CLASSIFIED i saw you

V I saw you Debbie Broon! l was stuffing a cheese toastie into a post box. You said you were getting married to tall. handsome bloke. I'm speechless! Me thinks you are very much in love. I'm very happy for you both. Doesn't time fly? Love from M. Box No U/351/50.

V I saw you at Frog. 2/1/99. looking all saintly in your NY outfit! Will you dance for me again? From the Betty Boo fan. Box No U/3Sl/l.

V I saw you Joanna at Crash. 31/12. You: from Hayrnarket. work at Standard Life. Me: Spikey hair. dark shirt. now regretting the state I was in. Can I be your ‘dancing partner“ again? Box No L’l351/2.

V I saw you and I swear I was- n‘t drunk when we kissed in Cottiers. Deine Mutter ist einund- vierzig und Dein Name ist Tina. right? You said that I am really ugly. but that my name is very nice. Now 1 am happy that my parents didn't name me Helrnut. 1 think you are truly beautiful. even if I don't like your name in partic- ular. We should meet for another kissing and smiling competition. Box No U/35l/3.

V I saw you all over town. in all the best bars! Your long smooth shape and refreshing taste. It is great to see you are so popular. Sauza has hit toer

V I saw you CCs. all over Christmas. Dark hair. gorgeous smile. White shirt. blue crew? Sorry missed you on Sunday 3rd. Maybe could meet for coffee or something? Soon? Box No

11/35 1/4.

V I saw you Lukas on the Manchester/GIasgow coach on 28 Dec. You gave me your email address but I couldn't reach you. Please contact me and share more than smiles. Box .\'o [/351/5.

V I saw you .le t‘ai vu: tall. luminous. yellow jacket - orgas- mic. Me: quiet. soft boiled egg. waiting to be whipped into a fren- zy. Do you want my particulars? Box No U/35l/6.

V I saw you Albie (alias Daniel). met you Boxing Day/Night. Heard your sometimes Dublin lilt and wanted to hear more. Why not rerace your steps of that day! Write and let me know when?! Box No U/351/7.

V I saw you through the pages of Sherlock Holmes. How did you know I appreciated Kandinski? Curly haired Louise is intrigued. I await your next clue. The mystery continues . . . Box No U/351/8. V I saw you Sunday. early December. Hyndland bus shelter. long wait for 44. we talked a lit- tle. wanted to say more; separate seats on the bus; getting off. our smiles meet; did I miss the bus or do I get another chance? Box No U/351/9.

V I saw you 29 Dec on the Virgin train to Edinburgh. arriving 16.30. Poor traction made us late. You. dark-haired cute lad. helped old lady and got off at Hayrnarket. Me. blond guy. stayed on to Waverley. We exchanged glances all journey want to exchange more? Box No U/351/1().

V I saw you at Summit confer- ence. 12/12/98. You. with beard. clothes by Urasia Crafts. and mother by your side? Me. with Curly Wirly and Cohorts the gay mafia. 1 think it was a play about a man with beautiful eyes. a beard. clothes by Eurasia . . . What happens next? Box No U/351/1 1.

V I saw you tartan slippered. twinkly eyed bear. You feel fluffy for us. keep your paws warm for Christmas. Box No U/351/12.

V I saw you cute queen. in CCA

l cafe. nice chinos. blue shirt.

mature yet pert. If you'd like to manage me get in touch. Box No U/35 1/13.

V I saw you sweaty armpits woman (a‘ Radio Forth party. I love the way you dance are you an extra from Ally McBeal? Call me. Box No U/351/14.

V I saw you all hair clips. greasy hair and no socks in the Stills cafe. very. very nice. Box No U/351/15.

V I saw you dressed in black. designer stuble. glasses. looking fine in the CCA. love to know more. Box No U/351/16.

V I saw you serving me (Duncan). in Ryan's. Saturday 2/1/99. whilst sitting with my cos- sack friend! Too llustered to talk! Let's meet for a drink sometime? You can pull more than my pint! Box No U/351/l7.

V I saw you New Zealand lass. Fglinton Toll waiting for 44 to Clarkston. Wed 6 Jan. 6pm. Spoke to you shortly before your bus came. Please get in touch; 1 would like to talk to you again if you want to. 33 years old . . . Box No U/351/18.

V I saw you Old ()rleans cock- tails. 8/1/99. blonde man. checked shirt. You asked me to follow you out. 1 did. but you went away. Come back. Box No U/351/19. V I saw you Kate. doing slip- pery dances in Studio A and then for coffee in Insomnia. You had llowers. 1 had very blond hair. I'd like to chat with you again. Box No U/351/20.

V I saw you at Cardonald College ‘96 to ‘97. You; small. blonde. and the most beautiful I‘ve ever seen. Me: small. with very short brown hair. Bit nutty. but when it came to you. a wee bit shy. Saw your friend at ‘The Garage’. 5th Jan. Desparate to ask about you. Box No U/351/21.

