MUSIC jazz


I Midnight Blue Cafe Graffiti. Mansfield Place Church Brotighton Street. 55'.” 8003. ‘).30pm—2am. £6 (£5). With their eyes on Valentine's Day. the MB Players take to the stage twice tonight: the first set will be slow and romantic to get you in that Iovin' tiiood. and the second set will be faster and raunchier to end the evening with a bang???

I Basic Collective .Ia/z .loint. ts Morrison Street. 22! I288. I0pni—-3am (band oii-stage midnight). £5 (£4). Soulful underground grooves frotii Basic Collective singer Nicola King was spotted sharing the stage with ftinks‘ter Maceo Parker at his recent liquid Rooms


I E! Cometa All-Stars MacRobei't Arts Centre. University of Stirling. 0 I 786 46l08l. 8pm. £6 (£3). I-‘asi I.atiii rhythms and funky ia/z from these regulars on the


I Allan Neave Rothcs Hall. Rolltes Square. 0l5‘)2 6! I l()!. 8pm. £6. The renowned guitarist. who holds teaching positions at the RSAMI) and St Andrews . University. tonight puts the accent on

Latin atid tan with a selection of Spanish classics. Brazilian and \‘eiie/tielan dances and Scottish _ia//.



I Steve Coutts Duo .-\tt Lovers‘ Cafe. House For An Art !.ovet'. Bellaliotistoti Park. I0 l)tlttll‘l'L‘Cls' Road. 0I4I 353 477‘). 8pm. A new ta/l diner event. hosted at this Mackintosli-styled \enue. Booking.s can be made from 6.3”Pm. 5|idinburgh

I Elemental .la/z .lottit. 8 Morrison Street. 22! I288 I0piii 3am (band on- stage iiiidiiiglit i. £5 (£4 i. A fortnightly

jazz from the Deep Souili at this special

residency for this mellow sis-piece jazz- I funk outfit peddling smooth datieellooi' , grooves with I)! support from KuIti. plus guests.

I Lizzard Lounge Cafe (irat'i‘iti. Mansfield Place Church. Bi'otigliton ; Street. 557 8003. |0ptit«2ani. £6 (£5). Featuring Venezuelan singer Carlos Pena. who is joined this time by The i Muchachos. tinkle l‘iawaz and Joseph Malik man the decks.



I Craig McMurdo Songs Of Love

Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 667 7776. 7.30pm. £I5 i£| I l. .A \‘aIetitiiie's I)ay special from the top Scottish crooner.

I Brian Kellock Trio & Tasty .Ia// .loint. 8 Morrison Street. 22! I288. 8pm ~3atii. £3. See Stiii 7.


I New Orleans Joymakers Harbour Arts Cantre. Harbour Street. 0 I 2‘)4 27405‘). 2pm. £3 (£2.50). l'p tempo

: free week! dates: see main listings

Valentine‘s Day event.


I Altered Beatz 99 Jazz Joint. s Morrison Street. 22! I288, I0piii 3am (band oti-stagc I lpiii). £3. See Mon 8.


I The Dynamic Duo Show .Ia/z .Ioiiit. 8 Morrison Street. 22! I288. lttptii ~3aiii tbaiid on-stage midnight l. £3. See Tue‘).


I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers’ Night .la/l John. 8 Morrison Street. 22! I288. |0piii 3am (band oii-stage I Ipitii. £4 (£5). See \Vetl ll).

Cottier Theatre

Fringe 98 Stand Up at its best...


Thu ll Feb

The quick-change comic genius

Thu I8 Feb

Ennio Marsha-Ho

The slide blues master from USA...

Fri 26 Feb

John Hammonpl

Perrier Award Winner l998!!

Sat: 27 Feb

Tommy 'l'iernun Jason Byrne

coming up seam...

