xlow raced by the standardon Si mun. the story xtrll grips and the excellent new cast giye real

per torriiaucex rather than inipcrxonatrorix or the originals. (ieneral release.

Ring Of Bright Water (PU) (Jack Cotrl‘l'cr. CK. 1960) Bill Travers. Virginia McKerrna. l07 nuns. Modest xrory or one man and his otter. l’erl‘ect. credible filming of a heartwarming anirrral story. A treat tor adults and children alike. with loyely w rldlit'e photography. lidinburgh: Lumiere.

The Rugged Island (PG) (Jenny (iittserisoii. l'K. l‘).‘\~il John (irierxon protege (iiiberts‘oii's 'xtory docrrnierrtary' about a yorrrrg Shetland coiipie torn between duty to ageing parents and a new irte in \rrxtr'alra. Recently discovered silent \Ci\2 'rr. herewith hi e piano accompaniment. Supp. ited by lfrniar. .\ /’.ii in ()t Rt Iniile I.Ii‘ei. in which Werner Kixxling took up the theme of reriii terrexx one ye..r later lzdiribtrigh. Lumiere. Rush Houril’CiiiBrett Ratnei'. l S. l‘NSi Jackie Chair. ('iir'rx 'l ticker 07 riiiris ('lian ix Hoth Kong cop lee. sent to -\iiier'rca to assist in the hunt to: the kidnapped daughter or his l'rieiid. the ('lirrie\e cer‘ixui. He ix paired with maverick LA cop l'izckez' stillermg deirixronx ot'comrwtencc. lt‘x the kind o! riirndlexxly enioyable. action- packed romp that you might wish the Let/nil

ll} ir/ri'n tiliiix still were. (ieneral release. Scaramouche i l’(}i ((‘ieozge Sydney. t's. infill Stewart (irariger. Janet Leigh. .\lel lici'r‘er. llS minx l~rr~l l-lyrrii wasn't the only swaxhbucklcr in ll.-!lywood. l~ -i:i!eeii years alter l'lynii donned liix grecr‘i tightx to play Robin Hood. Br'rtairr'x own lierv. (hanger. w ieldcd xword and xririi‘k to great crtcet :ii this ripioaririg tale or resenge. lzdrnbtzigfr. laeritieie

Sebastian - l.\'i S‘ieiid Warn. \oi'way. 1005i S7 I‘llllx lx’epiaciag (Lni iii i in the in The Pink scaxozi o: lesbiai. 'izid gay tiimx. this stcr'y ota xi\tcei‘.-ycai-oi.i b iy Sailing iii lose with his best [trend has been see:' by about ha}! oi the teenagers iii \‘orway 'x schools iriiagiire that lcyel et enlightenment here. (ilaxgowtilrl. Shakespeare In Love l IS. 'Jt‘i‘itl Madden. L'lx’. li)‘).s’i Joxeph l-rerincx. (iwynelh l’altrow. Rupert lzyerett lfll mrnx. See lt’dltlit‘ and res iew lzdriibuigh Cameo (icncial ieiease.

The Siege i lS- - l‘d /.w rck. (S. iWSi l)cnzei Washington. Annette Beriiiig. Bruce Willis. llti mins l‘Bl agent \\.ixiir:igtoii attempts to get to the bottom ct .i xeircx "t itiy sterroax‘ terror ix: attacks ll‘. See. York City. but the indignant LS goietririier‘it declaex \laixhall law and (ierieiai Willrx ri.o\ ex in '.‘.llli hix Links. The guiig-lio nature o! it .531 d!':ll-:\l_.i‘ strg‘g‘csitil (icttc!.:l t’t' Sitcom .\ l‘i'aiiei ix ()Iori. l :.r:.cc. HMS? \ti!‘.'t‘. .ie \an. \lairna de \aii. Lyclyiic l)aridry. S5 :i;.:‘s How {satiny inc llr’l.i\ the idea oi a strait-

'.'.i_‘. suddenly gryeri:

x unintentionally .zriiiixing and riot ..ix the c ‘Zlili‘\c’l'\} xrrrr winding :t has


i.rc‘t‘.'. f.:;‘. 'Etlct'sl. \itit‘”

iaax. .Etzxrii arid biseuialrty deperidx on how close -:ie fceix to the c iriyeritz-‘rix ()zoa riiockx. ()zorr ix .2i:.:e;ii..bly .i tit-\‘iocatcur. but he too easily hits tazgetx {ital l‘..t‘it‘ iii“:de i‘c‘c‘tt t‘c‘i‘i‘c‘k‘d With Tainan}; Exabx (i1;ix;ow (ii-l ltdniburgli. lili:.ii~i;xc

