V I saw you quiet. cheerful man. at The Stand. Sat lo/l. Yoti propped against one wall. I against you. left with a grey woolly hat and a smile. Box No U/352/I.

V I saw you slaving over a frothy coffee at Glass atid Thompson. Julie Christie and l were laughing loudly from our window seat. But to really ptil a smile on my face. why don't you loose that coffee and settle for something stronger. Box No [.3/352/2.

V I saw you Carlos Nunez. concert hall. l5 Dec . you back row. blue shirt with friends. me two rows in front. chatting on the stairs. Yoti saw me. Box No 352/3. V I saw you Jan I-I. lpiii oti sexy antique bike. turning onto Palmerston Place from Glencairn. Wotild love to see both of you up close. Me biker chic artist. (‘offeel’l’ Box No [3/352/4.

V I saw you Saturday night at art school. you petit retro blonde. brown hair. me still lust- ful Beatles. Weller fati. Box No U/352/(i.

V I saw you standing at the bar. you heard tne asking for Sauza and Lemonade. You asked what it was so I botiglit you one. From that moment on the night just got better and better. Thank you.

V I saw you 'I‘i'uaiit. Like I'\e never seen you before. I'm thinking abotit you now. L’/352/7.

V I saw you Norwegian stu- dent. we danced at the Jaffacake. Sat (NI/99. I probably shouldn't do this btit you proba- bly won't read it anyway. if you want a Swedish drinking/danc- ing partner. I might be the one. Box No [7352/3

V I saw you the same night you saw me. (3 months later aiitl fate finally played her hand. How could I ha\ e thought I was content before? You have made me complete. Please know that I will always be there; you are my everything. How about a coffee or a pint? Box No [7353/9

V I saw you llogmanay in the city cafe. I'm told your name is Callison. You were surrounded by freaks btit caught my eye with your dazzling stitile and your breakdance skills. Box No [ELISE/It).

V I saw you busy behind the counter at (‘linton (‘ards Yoti caught my eye o\'el' rows of Valentines messages. But none of them made my heart beat quite as much as you. You ltitilllc‘tl into my tliotiglits like a comet Hayley! I'd treat you so sweetly . . . pop itito 'I‘liorntons‘.’ Box No [7/352/l l.

V I saw you Miss Bainbridge on Baga Beach. There was a sense of deja vu? Could it be that you are my Acid Angel? Surely not: you are much too sweet!!! One year. how about that? Never dreamed such dreams as I have since that fateful bus journey to I-lainpi! Love you forever. Dee. Box No U/352/IZ.

V I saw you on the 16:24 Haymarket to Dunblane. 21 Jan. Me with green fleece. carrying folder. You with white trousers antl gorgeous brown eyes. they melted tnine. We went separate ways at the end. Drop me a line and let's see what could be in it for you. And I'd love to see your swing! Box No U/352/l3. V I saw you with cropped hair and a fantastic smile. in Cafe Nexus on Christmas live. and again in the Blue Mooii on Saturday. 16 Jan. ()ur eyes kept meeting. but each time we saw each other we were with some- one else. The last time you point- ed me out to your friend as I pre- tended not to notice. Two‘s com- pany. but four's way more than a crowd: fancy meeting with just me this time? Box No U/352/l-1. V I saw you l-‘iona. Mon II. Subway. Cowgate. You thanked me for saving you; I would like to meet again. so YOU can save me! Box No U/352/15.

V I saw you dirty blonde sex god with blonde girl friend. you fluttered your long lashes at me at Taste. Citadel Christmas night. I need your loving. quick- leeee! Box No U/352/l6.

V I saw you Sultan of spin. in sauna on l4 Jan. Give me a call. I don’t want to be in Dire Straits. Box No U/352/l7.

V I saw you Hogmanay. Princes Street. you Jim froin lidinburgh. Me. female from Linlithgow. We snogged. you repeated your telephone number. I want to find out if it would work. Box No U/352/l8.

V I saw you Polo Lounge. Sat 23”. Dark hair. beautiful eyes. black T shirt. with two friends. (‘aught your eye btit left without talking to you. Mistake I'd like to correct. Box No U/352/I9.

V I saw you Richard. Taby. Scott and Darren. from Iidinburgh. in Aviemore Youth Hostel. 23 Jan/early hours of the 34th. The next day I couldth come snowboarding and you didn't come on the 7 o‘clock coach. See you again? (In case you don't remember me. I was wearing pyjamas atitl blue socks . . . ) Box No U/352/20.

V I saw you club kid. sipping milk from a wooden bowl. I was with my albino mouse. you were with ltijiit Joe. I love you from the office Hybrid. Box No 1.3/352/21.

V I saw you at the Dome in lidinburgh on 'Burns' iiite. and later iii Mad Dogs. Dressed in black. and looking ultra cool . . .I want you! Get in touch. Box No W352/23.

V I saw you from my window on Gibson Street. Stiii 2-1 Jan. I laughed. I think you did. You went itito Rajon‘s I wanted to follow but was too shy. Box No [7352/24.

l i

V I saw you Turbulence. 22 Jan. you short blonde(ish) girl. reen top. beige combats. Me. blue Nike cap. tribal T shirt dancing back right corner. You and the dark D&B made my weekend. Coffee? Box No U/352/25.

