V I saw‘you I.ittle .\II\'\' Kitty giy mg II large with your little Id/l hands .\lmin niee' Box .\‘o ["151 '50

0 I saw you It.” the! You se\y sideboaids .\Ie. muslaelnoed Wic‘t loye machine I think your name was Ianne Donald. "I‘he ('hel' III“ \I‘ I O I saw you looklttg blue on Four bonee III the Inn else The t‘}t‘l.t\llt‘\ IIL'I'sIL‘lI “llt‘l‘t‘ Illt‘} ought to' Pussy and .\lutle_\ weren‘t there' Hm \o 1"." 153 V I saw you 5p girl in Victoria \Yme. I)undas Street. but I hayen'l seen you III a while. Bo\ No I735 USS.

O I saw you III liar lirel. I heard your l'riend call you '\\'eb'. You were talking about your cousin '('liI'I' You are so hot and lull ol I‘.I\II‘III promise' lio\ \o

I" “I 5-1

V I saw you Spoils Ilesign I‘\IIII‘IIII\II on Sat ‘l .Ian around 3pm You had long straight dark hail. cutest little pan oI specs. long legs and black zippered short leather tacket. shoil knitted top you took your racket oil for a while. lio\ \o I‘, :SI :55.

V I saw you in I'I'lIIIIIIdt'kL‘I at New Year. Swedish appearance. I think you natne was \‘an Routers. \Yas nose bleed techno your

llnng ' Your dance suggested this, Iit‘\ \U I. 17th

V I saw you .Iaeki. Your my interstellar latitasy woman - I'ood and drink I.o\e ya - Iiig .l lio\ N0 5-.

0 I saw you Is'ailiteen. You'xe seiyed ine lood. Your \otee is \\\I‘I'I. l tlnnk you're really great. We should be together I think lI L‘I‘IIIII I‘L‘ IIIIL‘. II\‘\ NU :5 V I saw you laurenee I‘lggis aka ‘(io\ net". I know you are eoekney deep dow it. Please shine my pearls. I.o\ e your I’early ()ueen. PS I ha\ e some telly eels w ailing I'ot' ,\ou. lio\ .\'o I735 l/S‘).

V I saw you \'i\ ten. strong breakfast. strong woman. I-‘ilm star. how 's about it you and me darling. II .I l). Ilo\ .\'o I'/35I/(i(). V I saw you \loogie last night. onely wrist action. ('an I play war games with you" \ltdgie. lio\ NU

V I saw you Strawberry blond bombshell lie mine l'ore\er. Saw you at 'I‘he 'I'ta\etse. Want to be with you for the rest ot' my lite. Iio\ .\'o Iii/35 l/(C.

V I saw you sipping your red

w me. possibly celebrating your birthday with your sister and I'riends, Do you own a while rat‘.’ Ho\ No I735 I/(i3.

V I saw you in the (‘abin You. \ision ot' toy. I feel like l'ye known you all my life you sweet thang? Hos .\'o I'/,‘~5I/o-l.

V I saw you ll '(‘ul I)e' in your work you pottt' my Ileeks as well as you can do. How ‘s about \\ e cut the crap. hook up me and you. Ilm \o I735 I/ofi.

V I saw you I tell you. wish I‘d dealt with you' Killed. wearing thermal underlay III ('(‘s Ilogmanay. I lel'l. without you and your eoml'orlable sweater. Box No I735 1/66.


V I saw you llnn. erispy. posh with a hint ol nutter. lauglnng with two handsome dttdes. I'm handsomer. See you again. ('ul- de-Sac. Box No I'/.‘~5l/(i7.

V I saw you (traeiiie. It'ont lidinburgh at the 'I’rayerse ('lub l/l/W. Your friend “London” John talked to tne I'or ages. Would like the chance to talk to you. ('laire. Bo\ No I735l/(ib’.

V I saw you standing III the I'rosty field at I’olloek Park on Saturday. I like the look ot' you and want you to be my pal. You look my photo Box .\'o l'i'fifili'ot) V I saw you on your bike you III Iorest green. me in purple. We sat under the stars. mellow ed out to Joni Mitchell and Net] Young s let's get back to nature again soon. Ilo\ .\'o I'/315/7I).

V I saw you you tall dark hand- some bastard. In the ('ul-de-Sae on the IZtIl Jan. You stud. Bo\ \o I735 1/7 I.

V I saw you and keep seeing you every two weeks at High Riggs. You. tall. dark male behind desk. Me. brunette with attitude and a smile when I see you. lio\ .\'o I'x'35I/72.

V I saw YOU I “us IVL‘L‘IIII‘L' SI) crap and then I caught a glimpse of your perfect eur\ es - he been smiling ex er since. Ho\ .\'o

I735 IFS.

V I saw you dark and handsome III ('(' Blooms l5th Dee. Dancing away in blue l-shirt smouldering. .'\le. tall. dark and didn't hay e the nery e to talk - let's dance again? Iltw No I735 1/74.

V I saw you at the 'l'rayerse liar. You were wearing a light red blouse. grey skirt and kinky boots. Ytillit't‘ IIIYIIIC. I'll like [0 IIICL'I you. Bo\ No I'/.‘~5l/75.

V I saw you standing alone. Without a tear tn your heart. Without a loy e ol your own.

Illue Moon. Ilo\ .\'o I'/351/7(i. V I saw you gorgeous babe w IIII blue eyes looking at me across the road. I.o\ e you loads. who would ol' thought we ended tip together that night? Box No I'/35l/77.

0 I saw you I-‘inger Doctor III NOS through perseryeranee I still \L‘L‘ I' gone are the mixes. \girl- friends. nipple rings and sell- doubt. May WW bring us a sec- ond helping of the Inn and deea- denee we shared. I'iibber's. Maltings. ('Ioisters. York. Soho. ()Iyinpia and of course not least Stockbridge? I hope to see you well into the Millennium so lets not become complacent? l.o\ e I‘. littII}/.\\\. Box .\'o I'/.‘~5l/7b‘.

V I saw you l)a\'id (Leonardo I): ('aprioi collecting glasses in the Polo Lounge. l w ant to see more - do you'.’ I-‘rom old blue eyes? (I shy loo). Box No If/35I/7‘).

V I saw you I'm not proud about it. Subway. West lind. Wed () ian. You had erap iiaunate from my home town. Lost you as we left. I'm still swearing about it. Bo\ .\'o I7/35l/80.


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