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'Buildings are big, buildings are global, buildings are strange. Things are getting weirder and weirder. They can leave you feeling a bit dizzy, give you a sense of vertigo,’ says Rowan Moore, curator of an exciting new Glasgow exhibition. Vertigo: The Strange New World

Of The Contemporary City,

designed by hip Brit architects

Caruso St. John, will use a visual

feast of scale models,

photography, inflatables and text to examine the impact of new architecture on humanity.

Moore has focussed on ten of the most significant and weird global building projects from the Shanghai’s cloud-splitting Moray Tower (pictured) to the Millennium Dome.

'In Hong Kong they flattened an island to build an airport and in Nevada they have built into the desert,’ says Moore. 'It’s pseudo nature, a real man-made environment.’ Wave goodbye to bricks and mortar, this is a vision of the world to come. (Susanna Beaumont)

Vertigo: The Strange New World Of The Contemporary City is at The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, Fri 26 Feb-Sun 16 May. Part of Glasgow 1999. See art listings,

page 75.


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