Making its way to Glasgow for the first time, INDEPENDENT TRAVELLERS WORLD offers something for everyone with a sense of adventure - whether it's a first-time holiday or a six month South American trek.

Words: Simone Baird

ONE DAY YOU'RE DREAMING ABOUT AN EXOTIC TOUR, THE NEXT you’re sweating beneath a mosquito net. But for those who need a little help choosing a destination or even buying a backpack. Independent Travellers World is the first port of call. With so many businesses and agencies specialising in independent travel all grouped under the one roof. it‘s the ideal opportunity to save hours heating the pavement and hanging off the phone planning The Big Trip.

A major part of ITW are 36 hour-long talks from experienced travellers and professionals. (‘overing basics like “Getting Started In Backpacking' to the intriguing ‘A Month ()f Mayhem In Malawi‘ and ‘(ietting High In Peru‘. the talks aim to educate and inspire with information and tips that your local travel agent‘s brochure won't offer. Whether it‘s exploring the North Pole or teaching English abroad. here you‘ll find practical advice on how to do it.

Of course there‘s more to travel than straight practicalities. so the great outdoors are brought indoors at ITW. If you‘ve ever fancied a go at hangliding or ocean kayaking. then this is your chance. Two simulators will let you try the popular adventure sports without getting your hair ruffled or your feet wet. A six metre climbing wall should

also appeal to anyone who wants to see how had their vertigo really is.

Budding journalists will be happy to hear that Lonely Planet Guides are holding a one-day workshop on the Saturday focusing on the travel writing industry.

‘This is the first time we‘ve hosted a workshop.’ says Jennifer (‘ox of Lonely Planet. 'We get so many people who love to travel and want to know more about writing. Our aim is to demystify the whole process and improve the skills needed. whether they're used to write for us. travel magazines or just in ajournal.‘

The Lonely Planet Workshop covers researching. design. photography and writing for the Internet. Iiach session will be hosted by industry professionals. including Allan Laing. travel editor of The Herald. and Miranda Hains. editor of ('z'vngruplzit'u/ magazine. Sometimes. scribbling down ‘wish you were here‘ on a postcard just isn‘t enough.

The Lonely Planet Workshop is £15 full day (inc entry to ITW), £4 per

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