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IN A CLASSIC 'biting the hand that feeds' outburst, neophyte TV sketch outfit The League of Gentlemen have attacked the Edinburgh Fringe this despite the fact that they first entered public consciousness as winners of the 1997 Perrier award. The foursome claim that the entire festival is now ’an industry', an extension of the London comedy circuit, and monopolised by three major venues. Reece Shearsmith also attacked critical practices among publications covering the festival who use the ’marks out of five' rating system: ’A fourteen- year-old gives four stars to an

acrobatic troupe then the reader is supposed to judge a comedy alongside it the same way.’ The List reckons these opinions are worth **.

AWARD CEREMONIES GENERALLY produce an eclectic mix of celebs, but the civic reception being held at Glasgow City Chambers on Thu 28 Jan may take the proverbial biscuit if all those being honoured turn up. HRH the Princess Royal has already RSVP’d in the affirmative, but Christ alone knows what she’ll find to chat about with Peter Mullan, noted Socialist, nationalist and all round working class hero. Other figures rewarded for outstanding contributions to Glasgow include artist Adrian Wisniewski and historian Gavin Stamp.

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In association with Tennent's Lager

love boutique - masquerade ball

sat 6 leb 11pm £12

IOOO/o scottish talk

tue 9 leb 8.15pm £3

morphogenesis '99

wed 10 feb 8pm. thu 11 7.30pm 8 9.30pm {IO/£5

violates valentines fetish party

sun 14 teb 8pm £5

modern dress in history talk

tue 16 feb 8.15pm £3

fashion in business talk

wed 17 leb 8.15pm £3

let there be fashion mag art perish talk

tue 23 teb 8.15pm £3

bret easton ellis. glamorama

wed 24 feb 6pm 23/24

the sauza runway wed 24 leb 8.30pm £5/E10

intervention after show partg

wed 24 teb 10pm

nickg Clarke. hair power

date & prices tbc

for information and tickets call 0141 221 4001

use .. 3%.: iii the arches

MORE FRINGE NEWS: Following the resignation of director Hilary Strong, speculation is rife regarding a possible successor. Peter Irvine, co- ordinator of the Hogmany shenanigans is thought to be a front runner, as are Book Festival gaffer Faith Liddell and Assembly supremo Mary Shields. The Tron Theatre's Neil Murray may be asked to make the move from Glasgow. Whoever is appointed will immediately have to deal with the issue of scheduling, as demands grow to return to the practice, abandoned last year, of running the Fringe simultaneously with the International Festival. See The List for more detailed coverage when the key decisions are made.

THE OUTHOUSE in Broughton Street Lane will be the venue for a new monthly literary evening with a difference. Readings, films and documentaries about a particular author will be held/shown upstairs, while downstairs there will be linked music. First scribe to get this treatment (Wed 27 Jan) will be

The», renew» weal+k, s+3+os,\nonoor an), apparent-i1, s+re£+ Cred.

Charles Bukowski, whose biographer Howard Sounes will attend, together with Jock Scott. reprising their double act from the previous evening’s tribute at the Cameo. Organisers hope to convince Bret Easton Ellis and Gil Scott-Heron to appear in the coming months. More details in The List, as and when line ups are confirmed.

AS IF GLASGOW wasn't cool enough, the city is soon to be blessed with a bar owned by legendary London night spot Ministry of Sound. The long distance feeder will have live DJ sets beamed up from down south, although whether that will be as popular as actually witnessing a guy arrive with his own box of tunes and spin those wheels of steel, remains to be seen. The bar will open in summer 99.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR . . . SNP reaction to chef Nick Nairn's anti- independence statement (reported with hilarious ’grilled Salmond' headlines).

'joe' Royal: Peter Mullan in award shock

Appearances are everything. They tell people who we are. what we do

and even» how much we earn.Visit

the Museum of Scotland and see

how fashion has changed from

body-painting to lmdy-piercing.

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