6' MR BANTON AND PUSSY GOLIGIITLY thank the speeial lamh t'or heing sueh a wonderful ehieken. low you t'orey'er. hahy. xxx.


6' LUCY Will you he my Valentine‘.’ .\l.

6' DESTINY ANGEL January 1997 . . . The List . . . The (‘ounting llotise . . . 'l'he gents toilet . . . I'll haye a gin. Magical then. magical now? Lots of loy e. (‘aptain Searlet.

6' TO MY BIG CI'IAT from your wee ehat. low you with all my heart. xxx.


6' ANDY fancy a wee hit ‘o

skirt. ma' man'.‘ Nah‘.’ me. tried tish. didn't like it. hut low you. lots. hahy! John. xxx.

6' TREAD SOFTLY heeause you tread on my dreams. 'I'read sot'tly heeause l treasure eyery sound you make. Tread sol'tly heeause you're the only one that has ever made me eomplete.

6' MAGGIE you mean the world to me and I love you to the moon and haekl Happy Valentine's day. All my loye. now and always. Laura. PS. Yott know what?

6' DOG - GIRLETTE still feeling led a stray '.’ I’rohahly no harm in it. .\Ian-in-a-monkey— suit.

6' NEW BARBIES EVERY DAY for my laxourite tixer. I.oy e Bet. xxx. 6' SIAN ‘How am I supposed to live without you?‘ Be my \'alentine‘.’

6' KI'I we will he friends for life. I think yes. that would he niee. l.o\e l'rom LS.

104 THE LIST 4 18 Few 1999

'6' MATE your l'ragranee gin- gers leay itig unspeakable mam- maries. Your toueh hurns to my hail. Your kiss tastes of sweat neetar. I‘or this. my angle. I loy'e .-\lldays. Spade. xxx.


'6' D roses are red. Violets are not hahy hltie. hut sttflgqfi-‘Zjfi'gqfl ., so sweet and sexy”: you. Hugs. snu l'fiiii'l kisses TM a Happy 'ne's I)ay. (Hikes.

, (MY SATUR- DAY IL) Yott do some— ' " l lime to praise "'Igpk hack in anger. " don't work.

Relight'myjfii’e. you sexy thing?

6' LAURA l'rom poptastie . you hay e hrott hte...; .3.

" lingers :Igavmg u iispeakawgte:

eternity . . so mueh loye. j”). laughter. and so mum m.‘ my“. I can't thank enough. I loye you .\ I a g g ie. f"; pig ..


ALREADY my it 颧§fi in'

the rainy weather itllq'eyejry'," mi”? h i—‘l'L‘at. I loye than Banot't'ee l’ie. mof'éim ChUColate. more than aflWI‘g .“llll's lorey er. ~14 _. 6' IIU“ \\ QRC

of the any ii. the sale tk the "fl

flan,“ I

man” I IN)“ feel that I can s10"?! '

hey man. I want something heany l.oy'e from your thiey ing w'il'e. xxx. 6' I'IELLO GORGE you are my ahsolute gorge. l.oy e (lorge. 6' GILLIAN (irandma w e loye you. (irandma we do ey en when you don't eome out. we still loy e you'. Be my

Valentine‘.’ 3

like wire:

’imémgrifiesflow' IOUL‘lgfi

' 1103/6 y'dgalway'ég."



6' BOOZIE SOOZAL I'm so glad you're home? My life has heen hellish while you'y e heen gone & Hihs hay'e heen winning. Looking very much forward to wild times again. l.o\‘e _\ou 'I'he .'\hster. x. W

"BOY! your But

V I aghast. is seeiflgv’ybui- wee hoh'byll'fise'

l.o\ e. SisthS”'ngttty7 _ l". 6' HOW '.’ , EXPECTED tti'ei'gfgfii'. loye and desire I feel _ Jane taka Bahy '/.i in less tlir't

3(l wot'tls'.’ ('ttlt'l do ti'j'ltstie‘t‘.

[)0L‘Inp Qt»?

what'h'ésimade me iiiiistj



J g 1 .' I“ "'~ "" It. I

much for a ' “3/ w"! m. /.. .' .VUU 43'" and I your linge'r: ' [always he hungry l't‘li-J' 6' DENISE my hijou.' Ania/on Queen. I loy e you. .\'ena's personal (lahrielle. amhrosia on my lips.'s make loy e in lilysian l‘ields the I’olo's too ptthltL‘H Iiternally your warrior Princess. Louise. 6' SARAI‘I ‘l'\ e lost my mind with a Starship 'I'rooper'. Be my Valentine.’



6' DENNIS WHY? I don't know. Btit you are to me as Reynolds 853. You spin me round and round. Yott are my Indian summer.

6' LABOUR IS RED tories are hlue. When w ill I get my weekend with you'.’ I don't know how mueh longer I ean wait.