V I saw you Saturday before Xmas. Fraziers. The Dome. Our eyes met again and again. 1 was waiting for someone. I hoped it was you. You: tall. dark haired. sensous woman. 30ish. puffa jacket. Me: tall. 30ish. trendy. black Ieatherjacket. Box No U/351/22.

V I saw you Scott Grist at Leith Victoria gym on Saturday after- noon. Jan 9. You‘re so chunky and beautiful. Me: secret admirer who wants to buy you a drink. Please. please get in touch. Box No U/351/23.

V I saw you in the foyer of GFT on 9 Jan ‘99. waiting to see The Acid House. You were wearing black everything. 1 was sitting eat- ing popcorn on the comfy seat. wearingjeans & brown vinyl jacket. You looked nice and l was just plucking up courage when my two pals arrived and we went in to see the film. Get in touch fora chat did your friends arrive? And did you like the film? Box No U/351/24.

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V I saw you Rachel; late Sunday 3/4 Jan. You and IVAN picked me up in Marchrnont. drove me to Newington. drank 10. You wept and left suddenly. Rachel. the devil doesn't exist. Box No U/351/25.

V I saw you in O'Neill's before Christmas (at the wrong end of an office party) and again on Mon 11 Ian at Frankie & Benny's. (Me in puffa jacket. You in stripey shirt & tie). You seemed pleased to see me 1 was certainly pleased to see you again. Doctor. doctor fancy a drink? Box No U/351/26. V I saw you Christmas morning. giving as good as you get. Thank you for everything. All my love. Colin (your husband). Box No Ll/351/27.

V I saw you Juliet Binoche look- ing girl with very smart-looking. trendy clothes. smiling so sweetly to me on Sunday 10 Jan in CH" love you sexy! Box No U/351/28. V I saw you young Oliver. Beautiful as ever. loved the new image. not too tight. but fits well in all the right places. Box No U/351/29.

V I saw you your crystal blue eyes melted my heart. Maude. take me to bed or lose me forever! Box No U/351/30.

V I saw you on the stairs at Test the world moved in slow motion as we drew close and our lips met. We have the rest of our lives together now. Box No U/35 1/31.

V I saw you Malcolm. fondling your cello on Arthur's Seat. 1 want to press up against your trousers. Box No U/351/32.

V I saw you and I couldn‘t do anything to get close. I was paral- ysed. The Cul de Sac. the atmos- phere. the way you poured my drink I'm in love! Box No U/351/33.

V I saw you watching Pigpen at the Art College Christmas Revel. Nice suit! What suit? Box No U/351/34.

V I saw you Clint Boon. 1 look the same as ‘Boon’. Contact rne 4 Rock Connection. Box No U/351/35.

V I saw you House of Elliot/Soho style: Me. Hollyoaks meets Notting Hill on the Sting Ray at the Commonwealth Pool. Box No U/351/3o.

V I saw you Colin Docherty in the Tron Bar. Fell instantly in love and still am. U/351/37.

V I saw you Red trousered girl that works in CCA. Short balding handsome guy. really fancies you. Box No U/351/38.

V I saw you red-headed Phoebe in the Trav. Flying above the low intellectual level of you friends' conversation. Be my Dana. Box No U/351/39.

V I saw you working at the Tron Bar. you had short dark hair and a wonderfull smile. Maggie . . . I think? Box No U/351/40.

V I saw you hustling pool at the Firkin. Dressed all in black like Alvin Stardust. So tall. so elegant. how did you tip that table? Box No U/351/41.

V I saw you early moming. Byres Road . . . A kiss on the cheek. Hummm‘? Box No U/351/42.

V I saw you I know your name. You were walking by Hillhead U- stop with a man . . . What does that mean? Curious?? Box No U/351/43.

V I saw you spectacle-wearing guy at the BBC in Queen Street (every day). when are you going to set me up in the self-op? Box No U/351/44.

V I saw you Starsky. you thought you were Archie call me. it’s Hammertime!! Box No U/351/45.

V I saw you at the 13th Note. lan McCulloch look alike. You stuck up the Vs. 1 love you any- way. Box No U/351/46.

V I saw you Clare. Huntly Gardens. Fence and tree climbing rule. Can't forget. Box No 351/47.

V I saw you at Noa asking for Sauza and lemonade. Your voice was smooth and rich. just like your drink. What a refreshing change to meet a man like you. You can ‘Sow Zar' me any time.

V I saw you hairy. Ewart McGregor look-alike in the Traverse Bar. Make mine a large one! Box No U/351/48.

V I saw you on Hogmanay with your three foxy friends you gor- geous creatures Grrr! The ice meltsl! xxx? Box No U/351/49.

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