Avanti (Durex)

Non-latex condoms which can be used With Oil-based lubricants. Sensitivity t a is a «-

Confidence iv x s Ar a

Ease of use 4r at at

Fred: ’A bit hard to unroll, this certainly felt different to any other condom. In use, it was very sensitive. Perhaps the most sensitive I’ve ever used.’

Ginger: ’The best thing was the lack of smell. I hate it when you put a condom on and it smells. OtherWise it Just felt normal.’

Comfort (Durex)

A larger condom, shaped for a better fit.

Sensitivity * a *

Confidence at s a: a

Ease of use a r: at sir *

SuSie: ’Nondescript.’

Wayne. ’We liked how you c0uld Get it on in a hurry.’


L», gar/c, f'

Elite (Durex)

Straight-sided With extra lubricant. Sensitivity *~< 7‘ w 1‘: Confidence ~‘=* tr u

Ease of use a «r x w Wayne:’Really smooth to get on. Perforations in the fOil so you don’t have to up little bits off With y0ur teeth in the throes of passion’ Susie: ’We liked this one a lot, but didn’t feel like part of the Elite. I suppose yOu can take things a bit too literally!’

Extra (Boots)

Shaped to fit, standard condom Sensitivity « i. =‘~

Confidence 0

Ease of use a w a a at

Sassi: ’Went on well and felt good to begin With but burst around the opening of the condom.’

Jack: ’Pleasant to use, but be careful, it didn’t take much to burst.’


Extra Safe (Durex) ’Uniquely shaped to enhance comfort.’

“3 Sensitivity Ginger: t. at Fred: 0 Confidence v w it at at

Ease of use a‘r *

Ginger: ’Tricky to get into position '

Fred: ’Once on, it wasn’t gomg to budge, but I could hardly feel a thing.’

UTC‘T . Extra Safe

Fantasy Ribbed (Safex)

Shaped to fit With ridges around the stem Packets have a scratch and Win competition.

Sensitivity vi a :2

Confidence I? v 1

Ease of use v- r '~

Jack: ’Felt qUite good, but didn’t go on too easy’ Sassi: ’Nothing special. I liked the "scratch and Win idea, for a bit of post-(:Oital fun.’

Fetherlite (Durex)


i. Straight-sided, extra thin Sensitivity -- -~ ~ r. r Confidence Ease of use

Susie: ’lt was so feather-light that it almost felt there was nothing there -- so we kept panicking that it had burst.’

Wayne. ’A bit too delicate for rough and tumble This would be a romantic (ondom

Gossamer (Durex) Non-spermicidal lubricant, ’more liibricious for committed, experienced users.’

Sensitivity at a: ir *

Confidence ~k 1r *

Ease of use *‘kfi'i

George: ’Pretty comfortable and well lubricated.’ Mildred: 'Very slimy, we both played hunt the condom after use. Tends to get a bit lost.’

Intensrty (Mates) ’Raised rubber studs for maXimum sensation and excitement.’ Sensitivity at 7‘:

Confidence at x t i it

Ease of use i t at 1:

Ginger: ’In theory I th0ught this was going to be dead good, but in practice I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Initially you could feel the bumps and that felt nice, but then it increased the friction which made me sore.’

Fred: ’Too thick for me.’


Whisky flavoured condom. Sensitivity * t *

Confidence * *

Ease of use it at

Fred: ’Very slippery and fiddly to get on, but they smell of whisky.’

Ginger: ’That’s no single malt though. And they taste of slime.’

Natural (Safex)

Straight-sided, standard condom. Sensitivity ir fir iv it at Confidence at a

< Easeof use tar—“Hr

George: ’Easy to use, go anywhere condom.’ Mildred: 'A condom With Wings: you can go anywhere and it Will stay on.’

Ribbed (Durex)

Straight With ridges on the stem. Sensitivity t t at it * Confidence at t * 1? *

Ease of use mun: *

George: ’Very well received, a big thumbs up.’ lvlildred: ’A star under the duvet.’

Ribbed (Mates)

Straight With ridges on the stem. Sensitivity Susie: air * Wayne: * tit Confidence w x rt

Ease of use r »+ r

Susie: ’Didn’t really feel much different to normal condoms.’

Wayne: ’It was quue thick though, so we felt gune relaxed about it. Don’t think I’d be in a hurry to try it agarn.’

Safeguard Forte (Safex)

m The only kite and CE-marked condoin recommended for anal sex. m

Sensitivity t a at we "fr-"L Confidence i w 2': 2 Ease of use Keith: *r a t N&mm*wt¢*

Keith ’Although these are clearly recommended for anal sex and gay men, the foil inside has both female and male symbols on But that didn’t stop us ' Alastair. ’Easy to unroll and we didn’t feel any loss of sensitivrty'


Safe Play (Durex) Straight-sided standard condom. Sensitivity t t t t it

Confidence at *

Ease of use *****

Sassr ’Nice lubricant and silky smooth, but felt a little thin thus the low confidence mark.’

Jack: ’But it slipped on like a dream! We liked it a lot.’

Select (Durex)

filers!» Xilt'l'ldy

A selection of ribbed, coloured and

“i Mi flavoured condoms.

« Sensitivity Keith: * t t * Nfimmttt

Confidence * it (oral sex)

Ease of use x r: Alastair: ’It’s a bit funny to taste strawberry in these Circumstances, I prefer the real thing. We wouldn’t use them every time.’ Keith: ’They’re fun sex toys. I enjoyed them, but the colour of the ice-mint one is not particularly attractive'

Sensutive (Safex)

Half the normal thickness for extra sensmvrty.

Sensitivity * t t x it

Confidence at ‘k at 'k

Ease of use ** it t

Sassr ’Thin but felt strong.’

Jack: ’Comfortable and easy to use. Simple as that, really.’

Skin Thin (Mates/Benetton)

’Ultra-thin condoms for experienced users who are seeking extra sensation.’

Sensitivity George: * 1r Mildred: * t t Confidence 1? it at *

Ease of use t at

George: ’I’m not really into them, rather tight and ill- fitting. A bit like a polo neck knitted by your gran.’ Mildred: ’Could have been better lubricated. Most condom packets look very functional and tacky, but the packaging for this one is really good.’

Ultra Fine (Boots)

Straight-sided standard condom. Sensitivity * t *

Confidence int ‘k

Ease of use i 'k at it

Susie: ’The packaging was really cool lime green, but it’s not like you'd really care.’

Wayne: ’I didn’t like the lubricant. It was really slimy and had collected in droplets when we unwrapped It. Yuck.’

Ultra Safe (Mates)

Fitted shape for additional sensitiVity and reasswance.

Sensitivity 0

Confidence * ‘k a: 1* *

Ease of use it it

Susie: 'Had to bite open the packet and the lubricant made my fingers stick together.’

Fred: ’Felt super-safe, but I’d rather just not have sex than endure it again.’

Ultra Strong (Durex) Thicker condoms for maXimum seCUrity. lmpIiCitly recommended for anal sex.

Sensitivity 1i: i: a: 1?

Confidence at at ‘k *

Ease of use *****

Alastair: ’Unrolls very easily, but we must remember to open the packet before applying the lubricant. No loss of sensitiVity.'

Keith ’Because it’s not coloured, the penis looks more natural.’


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