Libido here now

Sometimes you spend the whole day being hornier than a rhino in a porn flick, but occasionally even the Iustiest of us need a little pick- me-up in the ardour department. The List spoke to Marion McGilvary, author of a book about APHRODISIACS, and asked which were truly orgasmic and WhiCh were faking it. Words Peter Ross Photographs Laura Hodgson

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106 THE “ST <1 18 Feb 1999


Eating these fairly obvious sexual symbols hints at cunnilingus. Plus, they are said to improve sexual vigour in males.

’Oysters are more aphrodISIacs for men than women They contarn zrnc WhICh rs good for sperm productron, but us more to do Wrth the way they look, the way they taste and the way they slrde down your throat. Women should take It as a good srgn rn a man If he'll eat an oyster '


For men, women’s underwear offers glamour, fantasy and the promise of a hot night in the sack. Women get the chance to ogle buns of steel encased in tight- fitting cotton.

'The wrong underwear can be a turn- off lvlen should av0rd brkrnr brrels unless they are erther gay or Italran. Black Irngerre rs a turn-on for most men, but they also Irke red, Women don't Irke red they thrnk It's tarty.’


Creates feelings of euphoria and makes you touchy-feely, but is as likely to lead to a group hug as group sex.

'That seems to be a good one My frrends have told me that rt works really well A but of grass works as well ~ anythrng that makes you feel good, happy and Iovrng


An instant seductive atmosphere can be yours at the scratch of a match. Plus, you stop looking spotty and start looking mysterious.

‘It’s a but of a (‘Irche that candlelrght rs romantrc and sexy, but people do strll fall for It And rt does hrde a multrtude of slns'


Booze is probably the nation's favourite aphrodisiac. It calms the nerves, heats the blood and oils your sexual engine.

‘Alcohol lowers your rnhrbrtrons and breaks the l(.(‘ Everyone that I spoke to for the book s'ard that a (:Otrple of drrnks was the thrng that most got them In the mood But don’t get too prssed or you won't be able to do anythrng '