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After ten years as the vrrne buyer for Stotnwd, Graeme Breslrn knows hrs wrrte From the frnest prernrer ( ru to the worst plonk, Breslrn has snrlfed, slooshed and spat the lot or, as he would have rt, he has 'tasted a lot of rtrbbrslr and a lot of good stuff too'. lrrst before Christmas, Edrnburgh- based Breslrn struck out on hrs own and formed Corkers \"Vrne Club Wltlt the enterrtron of attracting people who ‘.‘."t‘tll(l.'"t norrnaltv thrnk about l()ltlllt(;

sut ?‘ an ctrrrartrsatrorr Wrtlirn a rrronth,

over " SC; people had popped therr frr‘st (owl-2 front Efreslan's ( lul: and more are roar: rv: all the trrne

' man! people to drrnk vrrne and enjoy 4, rs hrs srrnple (redo '1 net a bun when l ret orrrrnerrd a wrne, people lrke rt and then they (onre back to toe and ask rt l have anythrnn else srrnzlar'

Value for money rs also hrrth on Breslrn's lrst of arms Alter hrs years rn the busrness, he has a tontatt book as beefy as a burrrundy and he re( kons on bernn ab!e to trac l; down potkets of spet :al otters rn the Wrne world

At ttreserrt, Bresrrn offers a prernrer stole-dram at £69 34 for a dozen bottles and a (lassrt selet tron at £45 59 for a dozen bottles ( ustomers have a ('horte of srx drtt'erent v.':nes front whit h to create therr selection He has armed for a balan<e vrrth a touple of the vxrnes havrnr; an :nrrrredrate appeal tttdlilllft them ideal for betrrnners whrle the others are more (ornplex The selet tron on offer \‘Jrll (hanoe as Br'eslrn drstozers new barnarns Uniquely, Breslrn has neootrated a deal vxrth some of Edinburon's brrntr your own bottle r-:‘-stt‘:ur‘a.'its ‘.'.«herebv Corkers merrr'rters .‘nil r:et (trstrtunt (Ti up to l‘:":: “WW trll Jolt-1e some ;‘ tt‘e larner (tubs, 8res':n (an afford to offer a rrrore personalrsed servzt e and rl people (an tell lrzrrr what they are lookrntr for then he try and ,tzrr‘vrde rt nonathan Trev.”

Corkers lQ/rlre Club, FREEPOST SCO 392/, Ec’rrrr’;rrrr;.':, 013] 334 520]

It's a Corker

100 THE LIST 18 lt-lr ‘2 Mar t<r<r<r

The Basement

lOa-tZa Broughton Street SS7 @097 Restaurant quality food at riub-oru.) prr(es, served 'trl lOrrrn rn ?:‘.'e (olourful surroundrnzrs

r4 Cyberia Internet Cafe

88 Hanover Street .

220 4403

'Or‘.e of the best

tales in Ed:nbur:;n' "‘e S; Wrth the fastest rr‘terztt-t at town


32( Brounhton Street

478 7246

Global food v/rth stylsh (it"(tif Tuesday - Saturday nrttltts, Sunday lun; l‘. \.\'e need ’U' to tun DSK It? l7",,"SK


Also ternptrno dart; see; as see-3'1:

El-T1 l97 Hroh Street 220 5277

Menu avarlable ail :lav

darly untrl 7pm Filmhouse

88 Lothran Road 229 S932. Relaxed, atrrrospherrt great value snar ks, sa'a-rls, SIT-1% raés and brrllrant (appumnos tCam til: -‘


:afe bar, servrntt

Pancho Villas 2th I;

,,, "anate SS7 41416l.l(‘Xlttlli-tiiifll(1.“.3‘0’ lvlayra Nune/ says 'r‘ 'e '::‘ i" eat Pvlexrtan, then d;rr't be :: :‘rf‘fl Lunth untrl font, tl'f‘."t‘.' 1.01,! ‘. :t'rr Passepartout fifty 24 Deanhaudh Street,

