrter\.rre\.‘.s are as dull as a ( abtorr so'o lle rs (orrstarrtly upstaged by art l‘r‘.e footage from the /()s unherr Yourro’s lret’-.‘~.'ork \.' rrot the rrtost rrrterestrrrr; than} about hrm r,\rtrf:(ra: l\e l H 99


Day Of Wrath (PG) 95 mins

Aloud ‘.‘.rt.'i 3.13/3ij and [he Pass/or) Or‘ /oarr Of Art, /)a', ()r‘ ‘."."ratr'r rs ()t‘.(‘ of (art Dreyer‘s 'riost laf‘rotrs t irr‘s Set m i/trr (errtury l)e."'r‘ar'k, it des< r'rbes a (()rrirr‘.u"'tys tear o" ‘.'.!t( ."-( "alt or, or‘. a"other, more bo‘.'.ertur lt“.'('r, of overly rehdeous exerts tear” of terrta'e sexuality l"e trim rs "rorar a'td bsyr 'iolootallr,’ (o'rrblex (a't't rate the brous brrest '-.'.ho ser‘rds ‘.'.oreer‘. to t"e f'larrres, \.'.e (art't sj./'r‘rpatltrse nurtu hrs yourrr; '.'.'rte, \.'.ho beorrrs a". '1‘(estuous atr‘arr The son‘. bare and sorr‘bre tort t add to an ouerail r'tter‘rsrty (,orrrtorsse-tr" f ll) 99* AM

Master Of The House (U) 92 mins

A'so (()l‘.((".’l(‘ : ‘.'.rtlr 'rrale do'rr r‘atrob ot stror‘t; modern [)reyer's 192‘) sier‘t t"./laster ()f [be House oeals oat a moral 'essor‘ to a tyra""r(at l‘usba'td ‘.'.l‘v("‘. h.s o‘.e'-\.‘.o'ked \.‘.:"e lalls ril and rt s old 'rarrrry tortes "rm to ' l‘.()\'. he has take" he' tb" orar‘ted [Jreyer l:'te's tl‘e sot.'( e blay's theat'rtalrty oat o‘ the story artd the bertor'rrarrtes ‘.'.lt'( l‘ we strber'b‘, ('eatrrro a r‘te'odrarrta that's tou< bed by ar‘ u'texbe( ted oorrrestir r‘ealsrr‘. rC'orrrtosseu' l l2 99 ~\l\.l'


Atari l\lorrrso'1, l’ete' Ross

STAR RATINGS Ur‘mr ssable \"ery door: \‘t'ortl‘ a shot Below. averaoe Yoa'xe been named

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