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a. - . “f ‘R Light the fuse and stand well back: Reg Anderson (1 ' You've got to work really hard to pull off this natural talent thing. When "i". , " ' you've got that sussed, only the right set needs to follow. In Reg " " Anderson’s Comedy Explosion, there was much in the way of the in-built comedy gene but a sweet and sour assortment of material. The gaudily- attired and lively Anderson ably perfomed his duty of keeping the packed crowd ticking over making especially fine use of the air vent. Highlight: turning Kundun, Martin Scorsese's ode to the Dalai Lama into a ’fuck, fuck, fuck, you fucking mook' fest.

Headliner Michael Redmond is a man you may recognise from the critically-unacclaimed first series of Father Ted, playing the laconic, slow, dead-pan Father Stone. On stage, his act is laconic, slow and dead-pan, leaving his audience unsure on how to take his meandering strolls into nowhere. When all else failed, a toothy grin from the side of his moustachioed mouth would be enough of a filler before the next non- sequitur. Highlight: his confrontation with a James Whale-lookalike who may or may not have been a plant. Either way, Redmond's put-down that this was merely a bitter ex-lover was enough to get public opinion back on his side.

Craig Nelson may be carving himself a niche/digging himself into a hole as Scotland’s answer to Bill Bailey, but in truth he is at his best with a guitar strapped on, getting tore into corporate music scum. Once removed, Nelson was left to a string of insights and anecdotes which did little justice to his bounding enthusiasm. Highlight: his Cornershop spoof.

Opening act Joe Heenan has the gift of nature which allows him to ramble himself into a corner before racing out of it with material which sounds old-hat people dialling the wrong number, what to say to your . , , f _ lover in bed - but is led down fresh and funny paths. Highlight: Cindy

, " 1 Crawford and cream cakes. Unfortunately, perhaps, the best had been «’1 ’-v‘ - -

saved for first. (Brian Donaldson)

Tache the way I like it: Michael Redmond in Rolling With Laughter at Alaska, Glasgow, Thu 28 Jan

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