V I saw you in CC Blooms. you kissedtne hard. You work in Edinburgh Council you were an inspiration and the sexiest girl I‘ve ever met. Call me to do it again. Box No U/352/55.

V I saw you Tim in EHI and the cellar bar as one of the Cuban brothers. Yott can spin me right round. baby. right round. Box No U/352/56.

V I saw you EHl drinking Sauza attd Lemonade. I thought you looked interesting attd I liked your taste in drinks. We've been together for a year now. I want to celebrate with thy favourite man in my favourite bar with thy favourite drink.

V I saw you Scott. working it in the City Cafe. my heart went a flutter when you cleared my table of love. I kttow you felt it too as our eyes met. Someone told me you were the boss. l need some managing. bttt I'd bend over backwards for you. Could I be good enough for your top three‘.’ Raven-haired diva. Box No U/352/57.

V I saw you in Archies 'Sandwich bar. I think your name is Pattl. Fiddle with my cappuc- cino machine any day - I think I

love you. Box No U/352/58.

V I saw you Hogmanay. EHl. Velvet top. nice cleavage! Chatted at door ‘obviously' cold outside - tttning into all radio sta- tions. You let tne in without a ticket. though the doot'men rel'used tne first! Box No U/352/5‘).

V I saw you boy at Alaska on Sat 23 Jatt. You had a grey hood- ed top on and yott were a really funny dancer. Looked like you were having a fit. You're cool. Box No [5/352/60.

V I saw you Hattie-haired. big httnk of Irish man. You sold me bonkers 3 at Missing. and l'tn just bonkers 4 you. PS. I look like the tatnperor. Box No U/352/(3l.

V I saw you l-Luan. and thought you were lrish on IS Jatt. My car- pet burtts need kissing better. Get in touch. l5. Box No U/352/(i2.

V I saw you nice piece of sweaty and ctunchy cake attd you saw me. Since then life's different and all l'ttt looking for is for you to meet me. Box No U/352/o3. V I saw you little gnome sittittg on the side of my glass. I could make your cheeks red. Oh my god come to bed. The Lone Chugger. Box No U/352/o4.

V I saw you at Ready. Steady Lounge. the ftttt kind of quiz for a Tuesday nite at Nice'n'Sleazy's. You: brainy specker. me: tequila-deprived blond. Wanna be itt my team'.’ Box No [2/352/(35.

V I saw you sexy good-looking Nlttos. yott make Pattick job centre fttn. I'm applying for jobs I really don't want so please pttt tne ottt of my misery! Box No ti/ssz/oo.

V I saw you limma in The Attic. preparing delicious fruity treats. l)o yott want to meet a mystery admirer'.’ Box No U/352/o7.

V I saw you at the Garage - you cute. glasses. shaved head. yel- low Shed 7 T shirt. l'll be your Tinkie-Winkie. You be my Po. Box No U/352/68.

V I saw you Basement. you looking mysterious in overcoat. beret and enigmatic lonely pint. Me. sparkly frock too shy to talk. Let's explore one another over nachos. Box No U/352/69.

V I saw you at the Cul De Sac. You drank beer. I felt queer. you sat near the door. I need more! Box No U/352/70.

O I saw you blonde bob. blue streak behind the Bar Brel. Let's have a rendez vous at a table for two. Box No U/352/7l.

0 I saw you Tony Edgar. You make bits I never realised I had all excited. Meet in the Cul De Sac soon. Lucy. Box No U/352f/ 2. V I saw you Danielle in the Sub. You searched tne and I‘m sure you felt it too! (The chem- istry I mean!). Box No U/352/73. V I saw you girl all in grey - with diamonte hair clips. twin- kling in the sun. Outside the Glasgow School ol' Art. Barnes Building. Hope to catch you again. Box No U/352/74.

V I saw you outside the Barnes Building on l9 Jan. Funky white shoes. blue eyeshadow. waiting in the rain. Maybe you didn't realise it was raining. I didn't. Box No U/352/75.

V I saw you Daniel from Peterborough on the mound new year's eve. Hope you caught up with your friends. Want to catch up with me? Swedish girl with similar tragic experiences. Box No U/352/76.

V I saw you itt Cttl De Sac. tne dark. short hair. You work behind bar. Malcolm. my friend has blonde hair. Contact tne. Box No U/352/77.

V I saw you with your lost green eyes and your always smile in Cul De Sac and I hoped I could see you always so I won't close my eyes. Box No U/352/78.

V I saw you gliding into the Cul De Sac on 20 Jan. But I couldn't see your gorgeous little red heart. I was the quiet one. Box No U/352/79.

