STYLELIST house plants

When it comes to choosing house lants, it's too easy to be aunted by the super-gardening and DIY stores on the e ges of Scotland's cities. The List suggests some alternative retailers of greenery in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Glasgow Garden Decor 105 (ireat (ieorge Street. 33‘) 0534. More a garden eenlre than a houlitlue. (iarden l)eeor otter a huge range ol hoth indoor and outdoor plants. eonunon and e\olie. This is a eentrall} loealed one—stop shop l'or all _\our plant needs. Roots, Fruits and Flowers ~15] (ireat Western Road. 33‘) 531-... Spread ox c‘l' l\\U shops. the} sloek as )ou \\oiild iinagine plants. trail and l'louers. l.el )onr imagination run amok as the} ean ohtain an}thing troln \\ell~kno\\ n house plants like pol lnuins lo the more e\otie large eaeti. 'I‘hel'e's also an


Do you suffer from dry and withering leaves? Perhaps you have an embarrasing mould problem. Don't weep into your pot, consult our helpful guide and you will soon be on the road to greener thumbs.

Treat plant problems quickly Learn to recognise early signs of trouble such as too little light, too much heat, overwatering etc.

Learn to repot After a year or two, many plants need re-potting into a larger container. Choose containers which compliment the plant and are only one or two pot sizes larger. Do not re-pot in the growing season.

Group plants together Nearly all plants look and grow better when grouped together.

Check the plant's specific needs Plants can be surprising things. Believe it or not African violets do

Don't drown your plants Learn how to water properly and pay attention to care instructions. Remember, overwatering happens more often than underwatering.

Give plants a rest in winter Provide less water and feeding in the winter months than in the active growing periods during other times of the year. This is especially the case for cacti and succulents. Invest in a good quality houseplant guidebook. Give plants humidity The atmosphere of many centrally heated rooms in winter can be as dry as a


enormous seleetion ol g‘ltlss \QI\C\. \llc'lt ;l\ [he heautilul l’arlane range. htlt it is with eul llotters that this shop reall} eolnes into its oun yin \\ ill he sure to lind ttll}llllllf_‘ t'roin a dal't'odil

desert. Increase the humidity for plants by misting, grouping plants together and placing dishes of

pebbles filled with water near them.

Choose plants wisely The plant you buy must be suitable for the environment it is going to be placed in, ie a shade loving plant will not survive in a sunny


not like getting their leaves and crowns wet and need to be watered from below. Make sure you


Only buy plants and flowers from


e florists and plant suppliers.

Care advice by Patrick Joyce at Narcissus. Thanks to Narcissus

to an orehid and more. i

« Glasgrow l5 l’arnie Street. ’l'rongate. 553 7521'l'llis islrul} a speeialisl gardening shop geared to the seienee ol' li_\dronponies the plaee to go lor all _\our indoor grou ing needs. ineluding tanks. lights and nutrients ll'oni all in er the \xorld. No matter \xhal )our plant prohleni. their sound ad\ iee \\ ill he ahle to gel it health) again. ()h. the} do sell the plants as \\ ell.

Sandy Martin's Branching Out In." ll}ndland Road. 33-1 Xhhh. Specialising in the more arehileetual shaped plants. this shop has a great selection ol eaeti. ha} trees and lltl\tl\ thin ll'L‘esl. The} ean order in a plant ol an} height. shape or si/e. .'\l\tl. eheek their iinlnense range ol' l'loxxers -- the} al\\a_\s ha\ e at least (rll dillerenl l}pes inhouse.


Bonsai 24 (i) le Shopping (‘enlre. 33‘) 6937. .\ heautilul little \lltlp \\ here _\oli ean lind a great seleelion ot honsai plants. it also sloeks groo\_\ ()riental ornaments and elolhing. pots and an ill- house hook on earing tor _\our honsai. 'l‘he t'riendl} stall are happ} to otter their \er) helpl'ul ad\ iee to holh the heginner and more e\perieneed honsai grim L‘t‘s.

The Edinburgh Flower Shop 33 (ieorge Street. 225 MW). ('enlrall} situated. this is \\ here _\ou ean find a huge seleetion ol eul lloxters and llo\\ering hollse plants. as \\ ell as green house plants. eeralnie pots and \ases: the lidinhurgh lilo“ er Shop has a eoinprehensh e range of all



Urn Plant . /¢'¢'////u'({ /(./.w vii/(I £12.50 from Narcissus.

and Stems for the use of plants in the feature.

things green. lhe) hold a small seleelion ol' eal'ds alld are pleased to ol'l'el' ad\ lee on an_\ thing. hut parlieularl} on plants. l‘ix e loot tall plants are kept iii-house and the shop ean order )ou in larger plants or aii_\lhing not in sloek.

The Green House (alioligale. 55" Silks. lhe (ireen House has a stunning range ot indoor and outdoor plants. You‘ll he ahle to llnd e\er_\ thing _\our green thuinh desires. he it .1 Venus l‘l}trap or Bonsai. halnhoo or i\ }. as \\ ell as a range ol interesting pots and eards. Best ol all. the stall \\ill happil} take the tune to diseuss \\hat _\on \\;llll and. more iinportantl). uhat \\ ill aeluall}

um i\ e lix ing in the depths ol _\our room. (’losed during .lanuar}.

Narcissus Slla Broughton Street. 4‘s 7-147. ()ne ol the hesl \lltlps in the Broughton area. Narcissus ha\ e a \\ ide seleetion ol' indoor and outdoor plants. l'roni small eaeti lo louering palms. lhe} a|\\a}s sloek tresh eul t'louers on a more original lip than )our .nerage pink earnation llouel's ean he trend} loo. Be sure to eheek their range ol \ ases and Ptll\ illitl lesl their impress“ e know ledge and ad\ iee. See aho\ e tor the \lll‘l‘“

\ur\ i\al ad\ iee.

Stems 24 (irindla) Street. 328 55‘5. Situated near the Ro}al l._\ eenin 'lhealre. Steins stoek a range ol' pol plants and em l'lo\\ers. The emphasis here is lirnil} on qualil} and )0“ ean e\peet a heautilull} presented plant or houquet \\ ilh altenli\ e \L‘l‘\ ic‘L‘. \Ve real!) like their hall eaetus leatured pre\ itills page: \\ ith a lerraeolla pot. it makes one lieree pre//ie.

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