Tell it like it is this Valentine's Day - send your loved one a message through The List.

It’s coming up to that extra special time of year again. Our

(almost) legendary Page of Love is back, giving you the chance to tell that special someone how you feel about them.

Just write up to 30 carefully chosen words and fill in the form below and send it to us along with £5. We’ll send out a card ,;

to your lucky intended advising them to sneak a look on the Page of Love (published in The List on sale 4 February). lmagine

how their sexy knees will tremble when they read your

heartfelt message.

one of our many lovelorn and single List journalists will send out a bottle of champers and a red rose (aaaahhh) directly to the person for

whom the most charming and romantic

message is written.


The card is to be sent to


Postcode " Tel

U I enclose a cheque/postalorder made payable to The List Ltd or 1] MasterCard Cl Visa '1 g I (for the amount of £5)

Card Number - I ' ExpimDate

Send go r messages to: . entines The list ltd 14 High Street, or . ll Sauchiehall Street, Edinburgh EH1 11E Glasgow G2 3.")

21 Jan—4 Feb 1999 THE llST 89