Best considered as pharmaceutical scaffolding, Viagra shores up both the male organ and a man's sexual self-esteem. Famoust taken by an up-for-it couple on the Richard and Judy show.

’lt’s not really an aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac enhances desire or performance, Viagra is more of a mechanical aid. An erection that Just lasts and lasts could be a turn-on for some women and a complete turn-off for others. Any woman likes to feel that the man lS gOing to fancy her because he fancies her, not because he has taken some pill which gives him a wondrous erection.’ Asparagus Tips

Watching a woman lick butter from an asparagus tip is the ultimate turn-on for some men as it hints at fellatio. Especially if your bits are thin, green and smeared in marge.

’Aphrodisiac food falls into two categories food that contains a chemical that Increases sexual appetite and food that looks lasCivious when it is being eaten. Asparagus falls into the latter, but it looks a bit puny. Anything you can eat With yOur fingers is an aphrodisiac as long as yOur partner doesn’t start Wiping their hands on their clothes.’

Spanish Fly

An ancient tincture designed to tap into your pagan instincts, Spanish Fly is made from ground- up beetle.

'Spanish fly is really pOison0us. It’s an Irritant. A minute quantity Will inflame yOur urinary tract. More than a small quantity can actually kill you. As for rhino horn, that's a load of baloney too. If you're looking for a natural high, try ginseng or guarana to increase yOur stamina, Vitality and endurance.’


All relationships are power games to a certain extent, but many men and women find that a partner in a position of authority is thrillingly in control in the bedroom.

’How can anyone find Clinton attractive With that big, red face? But for some women, power is definitely

a turn-on. But no amount of power w0uld make me fancy a man that looked like Robin Cook. A lot of the men in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet found her attractive and that must be power, unless they happened to like women in sUits With blond helmet harr.’

Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls

Isaac Hayes once wrote a song called Shaft. His song for South Park takes innuendo into the stratosphere, but is it more effective than Barry White? Music can be a turn-on, especially if sex is on yOur mind to begin With. YOu're not gomg to walk into Sainsbury’s, hear this record, go "Oh, yeah! " and rush off to the loo. Anyway, South Park isn't terribly romantic it doesn't do too much for


.. - i‘f'Wat-ching a h’ g }- lick butter fem an asparagus tip ire ultimate turn on for

some men

me. Lots of women like Leonard Cohen. We tend to like things which men W0uld find miserable and droning'


It’s an old-fashioned concept, but romance can offer an exhilarating ride that leads directly beneath the duvet.

’For lots of women, lust and romance go hand in hand, although I don’t see it myself. A lot of women that l have spoken to have said that there's always the one-night stands but, on the whole, they imagine that they are in love With every single man they sleep With and that makes it better for them.’

>2: Aphrodisiac by Marion McGi/vary, With photographs by Laura Hodgson, is published by K y/e Cathie Ltd, priced f9. 99.

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