cspect. A political thriller from Tudor history. in wlticli Blanchett's performance Iurtts cherished notions about littgland‘s Virgin Queen on their head. Kilmarnock: ()deon. Kii'kcaldy: Adam Sitiitli. Stirling: MacRobert.

Enemy Of The State ( IS) (Tony Scott. US. I998) Will Sittitli. Gene Hackman. IZS titiits. A chance meeting with an old college friend plunges the unwitting Smith into a dangerous. convoluted conspiracy involving a rogue National Security Agency boss with an agenda of his own. When Itis life is electronically ittvaded atid systematically dismantled his only hope is cs-(‘IA surveillance espert Hacktttan. .-\ slick. entertaining stab at updating the 70s conspiracy thriller. (ieneral release.

The Exorcist ( |.s‘) (William l-‘rietlkin. (‘8. I973) Linda Blair. Iillen Burstyn. .\Ias \"on Ssdow. I ll) mins. liarttest priest \'oii Sydow steps III to save poor little possessed girl iii tliis hugely effective scarelcst. Now re- released iii reiiiastci'ed form. with a super stereo soundtrack ls() you can hear those ohscetiitics III full ). Dead good. dead scary. dead priest. Stirling: Allanpark.

Eye Of The Eagle (l’(i) (I’eter I-‘Iintli. Denmark. I997) 9| mins. :\ young boy and ltis two friends escape assassination atid set off on a quest to save his father. the Danish king. from a plot to depose him l-Iditibui'gh; Lumiere

Faust ( I’(i‘~ (l-'.\\' \Iurnau. (iei'iitaiiy. I936) litiiil .l.iiinitigs. (iosta likiiiaii. (‘atiitlla Horn. 9: nuns, .\I.ttle w Iieii .\Iuriiau was at ltis artistic and csprcssionist height. this has all of tlic visuai splendour of his greatest

IIItiv ics. but seems to deflate the drama inherent III the itiatcrial. \Vttli II\C piano acconipaniiiictit. Supported by the short filiti (tint/Ht: Hun: Iii/It /I('\ l/i’rst'll :Iy (ii't'lt llt'II /Il .I/uiistiu '\ I-tiiisl (ilasgow. (ioelhe Institute.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas ( I8) ('l'ei‘ry (iilliaiii. US. I998) .lohtitiy Dcpp. llS mins. .-\s adaptations of cult books go. (iilliant's take on Hunter S. 'l‘lionipson‘s assassination of tlic .-\iiiei'ican Dream is a glorious mess of .t movie. It remains true to

“a plethora of marvellous moments.” mm

the author's vision of moral torpor and psychosis. whilst injecting a good shot of (iilliam‘s own obsessions. I-‘Iawed. certainly. but epically degenerate. And tltus pure gonzo. Stirling: MacRobert.

The First Of The Few (U) (lcslie Howard. UK. I942) Leslie Itoward. David Niven. |I7 ntins. Wartime propganda movie scripted by Terence Rattigan iii which clean-cut star of yesteryear Howard (who also directs) plays R]. Mitchell. inventor of the Spitfire that wee plane that won the battle of Britain. Iidinburgh: Lumiere.

Five Easy Pieces ( IS) (Bob Rafelson. US. I970) Jack Nicholson. Karen Black. Susan Anspach. 98 mins. Adventures of a middle- class itogoodtiik. his pregnant mistress and his brother's girlfriend. Archetypally impish Nicholson performance attd some all-time classic sequences. including the legendary set-(o iii the diner. botutd together with a smashing country soundtrack. ()ne of the

li nest films of the 70s. Edinburgh: Cameo. The Fountainhead (PG) (King Vidor. US. I949) (iary Cooper. Patricia Neal. I l 3 mins. Loathed attd reviled as it was on its release. the King's version of the Ayn Rand novel stands erect as one of the most ambitious. stunning attd. frankly. barmy filiits made by a major studio during Hollywood's golden age. Inspired by the life of Frank Lloyd Wright. Cooper plays Howard Roai'k an architeCt with a vision which w ill not be blunted by matters of cash. career or love. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

The Greatest Heroes ( I5) ('I‘Iminas Vinterberg. (ieritiaiiy. l99oi Director Vinterberg had a success story on his hands at last year's lidinburgli International I'Illtl l‘estival with l-‘extt'n. This earlier film is a tale of itiodern-day outlaws. iit which two unliker friends set off iii a car leaving a trial of chaos in their wake. lidiiihurgli: Lumiere.