V I saw you New Year's eve. going green in Alaska. Eyes like saucers. Ditch the Absinth mind- ed Cocker Spanel! Woof. woot'! Box No U/352/80.

V I saw you at the Delgados. you short. dark hair. pouting lips. me too nervous to approach bttt you may ltave heard my Lancashire burr above the noise. Get in touch. Box No U/352/8l. V I saw you ‘Duffer boy" behind the bar iii the Cttl De Sac. you tuned my heart to melting lard when I think of you I get _ _‘. Box No U/352/82.

V I saw you DJ at the Cttl De Sac last Saturday - you rocked my world. tne Stussy girl. you Stussy boy spin tne right round like a record baby. Box No U/352/83.

V I saw you Nathan. met you itt freshers week playing pool. you're gorgeous. I think there is a lot ot' potential. . . Come with me to the Attic soon... Box No U/352/84.

V I saw you behind the bar in the Cal De Sac. They call you Malx. I want to cover you in talc. See you soon. Box No U/352/85. V I saw you behind the bar in the Attic. short. blottd hair. scratching your butt . . . I'd do that for you . . . soon. Box No U/352/86.

V I saw you guy with bleach blonde hair. glasses. Duffer jacket iii the Garage on Tuesday. Me. red- head too shy to talk. let's talk now over a drink. Box No U/352/87. V I saw you sexy DJ. Me wear- ittg a cream cardigan. you sexy dark hair. wee goatie and lovely. I'll be back some day. Box No U/352/88.

V I saw you and laughed; Sandra. cropped red hair. stained white tights at party on Saturday night. You've wet my whistle: I want some more. U/352/8‘).

V I saw you flashing your long Johns in the Cul-de-Sac on Tuesday at 5.30 and thought ‘splendid'. Box No U/352/90.



V I saw you in The Attic. beau- tiful and sophisticated on a bar stool. You were pre-Raphaelite. l was post-modern. Between us. we could create a whole new poetic aesthetic. Box No U/352/9l.

V I saw you with the chick with the four inch cleavage lit the Cul- de-Sac. You need me with per- sonality - ttot tits - bttt I do have tits. You wore a back to front cap attd adidas gutties - phone ttte baby. Box No U/352/92.

V I saw you red hair. barman. Bar Brel. Hot. kool. sexy. do the hustle DJ Matt. Box No U/352/93. V I saw you attached not kiss- ittg me. Bathroom door unlocked. Don't kiss me again! Box No U/352/9-I.

V I saw you on Sunday l7 .lan itt Brel's walking dowtt the stairs smiling at tne dramatically - your black outfit tnade me shiver - let's meet. Box No U/352/95.

V I saw you when walking into the Traverse 2 [ll/()9 about 7pm. You looked. I looked. Me the man itt blue with bag. you sexy man itt suit. let's meet attd talk. Box No U/352/96.

V I saw you baby. dancing itt your x-ray gingham dress. I knew you were under duress. I knew you were under your dress. Box No [1/352/97.

V I saw you I saw yott bttt did not go to your party James. DJ feels regret Brel 199‘). See you again'.".".’ Box No U/352/98.

V I saw you your Keegaitesque curls. they really built tip the pressure itt my midfield. (.‘otne around for a home game attd you may score. Box No U/352/9‘).

V I saw you Going Places. llogmanay. Yott tall. glasses. sexy suit with 'Jan‘is' looks. Me t 'atasha Kittski. silver dress attd heels. Write for a one night stand or much. ntuclt more. Box No U/352/ll)().

0 I saw you at Barbard. brunette pony. you smiled. l blushed. Can we meet like our eyes did on 24/l/99. Box No U/352/l0l.

V I saw you in Brel 22/l/99. You asked me to "finish off now and move outside". I like my women dominant. How about you ging-er doll? Box No U/352/l02.

V I saw you kind-looking man at Bar Brel. Me. brown coat and slobbering all over you with my friend. Catt we go walkies'.’ Box No U/352/l03.

V I saw you itt our garden look- ing radiantly beautiful and sunny on a sunlcss day in winter. Box No U/352/l04.

V I saw you in the Tron Bar wearing a boiler suit attd a big shiny helmet. Perhaps your hel- met and I could get together? Box No U/352/l05.

V I saw you at the Lumiere M)

Jan. You. black haired beauty; me.

gtty with pixie looks. Sat next to you. our knees touched. Let me get closer atid be tttore than your

Winter Guest. Box No U/352/l0o.

