PREVIEW Cancer Stones BBCI, Wed 24 Feb, 100m.

Cancer Stories: taxing times

Et’s .lht'd‘V the (heeuest ot st.‘:);e( ts but (we ‘.'."‘:< I‘ "eeos to he adowssed ‘tr‘e stoma Is‘ to (II‘stiI);)(‘(iI I’1e BzoC Yoa :>'(>oaoI‘,' I-woz'. some-ope .'..".o “as ‘a : it A‘tev at, IHS<()tIa'1d t"(=!ea'e ouer' 24,000 I‘:(".'.


(ases o'aortoseo

t a“e< ts ooe three people

I" a s x—part (xx arr‘ev‘tar-x senes, the sta‘5 ar‘d oattel‘ts at Ed "home's

\.'.este"‘- (:eoe'ai me to Io'.'.e(2 as the


Massacring the Spirit of St Valentine in soapland

I': hortozw o‘ the /'(;s It‘(““(‘-(} Kate"! No". (I sro, the resdeots of Coronation Street bao "Net: tee-y :osets to!*ts <58f8€‘(‘.’1".'."(‘f7'\I‘.It'(‘ ".anke"

Eflatte'siw spit" t“e s<'atthed des(s,

named the Rogers 'Ies 'eso e"(iertt 'I a ‘e:(". "o of‘-toe- sl‘otttder po'ote (atstat aed Bone ".eIe Ken

»’\'".".("(1 ()‘(l °.."n‘(“u '..“." (i \(dr'v' Pti‘sfl

‘a<e-pa."' [)en'ore

{Dohte dame 'oLttL'e

()1? ();.' {xylex "ad to our a oatht ot-(aase, as see pot'ited out, e', a tttte d:f"e"er". pad; (beef I(‘

a ("ap But she flea“, feIt Etke om- of

t're (;:":s si‘e sospe<teo Roy the 'ot rv‘a" '.as do "(I more than t'te SIM" (1"“t‘tt=:".'.o"2an Ht tam Roy, o." the

ooss h: the .east tow-e, ': a':

oIaf‘vet had Iri-e!‘ speak m; o‘f to!

d:s(o-<:ar‘( HI ’essoos aed ‘a' ‘r'ow ('xa‘teo a! heat; so ed o"

[\t'zer New; ()‘.(", Roi: It."‘(‘(} ..'p dressed as Ioh” Irm;o‘ta to s'.'.ee:)


“e! o‘f I‘e" ‘eeI, to t'ie

‘;TI<I."‘> of .a'ore II (3% A Lornao hot 'I . f! 1‘ ‘( z I‘. ‘. 24°- - ~r..\ n ..t v( .t( 1 '(Ll (. (h ..(1 (I


‘.’ 8pm a- .'.as 'oteaotu,

'e<()'*<II-attolu, tr‘e

despite t"e p’enewe o‘ (r:"p.ed en

'a<:<-e" I.‘.art'rt Kee‘p H's Saska, .':(:'e_'sta.'1dao‘,’(tuner (“.(‘Il "mode! by

Sprtnudil “(i

{H'ztx(tu'1t'. \

fleet-uteri ex,

tI‘e a'I"o{,« m; .vrturtstre’ .'.aI‘.de':v:<;

tuned up to spoz: I: s

round t'M- \.’|<,


To (at a ()'I(] stow SI‘UII, they lost

'oatt‘e to hoht t'I‘e ex'rl disease oeqens tzov". the 'noment of (il:i(].".()8‘8 Belles orodmer‘ ()eoroe ( athro's oersov‘a! expeHeme has net-rt used lfI the

mag 3K} 0‘ the prodmmree I plooahly (oodt’t Have made the serles m El'rls nay eao HA"; own pave-Hts not died of (<3".( e:,' "ue adr'wts 'Both my "Tit!" and dad ‘.'.e.'e treated at t"e \‘(ester :‘.'.hI< h Drought ha< k 'Y‘uiIW “ree‘odes to! 'He aI‘d'Y‘aderhet".'1‘\aBot'noreahoot ‘-.'.hat om patients and farv‘”:es ‘.‘.ere (yo-“o t’iv'oooh'