Sto<l<brrdoe 332 4476 Cosmopolrtan (ursrne '.'.rth

darly set prrte drnner 'r‘ler‘us ‘:;;'rt £12,50tboekrnoad‘.:sai:ie-,.:':3‘i

ltllt( hes, (offees, bee's aru-tl

Peter Sellars 11-13\\’rlllrarrrStre<-t, 22f} 376:1 ltelandrt (‘X[)(‘llt'l‘.{(', -: {.22

Antoniou's ' ‘ANTONIOU'S Taverna PLACE t...‘.”.'.“v'.':fli 523

Sauthrehall St

0141 221 7636 Enjoy authentrt plate srnas‘wrx': Tye-03s rrrohts wrth lrve must and 1.

every weekend turf: l‘t-s ‘rnf‘rH 5,2 ()8

Back Alley Restaurant

8 Rutlrven Lane 33‘: 7765} World ‘.'.'r-:l-:' ( uis:n-,', Jeekend breakfasts,

Happy Hour, .t.‘l‘.( " .' 1-Way

:'\.t'.'.ll (l 3%,: turf) gzll'l rm 2 ‘. l -'

Brel bar: restaurant . 39 Ashton lane 342

Belgian beers tdratt

Leffe and wretraardenr, trne a

wrnes, r'u tlt food, too! rnusrt, relaxed

atmosphere Cas(bah) cellar bar & bistro ; l Lynedoth St, basement ' Charrnt; Cross 5

564 lSV-uNevx (ellar bar a brstro open untrl l CCarn every nrtrht {1 beers all

day X.- n;:rht Lotated at the (orner of , ‘.\’:;t;-d5an::s Road I


21} ‘-.\'o:,-::lan::s Roar:

3 3 3279s

Szate-tree t-;:t:d, -;;- <;anr: <;ro<enes, -;-:-<;ellent bread, lrne theeses, herbs and

s;:::es, v.'.".t:'.~;>st:me to;:~:ts

yum, yum

Le Petit Pain 239 Byres Road.

337 ‘r ‘r 18 'plzzme/t'axr

Coffees, (tualrtv sanding liesand pastr'res to or to stay Outsrde (ater'rnt

Market Bar 2‘1Candlerx


Re axed ;:tr"::,s::t‘ere at f. st; ;st‘. res. t‘ar/nrttlterr, servant

'ncoern roterrtatronal (ursrne ‘trll 8pm



Mojo 158a Bath Street 331 2257

Much acclarrned


stylrsh bar -- a unique

blend of modern

brasserre (ookrnq rn an

rntrmate settrnq

Stravaigin 28 Gibson Street. 334 2665.

Fresh Scottrsh rnqredrents, authentrc and orrgrnal reCrpes, award-Wrnnrnn ('00krttg, Irver and rnforrrral atmosphere.

The 13th Note Krno Street 553 1

Bar/( ale/venue wrth a totally veoan menu of wholesome food \vrthrn a relaxed atmosphere


rhé Li‘biéui't—Sus Chip" 12 Ashton Lane. 334 5007.

One of Glasgow's

frnest restaurants servrng

Ubiqvilrtl/ Clap

rrrodern Scottrsh tayre.

Tron Bar

Chrsholnr St. 552 8587 Contemporary European

style bar and newly-


refurbrshed restaurant, servrno excellent curSrne and wrne rn (ornfortable,

relaxed surroundrnos Operr trll mrdnroht


8.9! ........ .. ...... .. Restaurant





Now open in a stunning conversion of a Georgian

town house, Browns ol‘l‘crs classic brasserie food in a

stylish, comlortablc and lively environment.

Our restaurant and bar seat 240 and the lull menu

is available all day, every day.

Friendly, cll‘icicnt service, excellent value and a unique

atmosphere make Browns the place to be.

’11.; Oil/1R7 (I [(1/2/6. ore/2m! f0 _/T)1(/ //.t'.'



TEL: ()131 225 4442

FAX: ()131 220 5693

Open Monday Thursday: 1 1.0021111 - 1 1.30pm

lir‘iday & Saturday: 1 l.()()am - 12 midnight

Sunday: 12.00 noon until 11.50pm