The Comedy Unit Showcase 0 Richard Whiteley John Shuttleworth 0 Lenny Beige Margaret Morris Dance Proiect 0 Wildcat

Sundays are tau days at (otiier - with

/ Assemny Direct


52 THE LIST 4- )8 rat) I‘)‘)‘)

Tickets from Ticlcetlink - 0l4l 287 55” Cottier Theatre - 0"“ 357 3868 (noon - 8pm)

full Spring brochure available NOW

j that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are

. I Harry Margolis Big Band I.' Attache.



I Louise Gibbs 8: The Paul Harrison Trio Tron Jazz Cellar. Hunter Square. 554 45!(). 8.30pm. £6 (£5). Vocalist (iilibsjtiiiis tip with rising stars The Paul Hat‘rision Trio. featuring Harrison on piano. Mario Caribe on bass and John !)onoghtie on drums.

I Grits 'n’ Gravy Trio Jazz. Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22! I288. l0ptii-3aiii (baiid on-stage I Ipiii). £4 (£3). See Thu 4.




I Fiona Duncan with The Ronnie Rae Trio McChuiII‘s. 40 High Street. 552

2 I35. ‘)pm. Mainstream jazz tunes with this renowned singer.


I Bobby Wishart Russell's Bar Cafe. 77 Byres Road. 334 4973. 8—l lpm. Mainstream and modern.

I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Thu). 8pm. Artists vary.

I Tom Urie And Guests Polo Lounge (see Stiii). ‘).30pm. Pianist arid singer.


I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Thu). 8pm. Artists vary.

I Nimbus Cottier's Bar. ‘)3 Hytidland Street. 357 5827. ‘)pm. Jazz/funk.

f alternating between band and [Ms

The following details are for regular

for one-o or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by cit , then by day. Residencies wil be listed. provided

compiled by Abigail Bremner.


I Live Jazz Yes Cafe—Bar. 22 West Nile Street. 22! 8044. 8pm. Various artists.

I Jazz Piano Baby Grand. 3 7 liliiibank (iardeiis. 248 4‘)42. I0pm. Lounge pianist.


I BObby Wishart Borders Books. Music and Cafe. ‘)8 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7.30-‘).3()piit. Mellow.

I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Tlitt ). 8pm. Artists vary.

I The Graham Trio Yes Cafe-Bat" tsee Thu ). ‘)piii. Traditional.

I Chris Clark Quartet Kelvinpat'k I.oi‘ne Hotel. ‘)23 Saticliieliall Street. 334 48‘)!. ‘).I5pm. Mainstream and [aim with various guests.

I Andy Young Baby (ii‘atit! (see Thu ). !0piii. Jazz DJ.


I Violet Leighton Trio Botital'tle Brasserie l'.ltlL‘l'.\llL‘ Street. 333 973.5. I--4pm. Singer and band.

I George Penman All-Stars Bourbon Street. l08 George Street. 552 ()!4 I.

2 -5pm. 'l‘i'aditional.

27 Waterloo Street. 22! 3210. 2 ~5ptii. Big band.

I Lauder’s Big Band lander s. Saticliieliall Street. 33! 5 I80. 2 -5pm. The big band sound. with vocals from Heather \Vltilefortl.

I Live Jazz Brel. 3‘) Ashton I.ane. 342 4‘)66. 3- 6pm. A regular afternoon iaz/ slot at Brel. Sat I3 l-ieb secs Segment joined by trumpeter Robert Henderson. I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant tsee Tho I. 8pm. Artists vaty.

I Kenny Paterson Trio Cafe Rouge. John Street. 552 4433. 8.3!) I!).3!)piii. .Ia// and svv mg standards vv itli vocals. I The Graham Trio Yes Cale-liar tsee Thu ). ‘)pni. Traditional.

I Live Jazz Brewery Tap. I055 Satlcltteltall Street. 33‘) 8866. 9.30pm. Jazz funk.

I Jazz Piano Baby (iraiit! tsee Thu). I0pni. Lounge pianist.


I Tom Colquhoun Brewery Tap tsee Sat). 3pm. .la// and [aim guitarist.

