Journeys Into The Outside

Pulp's avant-garde roots were showmg on the This Is Hardcore album and Jams Cocker \VI“ continue to flash his art school credentials in a new three-part documentary series.

Journeys lnto The Outside sees the lanky lothario travel the world in search of ordinary people who feel compelled to create extraordinary works. In episode one, Jai‘Vis Visits France where he discovers fantastical buildings, speaks French in a Sheffield accent, tempts a reclusive artist out of hiding With a bottle of port and goes guirky nuance a quirky nuance with what seems like every eccentric in the country.

’I set out on this Journey looking for a kind of art that really meant something,’ says El Jarvo. ’These aren't places that need to be propped up by an explanation, you ILISI have to go there and experience it'

In the final two films, JarVis travels across America, heads down IvIeXico way and ends up in India. Pop star perks, maybe, but essential viewmg all the same. IPeter Rossl journeys Into The Outside starts on Channel 4, Tue 76 Feb,

7 7pm


When only the best will do . . .

Film: Hideous Kinky Gillies MacKinnon follows up his hit mowe Regeneration With Titan/c star Kate Winslet in this adaptation of Esther Freud's novel of the same name.

Following a young mothers travels through Morocco in the early 70s, Hideous Kinky is an exotic ride on the Marrakech Express. See preView and renew, pages 22 & 24. Selected release, from Fri 5 Feb.

Theatre: Perfect Days Long-awaited Glasgow bow for one of the biggest successes of last year's Fringe Siobhan Redn'iond’s Barbs is a comic creation to treasure. See it live and show off to your friends when the film version comes out next year See feature, page I7. Glasgow: Cit/zens’ Theatre, Tue 76 Sat 27 Feb

Clubs: Colours The Scottish superclub bring the Northern Exposure tour to town Sasha and Digweed play together for the first time in yonks to promote their new Northern Exposure. Expeditions album. See pl'(?‘/I(?‘.‘J, page 70 Glasgow. Arches, Sat 73 Feb, Edinburgh Potterrow, Sun 74 Feb.

Books: Dead Souls Ian Rankin’s new Inspector Rebus thriller mixes missing persons, paedophilia and Vigilantism into a gripping mystery This proves once more why Rankin deserves his place at the top of the best-sellers In this issue he wr:tes about his opposite number in the States, Iames Ellroy, exclusively for The List See feature, page 10. Orion, [76.99

Games: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron If you're already palpitating with excitement waiting for The Phantom Menac e, calm yourself with a dose of the old Lucas magic in this top new N641 game See review page 99 Out now, Nintendo, [44 99

Dance: Stomp An almighty racket A show so popular it has become a franchise like Rive/dance, only cool. Bins, brooms and assorted accouti‘eiiients become extensions of the dance See revreuv, page 59 Edinburgh Fest/val Theatre, Tue

16 Sat 20 Feb

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