the_\’re sneering at _\'our ehoiee ol reeortls. Men. I think. jllsl haVe a thieker skin to deal with it. hut l‘or a lot ol‘ girls. one experienee like that and the_\' \Vlll neVer go haek in. Nicky 'l‘here \Vtts one shop with huge pin-ups in the listening hooths. illltl it \s'asn’t like I was ol‘l‘entletl. hut it was just a hoys‘ plaee l‘or ho)’s to play. The) tlitln‘t e\‘en espeet girls to he going in and listening to the reeortls.

Ami "the ii‘irli.sigtrjy hep-eel either; has it?

Nicky .\ eouple ol' the DJ maga/ines ran artieles ahout ‘(‘hieks \Vith l)eeks'. with all these inotlels—turnetl—l).ls. uhieh just made me “am to puke. lt “its just ahottt these gorgeous hahes illltl. oh _\eah. the_\ play a ten reeortls too.

Maggie The huge supereluhs like ('ream and Ministr} ha\ e just jumped on the hantluagon. reeruiting these pathetie ex-page three girls as l).ls. lt‘siust exploitation.

Lisa .-\ lot ol‘ these ex-motlel. hig-name I).ls \son't he ahle to keep it up heeause the)" don‘t ha\ e a passion for it. These girls learn how to hasie heat mi\. hit) a lien hig tunes reeortls. then get a promoter and a eouple ol‘ skimp) th'esses. 'l'he} 'll make a hit of mone}. _\eah. hut the} ‘II ne\ er sustain it heeause their heart just isn’t in it.

lg this why mme or? you a'iar'tieei @l’fiil‘flfiiii’lg yfltlli'SEiUES?

Nicky Yeah. we’re not reliant on the male promoters. \xe‘re eontrolling our o\\n en\ ironment. promoting ourselxes.

Tinku .\l_\ lirst ever l).l ga\‘e me a li\'er lot“

too three-hour sets as l was just learning the trade. ()nee I got to the le\'el of doing my out] eluhs. he quit me and got a gu_\‘ in m_\ slot. paying him L'Sl). It‘s such a Llouhle stantlartl. WQI‘Idy lI‘s taken till heeause ol- tilll‘ reputations we’re not going to work for these guis. \\ e ean LlU it just as well. il‘ not hetter. tilll‘sL‘lVL‘s.

VH1“ lira n. I 1"”" ii?!- r‘" ' ‘Wu ,, w} still wt, to he {tones Maggie lt's reall} important to stamp the itlentit} ol the girls that \\e ean do it just as \\ ell as the ho_\ s. it not hetter.

Lisa Well all rather he seen as l).ls rather than

~lllsl lemale l).ls.

Ger It's good to see girls eoming up. \satehing _\ou l).l. You l‘eel like _\ou‘re eneouraging them and setting an e\ample. sho\\ ing that girls ean do it too.

From left to right; Maggie t 1"_ " f,-.\ .1, ,,‘

DJ Mingo-go: fit» it ;;-x-'. s," -' - Lisa Littlewood: ";.'s,;:.:.s, .e'. "-

Trendy Wendy: yt-as. ~

Nicky Forrest: s . :

i: " 'f' T's 'f' ~: \. '.:\ ‘2', " t Sally Findlay: :t. y . a: '3- . Gail Sellars: 3 ~-

Not at the photo shoot: Burd Called Ger: i" -- .