Brooks and singer Maggie Nicols, and an unreleased tune by his old band, Talisker. The disc includes a couple of tributes to the late free-Jazz drummer, John Stevens, while their radical deconstructions of Scottish songs and tunes gives an unorthodox and challenging mm to familiar material. To complete the Scottish connection, Impetus Records, long a mainstay of the British free improv scene, have moved their operation from London to the Isle of Levi/is (KM)

Various Artists

Caber Compilation No I (Caber Music)

The first four discs from Tom Bancroft’s Caber MUSIC were released in September, but the label has since received a substantial lottery grant, and now has proper distribution This budget-priced compilation gives a taste of what they have on offer, drawrng from the first four discs by the Brian Kellock Trio, Chick Lyall, Trio AAB and the Tom Bancroft Orchestra -— and preViewing forthcoming releases from the Phil Bancroft Trio, KeVin MacKenzie's fusion outfit SWirler, and blues singer Tam White's collaboration

With Brian Kellock (actually track SIX on

my c‘opy, and not seven as on the liner notes) Full details from Caber on 0131 653 2203, or at websne

www cabermuSIccom (KM)

Gene As Good As It Gets (Polydor)

Calling a single ‘As Good As It Gets' is asking for trouble, especially for a band as undervalued as Martin Rossiter’s Outfit No doubt sneeiy hacks across the Ianu smacked their lips at the prospect

of some biting comments and oh so cutting remarks, but not in the offices of this august publication. Gene remain a fantastic singles band, and this offering belongs with the very best of their uptempo output think 'Haunted By You' with a catchier chorus and you're halfway there. Mucho airplay means that this baby will already be lodged in your subconsci0us, but it also

i deserves a permanent home in your

record collection. (RF)

Fat Lip

The Sound of Lovers E.P. (U-Bahn) waew

Not the sort of lovers whose creaking bed springs and over enthusiastic groans are likely to wake you up Sunday mornings, mind. More the kind that you need to press a glass to the wall to get a good earful of, but it's worth the effort to hear the delicate Sighs and whispered dirty talk. Sinu0iis beats throb under, and occasionally Over, sensual grooves. This is music fit to bear the Isaac Hayes vocal sampled on L.U.V. and praise don't come much higher than that. A tour begins With a hometown gig at King Tut’s, and if they can reproduce this stuff live, prepare for a seductive evening. (RF)

Nik Kershaw

Somebody Loves You (Eagle)

First Howard Jones sells out enormodome stadi in the American mid west, now this If memory serves, as well as amassing a string of hits back in the 805, Nik also wrote Chesney Hawkes’ misguided ode to egomania, 'I Am The One And Only’

; Well, this comeback 45 is similarly self

obsessed, as the diminutive songsniith bleats on about it being 'his party'

I Pray that you're anIIe has been lost in the post (RF)

Nik Kershaw: no

Beth Orton

Stolen Car (Heavenly) ‘A' air

The woman who shuffled out of nowhere to invent the folk/dance crossover phenomenon is back! Those of you far enough along in years to remember 10,000 Maniacs' ’What's The Matter Here?’ may find this track strangely familiar, as Will any of the 300,000 punters who shelled out for Orton's debut album Trailer Park. Very much a case of sticking to a successful formula, this is more of the same bittersweet confection. Beautifully done if you like this sort of thing, mildly diverting even if you don't. (RF)

Space Raiders

Laid Back (Skint) 8* f3? :‘1 35‘.

The last musician to extol publicly the creativrly enhanCing properties of magic mushrooms was Terence Trent D'Arby, around the time of his woeful second album Nonetheless, Space Raiders' press release claims that their appetite for all things fungal positively influenced early live gigs and the recording of their debut album Don’t Be Daft, for which this single is a taster and a mouthwatering one at that Not qune as outright nutZOid as the rest of the long player, this one still falls into the weird and wonderful category. With Lo Fidelity All Stars in temporary disarray, could there be ’shroom at the top fOr this lot? (RF)


Be My Lover (.7???) a a

The best pop music sounds effortless. even when it comes from such intense types as Janis Joplin and PJ Harvey both of whom Naomi claims as major influences The difference between those queenies and this young pretender is that the passion and energy in their best material is entirely natural, while she comes across as affected. Surely there's no need to rasp every syllable of every word, breathe every breath as if it were y0ur last7 Must try less hard. (RF)

record reviews MUSIC


Don’t Jump In Front Of My Train (Wiiija) mm

‘Every time I wound your pride are you gOing to fake a Suiode?’ - a candidate for couplet of the month and no mistake. Vocals that might've been on the sugary side are seasoned by some well placed harmonica and all things considered this will do nicely until the next Belle & Sebastian release comes along. Bonus track ’Tender Years’ is probably worth the price of the CD, but only if you're a sucker for melodic melancholia, and who among you iSn't,7 (RF)

The Commercials Power of Love (Flotsam & Jetsam) a.» a

Shouldn’t there be some kind of limit on the number of times the same song title can be used for different tunes? Anyway, as powers of love go, this is miles better than Huey LeWis or Jennifer Rush, and a Sight more energetic than Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The appeal of this E.P. is simple but effective. The bit on the title track where the guitars fall silent and the vocals continue over pounding drums is as blatant a rock trope as you'll ever hear, but something about the brazen nature of the music makes it forgivable, and even strangely comforting. Unpretentious entertainment. (RF)


Sarah Dempster, Rob Fraser, Alastair Mabbott, Susan Mackenzie, Kenny Mathieson, Alan Morrison, Craig Reece, Peter Ross, Fiona Shepherd, Malcolm Stewart, Fin Wilson


i k * * it Unmissable

* *c a: at Very cod

t * Wort a shot

it xv Below average

e You've been warned

4—18 Feb I999 THE “ST”