V I saw you in Jaeger. beauti- ftil in purple top. Me. with scruffy rucksac. This last year has changed my life - so. give in and be my . . .(date). That's supposed to be funny! Box No U/352/26.

V I saw you at Henry J. Beans. l was the rose-seller with the mumps. You were drinking silk panties. Let me ptit my hand against your cheek. Love you always. Digby. Box No U/352/27.

V I saw you You have the largest head in the world. I have the smallest bum iii the world. You were wearing the jumper every man has. I was wearing the loose glove. I want you to . . . um . . . stay the night. Love

your lumpy stovie xxx. Box No U/352/27.

V I saw you looking at the top shelf. I think your fantastic. I'll be your animal. vegetable and mineral for ever. GothXX Box No U/352/28.


V I saw you are your the mur- derer? I'm the bed btig. Let's get our capacities together. All my love. Box. Box No U/352/2‘). V I saw you Anna Maria. nella tua nudita. stava ballanda al nas- tro delle donne. Mi basta averti qui e stringerti. Con ainore da l’uomo disprezzabile. Box No U/352/3 l.

V I saw you Jude in CO. I admired you‘re dancing tech- nique and lack ofclothing. It's only rock and roll. btit you know I like it. Love Captain l-l. Box No U/352/32.

V I saw you Hearts tattoed tubby. cropped hair at RCP sauna. 2‘) Dec ‘98. Me. tall. well built. short hair. Wish I'd spoken about football. Please get in touch. mate. Box No U/352/33. V I saw you in Futureshock. 26 Jan “)9. You blotide lady. glasses. wearing glasses. Me ~- guy iii leather jacket. intrigued/entranced. How about a chat. a coffee. maybe collabo- rate on saving the world? Box No U/353/3-I.

V I saw you at Pure at the Arches. dancing with your equally tall and very nearly as beautiful twin sister.

Smiled at each other an

impolite number of times

and it wasn‘t just in ecstasy. Lets not leave it until

the next Pure. Box No U/352/35.

V I saw you Trevor at Allie‘s party. Haven't laughed or lusted so much for a long time. I'll wrestle with you in Macedonia or anywhere else anytime. Drink sometitne to explore further? Box No U/352/36.

V I saw you Johnny from Southampton living in Glasgow. at l‘Attache. Edinburgh. then later Friday 22 Jan. you too sexy in electric blue. Can‘t we ‘rubber souls‘ together again. Me ‘Our kid'. xxx Box No U/352/37.

V I saw you RCP sauna. Wed 27 Jan ‘99. forced separation. you. tall. dark. handsome. Me. short. dark cropped. Fancy get- ting together again? Box No U/352/38.

V I saw you ward 3. Royal Inf. Tall. specky. flame-haired doctor d‘amour. Me. blonde. sore tummy. broken heart. You‘ve cured one. now cure the other. Let me be your medicine tonight. Box No U/352/39.

V I saw you at Viva Mexico. Sultry Irish tones. big brown eyes. short. dark hair. We talked movies. you are my ‘fifth ele- ment'. Hope you‘ll let me water you. root! Box No U/352/40.

V I saw you Finger Doctor. showering my double DDs with baby oil. W'll chosen presents and excellent choice of reading! you make every day feel like my birthday. the cake was a special touch... Love ti. Baby 7.. xxx. Box No U/352/4l. V I saw you and I knew at last my existence wasn't without meaning. Box No U/352/42.

V I saw you eating chips and cheese. you must eat more. I'll make you some chicken soup. you temptress. Box No U/352/43.

V I saw you in Kelvingrove Park with my night sights You were the one with the cream ‘jumper'. Box No U/352/4-1.

V I saw you at the Lost Sock. Edinburgh. You ginger hair. tattoo's of cobwebs on elbows. bit of a babe. Me. blonde. rich and single fancy it! Box No U/352/45.


V I saw you Craig Burger Queen at Crash at the GPO on Hogmanay I wish you’d rung my new year bell! Box No U/352/46.

V I saw you kqur vkddb dtudr vankf tmeum tbfcf phptm kvnyw ezzkr pefhz hong kvfgz duwdq biqqk dychg zywez brqjq cyidb xpwkc ufwhs udmyh oquc rxydo ytleq kmczk drxcq qjdbb cspmt gchy qxxx. Box No U/352/47.

V I saw you sometime last year. now I see you no more. I hear you do DMU. is it you? I’d like to see you some more. Box No U/352/48.

V I saw you and you saw me for a tiny moment. I got off the bus and you had curly hair. Box No U/352/49.

V I saw you you work in Archies Sandwich bar. every lunchtime. Love your quiff. Can I have it hot and spicy please. Love Aphrodite. Box No U/352/50.

V I saw you both in your black bin-liners. looking very French! Vive la hume. love to the 3Ms.xx Box No U/352/51.

V I saw you Douglas William Grey from Glasgow. met Thiana (half Chinese. half American) in dusk till dawn in Hong Kong. Please get in touch. I'm her best friend. Box No U/352/52.

V I saw you cute little red- haired girl. you work in Koo Choo 1.00. Please notice me. I think I love you. Box No U/352/53.

V I saw you Mr Caterpillar. All my mates devoured you. We had a stella-tastic time in EH1 after. you think you're all that. And you are! Box No U/352/54.

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