consistently-packed dance1‘111orjazz club tonight welcomes Edinburgh-based soul- jazz outfit Coco And The Bean. who overlay their classic 7(ls soul arrangements with a 90s intensity. The Thelonious 1)Js trial) the decks.

I Yumbambe Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 1(lpm -3am(11and on-stagemidnight).£51£41.'1‘11e- tapping l.attn-jazz frotn 1111s new collectne. featuring Paul Harrison 1111 keyboards. l’atltl) 1’laherty 1111 drums. pltts horns and percussion 111 fact. altogether 11111 much talent 111 ones s11 young. The '1‘111‘11111111us 111s man the thClsS.


I Academy Brass & The RSAMD Big Band Town 11.111. Catnelon Road. (1132-15011851). 731111111. 11111.11. ' «\catlcttiy Brass present a programme which rev 1sits four centuries 11f classical music. from the court 11f Henry VI” to the music 11f James Mathllan. while the RSAMl) Big Band play sw mg and jazz standards.


I Three's Company .\1c.\1asters. 3a Park Terrace. 153 (1131. Jpn). 1‘1'1'1‘. This 11111 lead a session open 111 all young jazz musicians bring your instrument

Edinburgh I Brian Kellock Trio 81 Tasty 1.1/1 1111111.

8 .\111r1'1s11n Street. 221 1288811111 3am. £3.'l‘11c Brian Kellock '11‘111 takeover 1111‘ Sunday residency slot: fronted 11_\ (1111' 11f Scotland's foremost ial/ pianists. 1111' group also features ls'enny 1‘i111st11111ass and l’addy 1"111111-1‘11 1111111‘11111s,’1'.1st_\ .111' the regrouped l'rhan Soul linsemble who. with vocalrst 1\11c1‘ .'\1cl.aug1111nand .labha's bassist Ben Schogler. create an acoustic sound 111111111111 front Kttlu and Sotrnd/ Related.


I Jazz On A Sunday Afternoon llowtlen 1’.11‘k Centre. (11511(1 «13503-1.

1 3pm. £5 (£2). '11‘11111's;1\11p1111111s1 Rtrsseil Cow 11's11n fronts a quartet which also includes the talents 11f Brian Kellock. Kenny lillis 111111 1111111 Rae .-\s a music teacher. he is also 1111111111 1111-

11m 1‘111111111‘111 of the \\'11st 1.111111.1n Schools Jazz Band. is 1111111111 111111 1111‘ this 11111111‘1‘11 _|a// conccrl.



I Glasgow University Big Band 1111111 Maclntyrc11.111.(i|.1sg11w l'nrvcrsrty. 1'111\1-1s11_\ Avenue.1111111111.11111n(ll-11 33‘) 8855 7 31111111 £2 rfree 11111111111111‘1s1. Actually .111attlc1111111'11.11111s.(ilasg11\1. 1'111\1‘1stt}. .11111S11‘.1tl‘.c1y11c -\.11s(‘cntr1' Big Bands. '\1\()11‘.11111'lll}‘1111‘11111111 .\l1111cy Quartet


I Fabulous Fats A Tribute To

Fats Waller 1111111111111111111ch

1.;111ywc11 Way. \111ss1‘111trt'g11.(1(15 2241). 7.30pm. £1111£(11. The internationally renowned ls'eith Smith stais 111 1111s tribute show. w 111c11 also features music front pianist \1at'ttril 1111111 :111111111'11antl Hefty Jan.

I Altered Beatz 99.1.1//.1111111.1S .\111111s1111S111‘cl.221 1288 11111111 3am (11.1111111n~stag1' 1 1111111 1. i. \\ 11.11 started .1s.1111-\p1‘111111-nt :11 jaz/ .1111111111111 'n' bass has turned 111111.111111111 featuring thlne Rufftonc .11111 \‘rtal Signs 111‘. 111'cks.‘.111'alrst.-\11ce\11‘1..1uglilan. k1‘_\1‘(1.t:111\11’;till littt'l'lstnl .11111 1111' recently returned Stuart 111‘11wr11111111'11111 machine



I Linda Fletcher (1111111111111 11111-1 (.11111111111}.(.illllk'dl'l 1<11ad.11.191)1.s.t. 8.3111111). 1.;111111a//.11111 mainstream standa111s11111111111s vocalist.


I Alan Barnes 81 Roy Williams Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. (167 777(1. 8pm. £8—£l() (£6). These award-winning British musicians. 1111 alto sax and trombone respectively. team tip with the Dave Milligan Trio. featuring Brian Shiels and Tom Bancroft. for tonight's fundraising concert for Action Research. I The Dynamic Duo Show Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. 1(me—3am (band on-stage midnight). £3. The duo. aka 1)J Extra and DJ Plus One (the winner of this ye;tt“s Scottish DMC Mixing Championships). are joined by rappers and breakdancers for 11111 and 1111 skool hip hop vibes.


Edinburgh I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers' Night Jazz

.1111111. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288.

l()pn1—-3a:n (band on-stage 1 1pm). £-1(£3). B11111 established singers and newcomers drop in for this traditional jazz night with music from the Brian Kellock Trio -- 1)] Kulu spinsjazz records 111 support.


