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Premier Manager 99 (Gremlin) £39.99

l’I‘em/e/ Manager 99, \.‘\.'l‘.|( h horrefualiy has Kex'h K(‘(‘(}(ili()lill1(‘ll'()lti, as riddled math irritatioes aho l‘.|(](]l|l‘.(] annoyames (wanted, vt's a hard J()l) l)."()(lt.'( .rie: a number (rum hmo

PLAYSTATION Metal Gear Solid (Konami) £39.99

manaoeeteht (Jame oh the poor Play/Station's (oaple of rheq and (nierhlm haue suueetletl 1h tiiis respe<t il‘ere a'e ergo (liffeiei‘t types of play il‘ hoth the English and l‘.ai;art ‘eaqties Resa'ts vef?e(t you' teah‘ ta< tits and squad ska‘i lexei am: the oar'.‘e unis at a one :)a(e So ‘ai so good Homeper‘, all the tight program'neo :s let (tonne. by a sho< krriq ‘ior‘t ma lo stalt ‘.’.:th, yoa need ‘I‘Zeeh hlo( ks on your mei'iory (. .'(l a azhofe (am' to sane a game, The (ia'v‘e weeps ate infurat I‘oi‘, . lilil‘i‘IlW” 9”“ V“ S 3H“ “'1‘” 0i WW“ Metal Gear Solid: the best ever PlayStation game that makes fl‘dlid(l("‘i("‘l (iahres so mot». w; l.'.eh ‘.'.(‘:’.( i‘ m; a name Is Die Hard meets Tomb Raider in the best ever PlayStation game. Yes, that's right, Metal Gear Solid not only lives up exasoer'atint; (i‘oose i'ie ariii‘.‘ate(i to its considerable hype, it makes it look like grudging understatement. If you're new to PlayStation, buy this game; l‘.i(}l‘l!()"iis (‘2?‘(2 {.o-a (ioht re< es'.e ar‘y if you're a veteran garner buy this game; if you previously scoffed at the cultural dominance of Sony’s console, stop stats? (s o" hos. your olayers laughing and buy a PlayStation just so you can play this game. perfumed Fir/'90 .ooks rm e hat olavs You play Solid Snake, a hard-bitten spy with a bad tab habit, who must infiltrate an enemy base and confront his we a (log hr The ."e‘.e'se (‘Xl)("l:("‘( e, nemesis. The emphasis throughout is on being incredible sneaky if you go in aggressively you'll soon be riddled sa‘.e an to' a P( i a (opt. of with bullets. The guards in Metal Gear Solid have excellent hearing and Konami have even programmed in sight ( harno/orrshgn Zia/mow ll) lines so you can be spotted from a distance. This means that you must use the various stealth moves at your Future Cop L A P D disposal, crawling along the ground, edging flat againstwalls and creeping up behind enemies and killing them like ' ' ' ' a dastardly cheat. Mind you, you'll have to hide the bodies. (EIGCU'OWC ANS) £44.99 The need for stealth is further ensured by the fact that you begin this game with nothing more than a pair of Remerhoe" l l) 200 ‘roir Robot on 1" the binoculars and a packet of cigarettes this is hardly Duke Nukem. But it is the most perfectly realised expression yet l)li)(‘(l<it zooot titat oio‘. '(l(‘(t t"e of PlayStation’s filmic style. Every second of gameplay is packed with the kind of tension and atmosphere that ‘l.‘.e'".§. se< ovios to <<)v“i).‘,' sa'iii) e to' characterises the best thrillers. You may be sitting on a chair in Glasgow, pushing buttons on a grey bit of plastic, rappe's the .‘.or‘ (1' o‘.e' P \‘Je’l, future but it won't feel like it Metal Gear Solid is as immersive a gaming experience as you will have encountered so far. (on! A M) a 'o'.'. s you to l)?i a s 1"..'a' It'll put you inside Snake's skin. (Peter ROSS)

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e Set .e, vote< . (1.“(l slat. .e ill) vuqmy (3“,"1VBU‘H "i(>(‘:'1"(lt'.t‘ ‘n't- (Psygnosis) £44.99 GAME BOY COLOR ( . . . .. i. H ..

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hose tllll1.( K; ."(is‘. (::.a's ‘.'..r‘o We to e"<;'oss "o (Hire “9

(CHOP-ill”) £3999 ia(e hilt hage a ohohla ahth .'.hee‘s Awakening w. -- +7 - REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE:

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.(.Ht('((t(“<’):9 (no.1): ilrl',(l((f\p')l):(v)-. “it: ,, . (oi/t Item ..l. (Nmmmkn £21.99 \ w ’7 H

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