David Glass Ensemble 8: Hanging Out With Jesus

The chins of avant-garde theatre fans are in for a major stroke-fest this issue as two . seriously left-field shows pass ’. , through Glasgow. Representing the old guard is renowned dance artiste David Glass with the second part of his Lost Child Trilogy. which explores the effect of trauma on the infant imagination. Due for " i” , _ completion in the year 2000. it is t " . i - one of the largest international _ f k projects ever undertaken - r ' a - encompassing theatre. A - humanitarian aid and cultural exchange. Art doesn't come

,5; g ' = f7 more right-on than that? v I * Not so much right-on as out at ~ i there is Hanging Out With

'7, . Jesus. This latest work from

Belgian dance upstarts Sean

sees nuns and priests} , cavorting in a ZCV to a w; . , Smashing Pumpkins . soundtrack.'What it all means nobody -. ~ g. g. , knows. 'but'anyone‘Whogets described g ' as theiAdam‘jandrltieof. physical theatre ' 2 » . is alrig us;*(Ellie garr) - ,; The—to hiltfitlaInes‘Amott Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 1 .,;2~5é*’ wangin‘gtoute,With Jesus, CCA, - ,aHEGIésgbmtrrirzz Eisat 23 lam-See dance

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Tuan John and Bert Van Gorp


Beat the winter chill with these heart warmers.

Film: Shakespeare In Love Forget those schoolday fears of dusty plays this Elrzabethan romance is destined to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Gwyneth Paltrow is the girl who helps the bard's creative Juices to flow thus insuring the world (do enjoy Romeo And Juliet for eternity. See feature and revrew, page 1.1 and page 29. General Release from Fri 29 Jan.

Music: Garbage Homecoming queen Shirley Manson makes a triumphant return to Scotland while her hand's latest album, Version 2.0, (ioritrnum to sweep all before it. See feature, page l8. G/asgox/v: SECC, Sat 23 Jan. Theatre: Romeo And Juliet Timeless teen romance given a new lease of life not to mention audience, post-Di Caprio, courtesy of Brunt0n Theatre Company, Iona Carburns and Brian Alexanriler take the leads. See prevrew, page 58 Brunton Theatre: FM 2.9 Jan Sat 13 Feb.

Art: Tomoko Takahashi A hunter gatherer of electrical household waste, Takahashi is being hailed as one of the lront runners :n the recently (orned Charles Saatcihr- inspired Neurotic Realism movement, Hit or hype? Deode for yourself. See prevrew, page 75. Edinburgh: Sir/ls Gal/er}; Tue 26 Jan Sat 27 Feb. Music: Celtic Connections All (orners of the globe st ow what they're made of as the annual celebration of celtic music cominues. Highlights Include gigs hy Capercaillie, La Bottine Spuriante, Ario Guthrie and Gillian Welch. If your taste is for the traditionai, the avant garde or even for death country, Celtic: Connections can provide. See prevrew and list:ngs‘, page 20. Glasgow: various VOINIC“), until Jan 3 l .

TV: ER The long runnrng, ratings— topping, medical hlorkhuster returns for a faith series, the last to feature the square-jawed, crop-hari'(~3d charms of Mr George Clooney. Get yOur surgical scrubs freshly pressed. See prevrew, page 101. C4,

Wed 3 Feb.

Shirley Manson of Garbage

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