The Creatures

In an age of 80s package tours and pension-fund inspired reunions, SiouXSIe And The Banshees are absolutely, positively, definitely not getting back together. Instead, Siouxsie Sioux and her drumming hubbie Budgie have re-launc:hecl their see-project The Creatures as a full-time operation. They are. playing a full scale UK tour and releasing a new dance-influenced album, Anima Animus, but intend to keep things fiercely independent and non-corporate. The List spoke to Siouxsie Sioux.

What makes your comeback different from that of the Sex Pistols or Blondie?

It’s not really a comeback because it doesn’t fit in with this revwalist climate. I stopped the Banshees for many reasons, one of which was this horrible nostalgia that was creeping in. But The Creatures feels very fresh and new.

You've obviously been listening to a lot of electronic music. There's a real mix of lo-fi and hi-fi on the album. We're all abocit getting rid of musical snobbery. People that only embrace technology are as narrow as retro people. | Just see everything as a tool and I don’t really care what I use to get an interesting sound.

What's next?

We've got ’Say’ coming out as a single. It’s a song for Billy MackenZIe but also about a friendship I had that came out of that tragedy. It was a real shock when I heard about his sUicide. tPeter Ross)

The Creatures play The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 78 Feb. See rock listings, page 46. All/THC) Animus is released on Sioux Records, Mon 75 Feb. ’Say’ is released, Mon 8 Mar.

Get Your Act Together

It's the new Stars In Their Eyes yOu know. Get Your Act Together is a talent show made by BBC Scotland in which wannabe sitiger/songwriters are teamed tip with top music industry names - including New Order and Ash producer Arthur Baker who help them to polish their original material. The contestants then perform in front of a studio audience. who vote for their favourite.

But the factor that locates Get Your Act Together squarely in the land of kitsch is that it is presented by none other than Ronan Keating, silky-haired frontman with Boy/one and the Val Doonican to Robbie Williams’ Johnny Rotten.

Despite this foray into teleVIsion, Ronan who intends to run for Irish President when he finally guits pop a has this reassciring message for the fans: ’Being a musician and making music is still my number one priority.’ (Peter Rossi

Get Your Act Together starts on BBC7, Sat 6 Feb, 6.25pm.

The Supernaturals

Dodgy heavy metal bands and the more macho hip hop crews often feature slavering Satan hounds in their publicity material, and here are Scotland’s Supernaturals attempting their own take. on the genre.

No fangs bared or studded leashes for the Glaswegian tunesmiths instead we have the charming couthiness of some fluffy, white Scotties looking like they Just padded off of a shortbread tin. All of which is appropriate for The Supernaturals’ vibrant, party pop.

Whether such an image of innocence will still be Suitable after the lads have completed their second European tour with international playboy and hon Viveur Robbie Williams remains to be seen. If everything turns out as riotous as we hope then it could be so long Wee lock and hello greased goats. iJonathan Trewi

The Supernatura/s support Robbie Williams at the SECC, Glasgow Thu l l 8 Fri l2 Feb. SOLD OUT A new single ’Everes‘t’ is KP/OdSOU on Par/aphone, Mon 1 Mar.