I Tommy Reid Jazz Quintet )4os iv Hound. llottstolt. 0I505 6|2448. 3 6pm. Tiaditioiial.

I Chris Clark Jazz Trio |)i'titn .v Monkey. ‘)3 St Vincent Street. 22! 6636 .\Iaiiisti‘eani atid I.atiii vv itIi various guests

I Three's Company McMas'ters. 3a Park Terrace. CIiai'iiig Cross. 353 6I3 l. 4pm. Informal tam. vv it!) a welcome evteiitled to any interested youngta/z tiittsictan.

I Violet L8ight0l1 Trio l’olo lounge. Wilson Street. 46 im. Singer and band. I Blackfriars Co! ective Blackfi‘iars. .‘so Bell Street. 552 5‘)24. ‘)ptii. Modern ia/z.


I Live Jazz Henderson's. 25 Thistle Street. 225 2605. 8pm. Artists vary.

I Live Blues Maison Hector. 47 !)eaiiliaugli Street. 332 5328. l0pm—lam. Blues guitar duo.

I John Trigg’s Blue Nun Cellar No. I. Chambers Street. 220 4298. !()pm—Iam.

' Contemporary -— with occasional guests.

. Fridays j I Alex Shaw Cocktail Bar. Hilton

National Hotel. 6‘) Belfot'd Road. 332 2545. 8pm. Pianist.

' I Live Jazz Henderson's (see Thu). 8pm.

Artists varv.

; I Bill Kyle's Backbeat Band Cellar No.

I (see Thu). l0pni—laiii. Modern jazz.

; Saturdays ¢ I Toto And The Dexters Harry's Bar.

Randolph Place. 53‘) 8 I00. 3.30-5.30ptii. Maiiistreatii.

I Alex Shaw Trio Restaurant. Hilton

National Hotel (see l‘l'l). 8pm. Mainstream.

I Jazz Incident/Four with Subie . Coleman Cellar No. I (see Thu).

|0piii-- Iain. Alternating fortnightly -- contemporary.


I Recovery (‘ellar Bar (see Thu). I2.30piii. Various jazz. sounds. plus a free Bloody Mary with brunch.

I Edith Budge The Dottie Bar and Grill. I4 (ieorge Street. 624 8624. I—5pm.


I Dave Keir Jazztet/Jim Jammers Rose and Crown. Rose Street. 225 403‘). !.30pm. Alternating fortnightly traditional/tiiodei‘ii.

I Live Jazz Maison Hector (see Thu). 4.30-7pm. Mainstream.


I 2I4 Blues Session Tron Ceilidh House. lltinlet‘ Square. 226 ()‘)3 l. 8pm. I‘ortniglitly.

I Jazz Loungin' with Tim King and Keatsafarian (‘etlar No. I (see Thu l. l0piii lam. Contemporary.


I Louisiana Ragtime Band Navaai' House Hotel. I2 Mavfield Gardens. 667 2828. 8.30pm. 'I‘raditional.

I Spirits Of Rhythm Caley Sample Room. 58 Angle Park 'l‘errace. 337 7204. 8.30pm. 'l'i‘aditioiial.

I Swing 98 Malt Shovel. Cockburn

Street. 2256843. ‘)ptii. Swing at the longest residency in Edinburgh.

I Cuban Brothers Cellar .\'o. I (see Thu). 10pm lam. Bttsy tindergroud

I Live Jazz Whistle Binkies. 4---6 South Bridge. 557 5! I4. I0.30pm. Modern. .ii'tists \ai'y.


I Eat Sam's Band/The Dreamliners I-at Sam‘s. 56:58 l5ountainbridge. 228 3! I 1. 8pm. Swing and jump-

iive/maiiistreatii. I Live Jazz Henderson‘s (see Thu). 8pm.

Artists vary. I Son De Rhumba Cellar No. I (see

Thu) I0piii—laiii. l.atiii_iazz.