~ 6' A: ‘man dreams of possess»

ing the heart ol‘ the woman he lo\ es. 'l'he l'eeling he possesses

a woman's heart may he

enough to make him tall in lo\ e with her 7'

0' )L‘ tlL‘ regrette

rien. ()ur l'eelings l'or eaeh other

will always he \ery special. That will ney er eliange. 'l'ouiours .-\mour .lane.

vm'your l't‘a‘granee

i‘ abélfxeep tlap. flapping

<23? 1.. "

j with



6' OI make me a haeon roll. You gor‘geous hig sausage l'aee. Lots of loye kinking? Iiueh?

6' SERGE did you know that you're our hero‘.’ That you are the w ind benefit-Inger,“ ings'.’

We can't wfiifijififilfisfimmer so

we ean alum “l5

sir" :' +9.; “4 * lounge OfSour ear I l |.o\ e from at‘t'iéisiputgg‘adi'es at

work. Dancing (nrlglIXXi-l

UCKY? Let's put orange

dye in our eyes and go eluh-

nagging. I promise not to drop my tlte pool il' you're

my wee

hold me in your ¢=-'in§§pai'zitlise‘. heay‘enly

" " "" er' mueh in lo\ e. T 'D tsoott to he B) 'yph,";§'titl know. But WW) _' W'year when I win a must- l’rada Shoes

yours. Linc im- ,.:IO't"

6' FLUFFY PUPPY eome glide on the mountains of our loygs'LCI's leap the l'iot'ds. ride eateh hig air . . . lieel the powder in

and that paek upon 1 \Ye'll he lhet'e soott. é'l'rom your Original Sin.


6' LUKE anyone w ho eries at the story at the Prince and the

Starling can steal my heart.

6' SPECIAL KID he mine.

Stay up past your hedtime and let's ertish those ('aly in's onee again. l.o\e from a girl.

6' KISS ON NOSE to my

wee spotty hotly. l.ots ol~ loy'e I'I‘olit .\Io.\Io.

6' FIVE YEARS OF I'IAP- PINESS you'y e giy en to me. 'l'hank you. You make me feel strange and often exeited. Thank you again. I loy e you.

6' LUCY LAMORT J t'adore'.’ heaueoup. Big H.

6' MR TOOLS Thanks for ‘hoxing in' of hathrooms. .\'o had. eli'.’ ('uha l.ihre amigo?

6' IAIN Sing me a song.

play me your harp. hut hest ol all. let me hay e a go of your hoiigos. mate.

I.o\ e .\'ik.

6' WEED you little lat ewok. stop eating.

6' MR TODD there is nothing so important as ‘the ('orner'. See you there. see you hare.

.\lt‘s 'l'tltltl.

6' PI‘IILIP where are you when I want you'.’ We did this all last year. Please. can we do it again'.’ Sheila. xx. 6' BREEZI'I you and I shall eonquer the world of fashion photography. You are my muse. I am your Sailor. |.oy'e Mr Ben.


6' ZACI-I’S BACK Hey. hig hoy' So mueh love for an iekle l'ella like you. I'm gonna smother you in eheese sauee and shout. moo. moo. moo!

Loy e Yelet'o.

6' TO MY LITTLE SOLDIER BOY I know it's all ahotit lode. Looking lorward to liheration day in the sunflow- er lields. xxx S.

6' BEN When will you draw me like one of your l-'reneh girls'.’ Had a titanie time in the studio. The innoeent surprised look was a good start now I want more. more. more. I.oy'e you lots. lil' soldier. Bryan. (‘QJ


6' NO. 7 as Y'l'S trainee‘s go, you're pretty speeial. Keep up the good work. lose your selfish ways. stop annoying me so much and who knows. I might let you stay oy'et' onee in a while. Happy Valentine's Day Pet. .xxx. 6' CLAZZ FRAZZ wears hig hras & lolly pops is loyely. I got my sery'ants to post this in for you to wish you a Happy Valentine's see you later Sandy. take it easy-day. All the loye in the hig wide world. Sir Ahigail Burgesselea. xxx. 6' BIG ROD TI'IE GOD with the hod. two peas we are in a pod. tiy e years down the line you're linally mine. let's make tip for lost time. l.o\ e H. 6' STEVIE how I wonder at yoti. All those yo yo tricks. your speeiality lager eolleetion and our great new t'latmates. How lue‘ \ we are. here in heayen. 1 really loxe the single hed. alter all its far more inti- mate. l.o\ e Arty ('liiek Ai'htithnott.


6' POOTLE BURGER will you still marry me this year'? l.oy e from Bagelxx.

6' FROM THE MARE CI'IIARO to the Big Blue. there's no one else I'd want to take the plunge with.

6' BIRCH, CRAZY, COOL (‘rietll Thanks for the weekend. 'I‘hanks l'or eyery thing. Ye ken'.’ Hope Scotland eontinues to keep you enthralled? .-\|l my

lo\ e LB.