Snake Eyes l l5i Brian De l’aima. l'S. l‘NSl Vic-'Jas Cage. (iaij. Smixe. Carla (itigriio. llih’ iiiinx When the .\ii:eiic.in Secretary ol l)etence ix axx.;xxriia:e;l. Cage'x :laiiiboyarit. ci -r'r'upt cop arid i pa? \ay y coratrraiider Siirexc. attempt to ilg‘tfit‘ at \‘.ili‘ti;l!!l‘:'.l \\ lli‘. .-. riarratrye ix drryeri forwa; .1 ;‘-y (be edgy sll\[‘t"‘.st‘. lt'.illi_‘.! ieyclatroits and -.:/- i-x'iarp editing. Siiai'i lfii \ is one oi the .l::e.' is best fiiiv.‘ lie i’.

x 'o date arid. iiniixually tor 5:.- si'iee' technical wr/ai'dry doex not to; i:.-«:e serioiix political and 'x'!‘.‘."ii '!.:i diii‘ieiixroiix l'drnbrrrgh: Cameo.

The Spirit Of The Beehive l (Si i\'ictor tzrice. \t‘air: 2W" i'et'nando l'er‘naii (iomel. 'l‘ercsa (illl‘i‘e1a. '\ll.l Trillt‘lil. Isabel 'l'elleria. US mrnx. In rural Spain attei' the (‘iyil War. the peoples resigned. apathy ix thrown into contrast w itli the lien/red actiyity o! bees \leariwhrlc. a young girl ix alone in dreaming ot liberation. through the gentle grarit trgurc oi l'r‘arikenxteiri. whom she identities w (lit a yt‘itttg i‘ttl tirii‘ittietl soldier. Moody and haunting. ltircc'x debut ix a calmly moyriig iiiaxteipiece l~.lriibiirglr; Cameo

Star Trek: Insurrection it’( i. ' Innarliaii i‘iakex.

l S. 'i‘l‘loi Patrick Stewart. ioriathan l'r‘akes. Brent Spinner ill-3 rirrrix l’is: cspcr'rcttce meccstx that e\cii-rirriiibereil Shir lick moi icx are the bext Howey er. this iirrith instalment in the scich would appear to buck the trend. The Net! (ii min/inn crew 'x xccorid outrrrg triidx Captain l’icard detyrrig orders when he is xent to attack an alien race on a remote planet. The allegorical \li‘ly destroy a race in the name (it. progress --

w ill xtrzi.c .l chord w itli '\ltlt'l'lc'.lli\ trotrbled by their iwri early history (ieiieial release

Stepmom ( l3) (Chris Columbus. L'S. T‘Ni‘il Julia Roberts. Susan Sarandon. lid Harris. IZ-i mirrs. See review. Cieneral release.

Storefront Hitchcock ( l5) (Jonathan Demme. L'S. l‘)‘)8l 86 mirrs. With Sin/i .rlfuking Sense director Denime stripped the concert nioy-ie down to its component parts. beginning with a bare stage and working tip to Talking Heads' big band performance. With his new film Demme captures British singer/songwriter Hitchcock performing. songs and spoken words. in a downtown Mnhattan store. Part of the XML On Tour season Glasgow: (ii-T. lidinburgh: liilrnhouse.

Taxi Driver (IX) (Martin Scorsese. L'S. l‘)7(il Robert De Niro. Cybill Shepherd. Jodie Foster.

l l4 mins. An alienated taxi driyer in New York ix xo repelled by the squalor and the moral decay around him that he ix driven to terrible \ rolence. ()ne of the key tilirix ot‘ the Seventies with the Scorsese-De .\'iro partnership at its peak. iidinbtrrgh: liilmhouse.

