Gail warning

Alter readrng (iarl Porter's rnteexaex‘; rn your mag, I was even more drsappornted that she drdn't get the J()l) hostrng The Brg Breakfast Maybe all those other ar'tr( les about (rarl In a state of undress meant she was literally ()‘.’(‘l-(‘X[)()S(‘(l, but I for one hope she'll make the leap rnto brg- trme telly sooner rather than later She's rrtsles better than l)a\.'rna l\.l(( all and Sara ( ox, and they're never off the box ()(irl needs to brde her trme /oe Ball xxorrt stay on [rye And

K,’( krngf Tony Lunt,


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Rev elation

its the nror'nrng alter the lslert ury Rev grg at lhe (rarage rn (alasgox‘r, and l'x‘e Just got to \.'.nte to tell you ho\.'.' brrlirant at \.'.as After a low-key ()penrr‘g t\.'.enty mrnutes, the band got more (onlrdent Imaybe to begrn \.'.'rth they had too rriany rnernorres of that punt h-up durrng therr' last (rlasgox‘. yrsrt' and the ( rowd shrfted from toe- tapping applause to out-and-out (heerrng I've never experren< ed su< h a

art He o'o‘.'.f"‘ r" afr"<>sr)"ie'e " a

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Cover star: Gail Porter wraps up for winter

(ontert hall lhe ll(l(}il(‘ beauty of therr [)eser'ter's Songs album ber arne a harder edged, biuesrer stomp \.‘.hen rendered lr".'(‘ \‘u’hat a stay to start the year

Colin Henderson


I'd/tor Seems /rke the adrena/rne rs st/// float/mg Rumours are that Men (My Rev m/ght return for some of the UK fest/rat’s thrs summer

Look again

Why rs everybody sayrng that the Psy< ho remake rs a waste of trme? llov. many versrons of Shakespeare plays do we see on stage rn a srngle year (rr‘anted, most of these have d;t'r'erent drre< tor'ral rnter‘pretatrons, ‘.".'ll(‘l(‘<l8 ()us Van Sant's rnoyre keeps (lose to the llrt< h(o(k or‘rgrnal 3ut the brg, tourrng West lnd shows keep to therr set formula, mth only the (ast (hangrng round [found the new I’syr no Just as rnterestrng rn rts own \.'.ay as the MM k-arid-xvhrte ’( |assr('

Terry Andrews Edinburgh

Talking shop

Am I a'or‘e 2", lr'rdrng the de( rseo". to open the neu'. Harvey Ntt hols store rn

Ed nourglr nsteao o‘ (llasgox‘. balt'lrng? Haze these people exer tred shopprng 2n the (aorta’ l’r"‘.(es Street has l'ttle gorng ' of the (ast-e opooszte, ar‘d rto ma ter horn. rnoressrve t"e proposed St Andre‘.‘.'s Sguare (:ereiop'rren! s, rt (an ortzy be tarnted by t"e proxrntrty to tl‘e St James C entre (or'tpare tr‘ s to But name Street,

esper ra|;y onte t"e nex‘. Joh." lexxrs (duplex opens On»; ‘.'rs!t:ng tounsts (an possoiy benefr’. t'ror'a th.s short srghted p an natrx'e Sr ots \.'.'r salter

J. Fowler,


tor .t exreot Ilie

Smack My Beach Up

Does anyone else :sh Fuz'an l\.l( Gregor ‘.‘.()ui(l stop rnoanrng about leonardo )rC aprro 'stea ‘t‘rQ' hrs part in [he Beam? Just be<ause Danny Boyle 7t‘_(l(l(‘ three trims tarth l‘.l((r."("(]()t, rt doesn't meae he's gorng to (as! her In every s'ngle projett llrt< h(o(k d (lr"t have errny Stewart .n ail h's mox'res d'd he>

l.l( Gregor rs t"e star of The Phantom r"/7ena(e, one of the MOST eagerly antrt rpated films of al trr're lt-rleanuzhrie, D'Caprro rs s\.‘.eaterig I". no o( KS or" r". iiiarlano, gettrr‘g roundly ( rrt:( rsed by lftt‘(]()‘.'(‘tltflt(‘ftli?1(‘!‘(‘l()t";.i'tllf(}<l (onservatron area, and p‘ayrng a (hara( ter \.'~.'ho readers of Alex (rarland's novel ml! re<ognrse as a prxe twat leo's the one that should be \.'.'hre ng lrke a sporlt krd David Jenkins By e-mail

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