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s( reen sexual (hemrstry rn the [)I(IUI‘(‘S he made wrth Lauren Ba(all, startrng wrth 1944’s To Have And Have Not on whit h the parr met and fell rn love on (amera, From the moment her bee stung lrps rnvrted hrm to ’pu(ker up and blow', s(reen rmmortalrty u. as assured. But that was tame (ompared to the badrnage on offer rn The Big Sleep, as the then newlyweds transformed an rdle that about horse ra<rng rnto subtly sedur trve (‘l’()ll(<t, See these frlms alongsrde erght other (lassr(s at the OFT and Frlrnhouse and appre< rate why (ellulord rs a hrghly flammable substan(e_ «Rob Fraser» Season begins Lwth To Have And Have Not, G/asgow Fr/m Theatre from F/‘/ 29 Jan, More fr/Ins throughout February and Mart/r Ill Glasgow and at Ed/nhurgh Fr/mhouse, See fr/m //.st/'ngs page ."5.

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Frrst there was Daft Punk. Then there \.‘.as Arr, Now Cassrus are


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drnner party. The debut album from Phrllppe Zdar and Boombass former members of Motorbass and

A” 7. 1‘ I .l. : . . . a La Funk Mob rs mu<h more of a

;_, VX._€.:_-.-_,“ strarghtforward good-trme house ‘,;-'.;;.~:;.;;§; album, (“hm 0m, Sump“! m hip Charles Bukowskr sad deluded drpso or true I bx. hop, fUHk (Md (two. (pvtm ROSS, lrterary genrus? lhe appeal of the man who was as 3,: Cass/m 1999 ,5 m/mwd on WU”), famous for hrs al(()l‘.()lr( rnput as hrs lrterary output - MO” 25 M” has refused to wane srn<e hrs rne\./'rtable demrse rn

1994. And here’s the 100% proof as \y’Vaterstone’s and C anongate torn for< es for some worshrp, Frrst up rs a showrng of Barbet S( hroeder's semr-bropm Barf/y, followed by Horseshoe, a short frlm by Davrd Lodge based on the Bukowskl poem of the same name, Con<ludrng the evenrng's heartfelt hedonrsrn rs performan<e poet Jo( L S(ot, who wrll be torned by brographer Howard Sounes. Rebel |n( 's Kevrn \’Vrllramson wrll (harr.

’Apart from Shakespeare, there's only Bukowskr,’ says S<ot, who wrll read rn the Bukowskr style and even grow a heard for the o( ( asron (Br'ran Donaldsoru 8r1kowkerrght, ('a/neo, H/rnburgh, lue 26 Jan, 9pm, [4. 50 ([3. SUt


6 THE lIST 2' .z ‘44: 7999