I Freddie King Quartet The Tron. Hunter Square. 22(1 ()931. 8.3(1pm.£.1.' (£3 ). A foursome 11f 111p Scottish jazz talents. with King on vocals. Brian Kellock on piano. Ronnie Rae 1111 bass arid Tom Bancroft 1111 drums.

I Grits ’n' Gravy Trio Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 1(1ptii~3artr (band on-stage 11pm). £41£3). See Thu 18.



I Glasgow Jazz Record Club Unitarian Church Centre. 72 Berkeley Street. 221 3154. 7.30pm. ‘Rich And 1-‘arnotrs‘ with (ierry .\1c Kendry. Further details are available from lirnie Speirs. 1~l (ilendee Road. Renfrew. P.»\-1()1\l).()l~ll 88(1 294‘).

I John Hammond Jnr. Cotticr Theatre. 93 Hyndland Street. 357 3868. 8pm. The blues troubadour revisits his hits 11f the past 31) years at this concert. which also sees him combining b11111 acoustic and electric guitar work to excellent effect.


I Bobby Watson Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. (1(17 7776. 8.30pm. £‘)—£|1 (£(1). This American alto-sax player. who made his name in bands 11ke.-\rt Blakeys Jazz Messengers and the 29111 Street Saxophone Quartet. 1sj11111e11 by the very busy Paul Harrison Trio.

I Midnight Blue Cafe (iraffiti. Mansfield Place Church Broughton Street. 557 80113. 9.31)j1111—-2ani. £(1(£5). Midntght Blue pay homage 111 the godfather 11f funk 111 1111s James Brown night. which sees soulful singer Tony King jotning Soubie and the .\1B Players. I Basic Collective .laz/ Joint. s Morrison Street. 221 1288. 1()pr11-3am (band on-stage midnight). £5 (£4). Soulful underground grooves with local talent Nicola King 1111 vocals. Sly S1 1111 bass and (Jay Nicholson taking control 11f the percussion. Kulu mans the decks.

I Fat Vibration Bongo Clttb. 14 New Street. 558 7611-1. 1(131111111-311111. £51£-1). l‘eattrring music front 1111'1111w'. sis-piece jazz-funk outfit lilemental attd 1)Jac11on from 1ih‘,’ \Vtml and Andy B.


I 0.5. Murray Quartet .‘vlttcRohert Arts Centre. l’rnversity 11fS111|1ng.()178(1 4611181811111.£(1t£3).1-unkyjazz improvisation meets dancelloor beats with this (Blasgow -11ased foursome. who w 111 be promoting their new album. llt)!!!1'.1/111‘11'.\.


Glasgow I Lorne Cowleson Quartet .-\I‘t 1.11ver‘s' Cafe. House Lover.

Bellahotrston Park. 11) Dumbreck Road. 353 4770. 8pm. Enjoy live jazz while you dine in elegant Mackintosh surrounds.

I Bobby Watson Moir Hall. Granville Street. 287 5511. 8pm. £1()(£(1). See Fri 26.


I Lizzard Lounge Care Graffiti. Mansfield Place Church Broughton Street. 557 81103. l()pm—2am. £(1(£5). Fish is a prolific .larnaican dancehall MC. who tonight combines forces with l.izzard Lounge regulars Blacka'nized 111 give its a taste 111 the Caribbean. Joseph Malik 1)Js.

I Elemental Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. l()pm-—3am (band 1111- stage midnight). £5 (£4). This mellow six-piece jazz-funk outfit. featuring vocals. bass. sax and drums. peddle smooth dancelloor grooves -- with DJ support from Ktrltr. plus guests.


I John Hammond Jnr Rothes Hall. Rothes Square. (11592 (11 1101. 8pm. £8.51). See 1411 2(1.



I Three's Company McMastet-s. 3a Park Terrace. 353 (1131. 411111.'1"1'ee. See Sun 21.


I Brian Kellock Trio 81 Tasty Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 l288.8pn1—3am. £5.51‘1‘3111121.


I Alison Burns Quartet MacRohert Arts Centre. lfniversity 11f Stirling. (1178(1 4(111181. 8pm. £(11£3). The Penny 1)ainties' singer gives an emotive performance fronting her own outfit.

Cottier The

jazz MUSIG



I Altered Beatz 99 Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. lOpm—3am (band on-stage 1 1pm). £3. See Mon 22.

TUESDAY 2 Edinburgh

I The Dynamic Duo Show Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm—3am (band on-stage midnight). £3. See Tue 23.



I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers' Night Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. l()pm—3ant (band on-stage 11pm).£4 (£3). See Wed 24.



I High Heel Sneakers Basement Jazz. Blackfriars Underground. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm. £2. This funkyjazz six- piece kick off Basement Jazz's 1999 season with some hard bop classics as well as a few original compositions.


I Caroline Taylor Quintet Tron Jazz Cellar. Hunter Square. 554 4510. 8.30pm. £7 (£5 ). US drummer Taylor fronts this quintet 11f Guildhall graduates. which also features the talents of Denys Baptiste 1111 tenor sax. The rave reviews which have followed the tour around the country suggest that their bop-r001ed sound is hitting the right spot. .

I Grits 'n' Gravy Trio Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 1288. lOpm—3am (band on-stage 11pm).£4 (£3). See Thu 18.

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