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And when they danced, little did they know

another unexceptional pub combo. They sported muliet haircuts and leather trousers. They typified the thrash look of the late 80s/early 905; the latter end of this period was also

é";igléis‘tlfl‘gihér$903359$3535; theywere ' making an exhibition of themselves.


This was somewhat overlooked by Ms Shepherd [Issue 350], who proceeded to discuss Delakota's first proper live performance. For the record, this was a slot supporting Embrace. She was correct to pomt out that this gig was ’deCidedly less cool’ than their Newsni'ght appearance, but not for the reason that was implied. l was there on the night and watched the support and headline acts, and they were both damn hot! There was no eVidence of ‘the weedy McNamara s0und': the Embrace set comprised of their rockiest songs, and alth0ugh it is not common knowledge, as all their chart outings tend towards soulful Gwyneth Paltrow: helping Shakespeare balladry, when Embrace rock, they

In Love top The Full Monty certainly do it big style.

Lorna Dillon

Dundee screen God scathe

Much as l enjoyed The Full Monty, I'm

glad to see its place on the box office throne of British Cinema has been usurped by Shakespeare In Love. Interestingly, both films are assooated With issues of plagiarism. The Fu/l Monty was, allegedly, plagiarised from an ITV drama abOut a group of male strippers, while Shakespeare In Love suggests ChristOpher Marlowe was the creative force behind Will’s quill. Does this make me something of an anal film buff? Do | Win a free Video, or book, or perhaps some Cinema

ViVienne Westwood has had some dubious lapses in taste over the years, but sticking Chris ’l'm not a boxer, I’m a pugilist’ Eubank in an off-the- shoulder frock for her Glasgow fashion show is her most heinous style crime yet. This monacled mook should stick to lashing out in the ring and leave sashaying down catwalks to the professonals.

It's hard enough for aspiring models to get catwalk work in Scotland

Comtry Dance (1941) byJohn Maxwell

tickets? . Without haVing to compete With

COP" walker dilettante hardmen. Thanks, ViVienne, _

Edmburgh I for choosing tabl0id coverage instead John Maxwe||1905-52

Editor Answer [0 question 0/79, yes. of giVing yQUng models the break we

Answer to question two, no. so desperately need. I thought YOU That's hardly surprising. Many of Maxwell’s paintings didn't were meant to be punk? What a Joke.

Wa Yvonne Douglas survive his own highly critical eye. Fortunately half of those Glasgow

Emmy. A, yeast the G/asgow ,999 that did survive, 100 in all, are on display from Qtst November

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Paxman i'Paxo’) muld be a fan of Delakota, for he does not give the impression that he is a closet ‘funk soul brother', But that's not to say that his love for them w0uld not be understandable.

and designers the chance to strut their stuff. Enjoy a bottle of Smirnoff Blue for your fashion statement, Yvonne.

dance that hasn’t seen the light of day for over 30 years.

Fair enough, their roots are in a the currently less than hip thrash _ punk end of the spectrum. But " Letters page l we have forgiven them for this The List magazine like we forgave and accepted _ 14 High 51-, re e1: . ' , , , , Embrace once they had owned 1 Edinburgh EH1 1TB EXHIBITION SPONSORED BY DUN l“ IlRMLIN h up to a similar trait. 'Ernbrace?’ | email: edit0f@list.co.uk i; hear Fiona She herd shriek 500 ‘. They“, Helmefplmk HO, thrash, . W013” 557 8 ; scumsn NATIONAL eniim or MODERN inn, EDINBURGH They barely scrape rock ’n' roll _r Please indude your name and ‘i 013] 694 6900 statusl’ address

For seven years before hitting the big time, Embrace were