The Harder They Fall ( )5) (Mark Robson. US. I956) Humphrey Bogart, Rod Steiger. Jait Sterling. l()9 iititts. .-\ (lowit-on-liis-Iuck sports reporter becomes publicity man for a itiafia-liitked hover iii (ltis tough expose of the dirty end of (lie figltt game. Bogart's still

able to convey weary cynicism like no other. even though this was his last film before his death from cancer. Glasgow: (if-T.

Henry Fool (18) (Hal Hartley. US. I998) Thomas Jay Ryan. James Urbaniak. Parker Posey. I37 ntins. Intellectual vagabond Henry Fool drifts into a small American town attd shakes tip the monotonous lives of a bickering family. most notably of shy garbageiitan Simon Grim. who metamorphosis into a celebrated writer. Stirling: MacRobert.

Hideous Kinky ( l5) ((iillies MacKinnon. UK. I998) Kate \‘I'inslet. Said 'I'aghmaoui. Bella Riza. Carrie Mullan. 99 ittitts. Winslet‘s young linglishwoman takes her two daughters to Morocco in I972. where she leads a carefree life until the girls demand sortie stability iii their lives. Adapted front listher Freud's senti- autobiograpliical novel. director MacKinnon's film vividly captures the spirit of tittic and place. leaving a deep. lasting impression. See preview aitd review. (ilasgow: (il'T. ()deon Quay. Showcase. liditiburgh; Cameo. UCI.

Highlander ( l 5) (Russell Mulcaliy. US. I986) Sean Connery. Christopher Lambert. l’ii‘st in the series of apocalyptic adventures of an immortal 16th century Scottish swordsman who is taught his craft by Connery is ligyptian master. For those who like their fantasy Heavy Metal style. Supported by the short film Sum ('mint'ri 'v Iii/in/mrgli. iii which the superstar displays his affection for his hometown. lidinburgh: Lumiere.

Hilary And Jackie ( l5) (Anand Tucker. L'K. I998) I€iiiily' Watson. Rachel (ii'iffiths. David Morrissey. 123 mins. This biopic of Jacqueline du I’re. who died front multiple sclerosis iii I987. has incensed the classical music world. However. based on the book xi (it'IIIIM Ill The l-‘umilv by the cellist‘s‘ sister Hilary and brother I’iers. it tells a complex. honest arid moving story In its esploi‘atioii of the tangled skeins of sibling rivalry and lose. lli/urv xl/it/ Jack/1' is superb (ilasgow: (il'T. ()deon ()uay. liditibtirgli: ('atiieo.


"“i' l

\ I .\1 IV"

index FILM

How Stella Got Her Groove Back (IS) (Kevin Rodney Sullivan. US. I998) Angela Bassett. Whoopi Goldberg. 125 mins. Grabbing a chance for a couple of weeks away front the strain of career and single parenthood. Stella jets off to Jamaica with her life-long mate Delilah. There she meets meets Winston Shakespeare and they fall in love. All hunky dory so far. except he is half her age and so both families are bound to object. so what is the point? What. indeed. All you get here is an elongated Lilt advert. See review. Glasgow: Showcase. Edinburgh: UCI. Pailsey: Showcase.

Insomnia ( I5) (Erik Skjoldbjaerg. Norway. I997) Stellan Skarsgard. Sverre Anker Ousdal. Bjorn Floberg. 97 mins. After a police detective commits manslaughter while attempting to catch a murderer he conceals his critne. but his troubled conscience keeps him aw ake at night. Director Skjoldbjaerg inverts the familiar genre conventions of film noir. replacing neo-lit city streets with a bleak. bright coastal landscape and mounting hysteria with an icy chill. One of the most original thrillers in years. See review. Edinburgh: l:lIIIIII()IISc.

In The Realm Of The Senses At No (‘nrri't/u (l8) (Nagisa Oshima. Japan. I976) 'I'atsuya Fuji. Eiko Matsuda. 105 mins. In the militarist Japan of I936. a couple enclose themselves in their own sensual world. their passion escalating until only death can provide (lie nest orgasm. Masterly though necessarily extremer explicit look at the power of sexual arousal. which has attracted controversy throughout the world. (ilasgow: Gi'osvenor.

lThink I 00 (IS) (Brian Sloan. US. I998) Alexis Arquette. (iuillermo Diaz. 87 mins. A group of (ieorge Washington University graduates are re-united at a social gathering (in this case a wedding) and unresolved issues are settled by the score. Although matters are settled a tad too tidily. as an 'aliernaiive lifestyle‘ take on featherweight rontantic comedy. it succeeds well enough. See review. (ilasgow: ()deon Quay.

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