afford to miss.

Dress to impress (designer, Intervention event, photographer): 1. Kyla Singleton, Sauza Runway.

. Moira Goodall, Sauza Runway, photo Craig McKay.

3. Howie Nicholsby, Sauza Runway, photo Malcom Webster.

4. Cardonald College, Sauza Runway, photo Craig Sanders.

5. Underground To Overground Photography Exhibition at GOMA (to be held in June), photo Walter Neilson.

6. David Wolfe, Sauza Runway, photo Andrew Moxan.

7. Connie Fairburn, Sauza Runway, photo Lisa Fleming.

8. Morphogenesis ’99.

9. Lesley Hepburn, Sauza Runway, photo Gail Prentice.


As Glasgow 1999 gets into full swing, INTERVENTION starts its three week celebration of Scottish fashion. Catwalk shows, parties, lectures and debates, design competitions and club events will bring together the lat- est and best that Scottish designers have to offer. Here's what you cannot

I Love Boutique's Masquerade Ball at The Arches, Sat 6 Feb, 1 1pm, £12. A masquerade ball wnth make-overs, haircuttlng and the Interventlon competmon showcase.

I 100% Scottish at The Arches, Tue 9 Feb, 8.15pm. £3. Donal Fraser, Fiona Fraser, Valery Rellley and Helen Hughs speaking

I Morphogenesis '99 at The Arches, Wed 10 Feb, 8pm; Thu 11 Feb, 7.30pm & 9pm. flO (£5). Glasgow School of Art's annual runway show >~ from the super Slle to the Wlldly fantastlc.

I Violate’s Valentine's Day Party at The Arches, Sun 14 Feb, 8pm. £5. Fetlsh costume madness at a grass roots level IS encOuraged, An underwear showcase from deSIgners Heaven or Hell, Psychomoda and Leather Apocalypse.