whom; toose (you‘d Two-oh -. ale ‘Eb-s'ear-oto Deohne '.'.Itose (an er Has 'etarrzed oaxuto ooee tf‘t'ottdh a 'v‘aste( tomy, (henxo and 'ad'(>t‘:erapv, ()3—veaI-o1otax'd'22erRooe'txd‘o suffered from a I‘osky tom e to" tee weeks oefore a (arm ez‘oas mount". \.'.'as (h8(()‘;("I‘(‘(l on one of “1s ‘.()(a? (Fords, ZO—yeav-otd Am; tvom Seet'artd ‘.'.:‘o '~.'.as d:a(;eosed mt’r‘ Hoods-"Us {)sease alto unhose pateots stayed at a Came" a!‘dIeakaez‘na|'1(ht'(:'ee (II( ‘.:||a '1‘ Edmhartgh to he neat rter‘ St}, them Is a (:istmt ‘a( k at 'naolpolatzw I‘eart- st'md toddledastfie :)atte"tsdeai21:1" ther." sltoat oes head-or:

'( a."(er's tahoos eiake It a net“, Iiar'd st.:);e<t ‘or‘ teenls on to tat kie,’ (oh‘esses ( atwo ‘But (a/xe! Stories ‘s dr.‘.ee h', the oaI'eots Host (t()( ttrner‘tanes one "made “ow t“e oats'oe out tI"s 's made from tee "‘sioe out or‘e (>‘ them '.'.a'Ite(: to say sorr-etI‘u‘o (moat .'..'1att'e‘./ zete oomd though and t?1e‘.r'ia‘.e ";(=EI)(‘(I oeooe ': aw; 011‘ en :)art'( mat on, tree It have pee"

.'.or‘t't‘.‘.h,?e' B" a!‘ Dona dso".

Chap happy: Ihe Street's Hayley

1"‘er hands, and“ a dIstt'wtw dead 'ooI-uod Saskna t“e Itool,

ttw‘ht'id the

M) or: (eiein‘at'oos =nto s(>"2eIhH‘.(; of a 'e-emuto‘eut ot the ‘.’a‘e':t'ee's [)a‘.’ I'1assa( Ie Sta-l, at zeast Ha'k Fonzlet's rotsemh-e ‘1te (onttrxded t.r‘.at)ated as undue Roof "(H.ealeo she was haxzv‘d Hts (oosu‘fs oaoy a'id lea'.n"() ‘.'.'aI7'oId ‘oIe‘.e' SILK, at least she es<aped ‘.'.‘Ih()iII I'axr'u; to s'*()o(1!am I.I't<".e:, ‘.'.L'1ontadea 'I‘()‘.(‘ o". the He‘s. harmatd Nma 'Yo..':e Ids! rnvsu'me'stood" she A-"d Albert Square Is a hotned of teetottaln‘Hs


A'tdr‘ea Hullaoey


Mrs Merton & Malcolm BBCI, Mon 22 Feb, 8.30pm.

F.1amoim Merton 2s a man of smple tastes Hon". eise (a't you exp‘a!“ the hep/",1 of exetewem he s showed vtto ‘.'.?‘(‘I‘ ms whom dishes ap paste saeoxzm hes, Hula Hoops altd squash at iv‘;s S/t“ oethoay pa'ty’

Sm h oas:< desz'es (NO the essem e of the effortiess h: II‘();I' m ,v'fll's "/lelto/I é; "Kid/(OHM, tI‘e spIH-otf from the ( hat soox'. hon: the-rmsed Met? \.'.r’v‘:tte." by Hen“, Normat, (hm) Cash and x\he.v‘he, the se."-es maKes flesh of the pre‘aotxsly a"()e.{,"‘:1ot.s I‘.'Ia?( olm, I)ita§,'(*(i':)‘,"((ts?1h'mse't 'ihere's a lot of my (I‘Iidrerr a" I.Iai<o!m,' votes the (o-‘.‘.r:te." of [be /~.’o,/'/e laml, ‘I dot a lot of t?‘e<>xp'essl()'1sfrom ther and the demint t“.e‘,’ (av‘. shox'; :r‘. the srnat'est of t":r‘<;s'

[hat utor‘d of :ItI‘()( em e :s oo‘v ever thveatened oi; the a(e:':)2( tongue of I.Iat(o:et's man: ‘She's a anoman ‘Ioe‘ Heatoe Norr's that (heexy oId Iao'es ask states Cassi As to." I.Ia!<o'n‘, hes sar'oaeded hy foxe ar‘d (osseteo' Brzar‘. [)o'xaidso".

