Kitchen sink drama : Hetty Haxworth's screenprints on display at the


7| Houldsworth Street. l-‘innieston. 22l 4799. Wed— Sal 2»—(ipm.

Printmaking Exhibition Until Sat l3 Feb. An exhibition of work by 2nd year students l'rom the Printmaking Department at Glasgow School of Art.

MCLELLAN GALLERIES 270 Sattchiehall Street. Bl IRS-l.

Mon liri 9am- 5pm: Sat lllttllln-Splll; Stm l lam -Spm.

Winninnghe Design Of Sports tintil Mon 5 Apr. An e\hibition that looks at sport as a donunattt influence on popular culture and as a driving force for design innovation. From the latest sporting accessories to the development ol‘ new materials. ltow has sports wear invaded the higlt street‘.’ I’m! ii/ (i/iixuun- I999.


73 Robertson Street. Suite (i. Floor l. 248 37l l. Thu o 8pm: liri ck Sat ttoon-—5ptn. Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan Thu J—Sat (i l‘eb. An on-going series of three-day projects takes tn new work by

Christine Borland Kendell Geers

Philippe Meste 06.02.99 - 27.03.99

Curated by Kirsty Ogg

Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow. Collaborating duo .Ioanne Tatham and Toni ()‘Sullivan.

Mary Redmond Thu I I~Siit I?» Feb. New work by Mary Redmond. Robert Johnston Thu I8--S;it 20 lieb. Recent work.


30 Washington Street. 22l 2 l 23. Daily

l lain-6pm.

The Great Challenge l’niil \vt-il Io l-eb. The only British showing outside London of this collection ol‘ m er l5l) international political cartoons. l-catured artists include Steve Bell lT/It’ (iiiim/iun). Ralph Steadman (The Independent) arid Chris Riddell t'lltr' ()liu'rt‘t'rl.


Centre For Developmental Arts. IS Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Fri l()ant—5 lll.

Artwor From The Education Unit At HMP Barlinnie Until Hi I: l‘eb. Artwork by inmates at Barlinnie l’rison. Hein Dingmans Until l-‘t'i l2 l-‘eb. Recent work by l‘lein Dingmans.

H l?

Gregory Green

Eva Rothschild Tomatsu Shomei

Inside/Outside l-‘ri l9 Feb—Fri 26 Mar. An exhibition of work by artists with learning disabilities. showing the range ol‘environments including residential and hospital care. available to people with disabilities in Glasgow. Purl rif'G/usginr /<)9<).


8—H) Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘) 6185. Mott—Wed Illam—Spm; Sat l--5pm. Thu & Fri b ' appointment.

Design An Scenography In Mask And Puppet Theatre Until Fri 3| Dec. An exhibition ol‘cral‘t and design from the puppet theatre including set designs. scale models and drawings to working ligures arid masks. Part of (Jim-gun- I999.


2nd Floor. l4 King Street. 552 7080. Sat Sun lloolt---lpltl.

A permanent collection of kinetic sculptures by liduard Bersudsky.


Bar M. 42 Jamaica Street. 572 0W8. Daily limit—midnight.

Adventures In A Time Machine Until Mon 5 Apr. A inulti-media exhibition by six former Glasgow School of Art printmakers.


26 King Street. 552 2l5 l. Tue—Sat l()am--5.3()pm.

Twentieth Century Decay Until Sat 6 Feb. New issue-based work by liuan Sutherland comprising wall-based constructions. projections aitd large- scale. multi-layered photocollages. Echo Chamber Tue lb Feb-Sat 20 Mar. Richard Ciallon's sile-specil'ic mixed media installation consists of a lull-si/e photogram ol a room. processed sound recordings from the space and a series of interactive httnl pages documenting the working processes of the piece.

City To City Tue lo Feb-Sat 2() Mar. A two-mart collaborative project by Andrew Whitaker attd Patrick Jameson. The exhibition l’eatures work tnade iii a number of cities and includes black aitd white and colour prints. book works and slIC-spcclllc‘ sound works. l’ur! ii; (i/ureinr I999.


28 King Street. 552 48 | 3. Tue-Sat l|am--5pm.

Standard Rad Tue 9~Sal 27 lieb. A first \(llu l'K show l'or Tobias Rehberger. an artist with a growing reputation oit the continent and beyond. llis obiects/installations tackle socml and domestic issues.

TRON THEATRE Bar and Restaurant. ()3 Trongate. 552 4267.

The Design Process Considered lFiitil Wed Bl :‘vlar. .-\n exhibition looking back over the design process ol‘ the Tron Theatre's redevelopment (completion due .lune I999). featuring development

350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow GZ 3J0 T: 0141 332 7521 - Supponed by The Scottish Arts COUnCll 8. Glasgow City Council

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The best exhibitions this fortnight.

' . John Maxwell A major retrospective of Maxwell's life and work. Often described as Scotland’s equivalent to Chagall, Maxwell certainly inhabits a dreamy land. National Gallery Of Modern Art until Sun 74 Feb. Anxiety Looking for life beyond pre- rnillennium anxnety or just everyday angst. Then look no further than the work of Janice McNab, John Timberlake and Liz Arnold. See revrew. Edinburgh: Collective Gallery until Sat 27 Feb Tomoko Takahashi Dismissrng the label Neurotic Realist, Takahashi gets on With the. task of constructing a floor-level installation of technical gadgetry Edinburgh. Stills Gallery Tue 26 Jan Sat 27 Feb Winning Wondered how Nikes came to dominant the world's feet? Curious about the aerodynamics of swrrrtrning trunks7 This show should give some answers. Glasgow: McLe/lan Gi'i/ler/es until Mon 5 Apr Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan The collaborating Glasgow duo show new work at Glasgow's artmaktng waiehouse-rtint-showroom Glasgow The Modern Institute until Sat 6 Feb.

drawings and models that inspired architects RMJM arid their design team which included artists Richard Wright. Andrew Miller aitd Kenny Hunter. l’ur! t Hf (i/(lvemi‘ I999.

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