There’s Something About Mary ( IS) (Peter and Bobby l’arrelly. L‘S. l‘NSl Carrieron Dial. Matt Dillon. Ben Stiller. llS iiiiiix. 'l‘he liarrelly brothers follow their supremely tun. but dumb debut. Dumb Ani/ Dumber. and bad taste extravaganza. Kingpin. with an eycri more outrageous lilm a ‘stalker' corriedy'. Small town geek Ted net er rirakes it to the high xchool Prom with gorgeous Mary. btrt years later and all grown up. he remains obsessed with the date that never was. (ilas'gow: Showcase. lidrribtirgh: Dominion. Tickets For The 200 (Brian (frurrilish, LK.

lWl ) Alice Bree. Micky McPherson. Tom Smith. 90 turns. Hard-hitting drama l'rom lidinbirr‘gh- baxed Cormorant liilmx. born from years of documentary lilnrriiaknig The central loye xtory plays against a background oi homelessness and unemploy merit ill a way that. although genuinely thought-prosokrrig. doex lb -t thrust the politics down the audience's throat lidiribuigh: Lumiere. To Have And Have Not (I’Cii (Howard Hawks. L'S. l‘MSt Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall. Walter Brennan. Hoagy Carmichael. ltit) llllliS. Bogart and Bacall worked together tor the first time in Hawkx' Hemingway adaptation. set in the Caribbean during the w at. w here Bogart‘x t'ixhing-boar owner is drawn into the conflict by liix (real liter loyc tor Bacall Part or the Bogart Centenary xeaxoir (ilasgow: (ilil‘.

Two Girls And A Guy ( lSl ilamex 'l'oback. l‘S. lWSl Robert Dow trey Jr. Heather Graham. \ataxha (iregxori Wagner. 86 turns. See [‘l'L‘Vlc‘W and icy iew_ (ilaxgow. ()deon Quay. iidiirbtirgh: l'Cl

Velvet Goldmine ( lti'i ( Todd Haynes. LS. lWSi Jonathan Rhy x-.\leyerx'. Lwaii .\lc(]rcgor. liddie l/lard. 133 iiiirix t‘xing the Very British glam phenomenon. the young American director C\;lll‘rtlic‘s more tirrisersal themes: xesirality‘. identity. non-conl'orniity. There's iiiizch run to be had watching the charismatic perlorrriarices in thix 'loiig playcr' w hich demands rand desery'esi to be appreciated it uh a keen ear and eye. lidrnburgh: i:illtlil(itl\c‘. Kirkcaldy : Adam Smith. Very Bad Things t lSl (Peter Berg. t'S. l‘i‘hii Cameron Diaz. Jon l-"ayieau. Christian Slater. l()() mrnx. See review. (ilasgow: ABC T‘dilii Centre. ()deon Quay. lidrriburgh: ABC .‘slultipley. liilrithotise.

La Vie Revée Des Anges The [heir/n life ()I l/reeli l l5) tlii‘iek 7.0llc‘il. l'iance. lWSi iilodie Boirche/. \atacha Regnier. ll,‘s iiiirix [onca'x tirst teatirre t'iillowx Bouchel'x young backpacker who ar‘rry'ex in Lille w rthorrt a Job. Managing to wrangle .i menial rob. she xtrikex tip a t'i'iendxhip w itli tellow worker Regnrer. who otters her a place to stay in the Hat she's lookrrig at'ter. lop treaty with precedents. but therex alwayx room tor lilnix in acute xynipaihy with their leading character's. (ilaxgow: (ii-'1‘.

What Dreams May Come t ISi (Vincent Ward. l'S. lWSi Robin Williams. Anabella Scrorra. Cuba (iooding Jr | H mrnx. When Annie Nielsen commitx xurcide alter the death other husband and two xorix she ends up in hell. piorripting hubby in lieay'en Williams make an ()rphetrs-lrke trip to the underworld l’art artrxtic \ ixiorr. part

it \cy-doyey xeliriialtl. the film ne\er reconciles the two: but it is urrlrke anything you'ye CVCI‘

\( ("l bcloi'c. (ilasgow: Showcase. l’aixley: Showcase.

The Wicker Man i lSl iRobin Hardy. ['K. l‘)7.‘\i lzdward Woodward. Britt ltkland. Diane Cilerito. Ingrid l’rtt. Christopher Lee. It): units. A deyoutly cclibatc policerrian (Woodward) arrives at a remote Scottrxlr island to rnyestigate a schoolgirl disappearance and becomes ili\'0i\'c‘tl in local pagan rituals. A Hammer classic. with some extremely scary and erotic moments. i’oxxibly the greatest British horror moire ever made. lidiiibtirgh: Lumiere.

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