REVIEW Sex And The City

C1, Wed I7 Feb

) meet-t, sex (OILI'Y‘H‘ISI <d'"|(’

zoo ASKS the ouestior‘s

I-hads‘vaxz Sa'a'I ,‘essma Par-\e' a"d

IX" teT ()‘.‘. ‘.()I(i( C(HIS ‘.|‘/\'("‘.‘> '.("I‘|'.L."(“(}.

‘. Of [/sz Inert,sorrret/r/eo Guys,

Into [he '.."e!e tt‘e‘. <hs< oxerzes i-ke

made 'adz(a|

tx'.ef‘I'A.somet‘xteo (guys o (Is‘tev‘er‘t

t'.'.’eI‘.t‘.soI:ietn he: ()u‘ys S()"‘.(". Utes

1,.\(" shaoomo

I)()'\,II'()YIS, ."«‘:‘.-L‘ Hterestnto t'.'.e".t\,sometrxzriq (gags ham e‘essy

pIe'< mos .1"d flats a".(: me out o‘ too pape' and Mined ‘.'.:th

(oit'ee t".te's 8J7"

:Z‘SIQF‘IS, hox'. (ootd t'tese (yaTs ‘a‘ o (onouer Nev. Yo'K? J)\II .I.(“I

.'.‘I". oer

(hat otte “.as a wok).er

'io"-t‘.'. e'ttysoene't'w‘o Feeek'

»\ (It. ( rt ((I!!‘.(‘!t€‘()II .". a taxi mt“ rie' "tates sets her ' om arid :)!<)'.I(:es t“e

Sex And The City: super Vixens

i)<)\,/fee'\d He ".ar‘ts aha: sef<

soy! of (Midi! s<eoe new". separates the Sex And The (Vt; dexotees I'ro'u the doubters lets ‘a(e at

one ‘.'.at(hes thzs shox'. Iona ShepheHr

s"e says '1‘ "e!" oest C awe B'adsha‘x. as de to (ame'a "o

to." ‘ts sex a persomaety' You mate“ it (m :t just



Life According To Fred BBCI, Thu I8 Feb, 10.20pm.

Same you ask, Fred I.1a<x\ah33"s piar‘s for :‘.odd (I()I‘I!".(‘:I?()I‘ are dome:

71:<ei-,/ thaw-«you 'Ja(|\.e [-3 Id is “.euoa ,’ a(:"'._.ts the af‘ao'e (me as he puts trit-

oalt BBC telexasion (omedy se' (-s 'It's

t'waI tom'oes to his f‘:(“.'. six--

oeiv a matter of the oefore I'H‘ domo the :1e‘.'.s'

Ms Bud (an weathe easfl. I'?()LI(;I , as I.Ia(»\ota{, and (horns take the Idea" aopv'oaU‘. to ‘.'.e:<:hty Issues st.( 7‘ as

datred a'td food 8. drink ‘.’m sls’et<"es,


Fred MacAulay: prattle and burn

stand-op, e eo sodes az‘o

'Hter"\.'=e‘.'.s FoI devoted toion'.e's, t'xe'e's exee a (artoo't Ized

But no AW," 'He does pop o'pj ao'wts t"e .ess Unsute "a‘ of '.~'<(oxsf fwd ."./11(}(/\(I'.’/()I,

So ‘.'.‘hat H‘.<)tl\.'ated Ixe,‘ to break t'“ the t‘.'.oso'he that tt."‘e(:

‘.'.‘I‘t(}I."(} I Into an ad form) 'I feit (evaded \.'."et‘ >\ nee: az‘d started UFa‘. 'tLI foothai adah, “e (on‘piax‘s ‘I needed sometiwrm to do t'f‘ "usef so I don't

‘all mm a deep depvess.or:‘ [it e ( an

(‘3;1‘: -~

‘90?) THE UST103