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Kronos Quartet

The Kronos Quartet have a secret The "it""taItOttally am a med Amerrtar‘. s'.r:r‘g guartet are due to per‘orrr‘. the .'.()"l(l prerhze" \ of a next. Pltllt) Gass sort, but tar": test you what is tailed. The "‘uSK ‘orrhs oar: of the S();:.".Ct't."('l(l< ‘or a he‘s. film to he aurttheu 'r‘ If‘:(‘ US l)‘, \.'*.’arr‘.ers ater t't:s year and no- me (:ares breathe a mom

(iv/mg one of the srx conterts In Beyond Our Shores, part of the BBC's l‘uge 20th (er‘tury muslt survey Somdmg The Century, Kronos (an at least reveal that the prete wrll have rm‘luehtes from other (ultures. Chmese Opera, African drumming, gypsy flrltllrng arttl South Afrrt'ah rhythm (an all he heartl m the festryal \.t.’l‘.l(l‘. also brings together all three major Stottlsh orchestras for tae first trme (Carol Math:

Beyond Or/r Shores, G/asgow Roya/ Comer: Ha//, Tue 23 Sat 27 Feb. Kronos Quartet, Tue 23 Feb. See (/ass/(a/ mus/t r'rst/ngs‘, page 52‘

Tommy Tiernan and Jason Byrne

Desplte Derhg (ut from the same (e:t:( (lotl‘, Tommy Trerrtar‘ and Jason Byrrte areh't eyeh ll‘. the same \.\.rar(lrol)e when rt tomes to (otheth styles. Byrhe's at: :s a surreal \.'.hrrl\.t.irl(l, \.“.§'tr'e Trernan (lelryers rrtter\.'~.tntyrr‘.g tales, anetu‘otes (t!t(l rtwhmrstentes.

The two haye playeu' Stotlarto together he‘ore, forgmg a true double lull at Me Ltlmhurgh Fiestyal In 1997 \sghen a the star [rst t'(‘\t(’\‘. saltl 'll the lrrsh really are (ommg, these two are at the lft‘<i(l of the pat k,’ Ahtl or‘. they (ante, taunt hrhg solo shows Ill l998 whit h haggetl Byrhe a Best Newtomer rtomrhatrou \xhrle liemar‘. \.'\.alt/e(l off ‘.‘.VlIlt the Perrler A\.‘.(tt'(l,

You 2 t)(‘ a urn/e eefi to "1 ss thus 8" art [)or‘a‘oson' loin/7;; Ire/ham artu Jason 8;, roe plat (he Queeh's Ha//, [til/rhurgo, r.»',e<12.1 rm, Cotter Theatre. (S/asgorx, Sat 2/ l-‘eo, "ulat Robert Arts (emf/e, St/r/rng, Sun 28’ ref) See ( orrted; {xsfrugs uage (i .7

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