V I saw you in Hollow Mountain. Me in buggy itt orange overalls. you with white cat and eye injury. Want to see my pirhanas'.’ Box No U/352/l07.

V I saw you Glasgow Uni grad- uating ceremony l995. You English & Celtic Studies. tne linglislt & Scottish History. Haven't seen you around recently. Fancy a date'.’ Box No U/352/l()8. V I saw you in the toilets. you are brown and juicy. for me you were shit bttt l fancied you. I wattt to know how you manage those crackers. Box No U/3S2/l()9.

V I saw you with your mous- taclte and medallion and organ at the Armadillo City of Architecture Launch. Will you erect something for me'.’ Love Honey Ryder. Box No

U/352/l It).

V I saw you. You work in Merchant City Music. You turn me on. tttne me up baby. ttte feel your goatie against tne. I

come. blush and leave. Please

answer. Yours forever. Box No U/352/l l l.

V I saw you beautiful. busty. bubbly. barmaids. l‘t'iday l-lth iii ('(‘A cafe. Like to take you all ottt for foursome frolicks. Me. l.atitt lover in pink. PVC pants. Box No U/352/l l 2.

V I saw you blue combats. brown hair. hiding behind cap. Major eye contact. botlt too shy. Me: witclty black hair. camel

: coat. It could be beautiful gor-

geous. write me!! Box No U/352/l l3.

V I saw you rude salesgit'l in Gilmours. You slate my hair - I bought a ltat bttt wanted more. From tlte Mad Hatter. Box No U/RS2/ll-1.

V I saw you. You were working iii the Traverse attd tried to take my drink ttwice). Box No l.‘/352/l l5.

V I saw you on your first birth- day with your mtttn and dad in the CCA so I thought I'd give you a menshie. Happy Birthday. Box No U/352/l to.

V I saw you Gandolft at CCA lS/l/99 5.45pm. You—dark haired. well tanned. great side- burns (30s) male. you smiled as I ordered a Hoegarden and hot chocolate. Me. tnale 30s. slim interested: let‘s drink together next time! Box No U/352/l 17. V I saw you in the art gallery“ with an attra of splendid beauty. your cascading auburn hair attd promising smile. inviting yet tan- talising. Could you be a dream? or a bad acid trip. Box No U/352/l l8.

V I saw you blonde and gor- geous. in the CCA ( l6/l l/98). your lip pierced and tnost ot' your ears. Pierce my heart. Love Xena. Box No U/352/l l9.

V I saw you iii the Dream Bar. You had bright purple hair and :1 Benny Hill hat. a pair of sparkly shoes attd a dripping cigar. Behind your left ear. Me intrigued. Box No U/352/l20. V I saw you at J 8 Club 99 (New Year's night) - your all fired tip! Joining hands with Al Pacino and Cleopatra - desperate to make contact. Box No U/352/l 2|.

V I saw you, we met. we kissed. we looked at the tnoott. My distant neighbour. You never called back. A bartnan from ‘the yard'. I hope again to see you. Girl in Pink. alas. Box No U/352/l 22.

V I saw you your hair so rich. your eyes. your temper - so rich. You were so rich and your daddy - so rich. Box No U/352/l23.

V I saw you in the Traverse. The was itt your hair. the sparkle itt your smile. was it the moon that brought you to me. My architect itt braces always... Box No U/352/l 2-1.

V I saw you Ming the Merciless. Traverse Bar. 2 Ill/()9. You could conquer my world iii a llash. You're cosmic. shoot me with your ray'gun. Princess Mingella. Box No U/352/l25. V I saw you one night. your hair like l'ire ntttclt as your tent- per. You called ttte and told me ltow you felt - I love you too baby yeah! Box No U/352/l2o. V I saw you black clad. beauti- fttl girl with the tttetal in her hair. see me. Box No U/352/l27.

V I saw you itt Marks & Spettcers. We worked together on the "returns counter" - I had no hair - you had a short blonde bob. Being an engineer. l appre- ciated a well-made chassis. tnade to last ie Clyde-built. Do you give good ltead'.’ -- massages? Box No U/352/l28.

V I saw you at Napier University; in Birmingham: itt lidinburgh; tn Sltawlands church on December 5th - now we‘re married Trickboy. love yott. Jube xx. Box No U/352/l2‘).

V I saw you a hint of Spaitt on your tongue. the light shade in your ltair. A young architect iii the making. l will see you again. From a girl itt black. Box No lJ/352/l 30.


92 TIIE lIS'I 4— l 8 feb 1999