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renegotiate. THEATRE REVIEW

Facilities: WC = Adapted Toiletts). WS


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drives, a man who not only allows HOIhlflt) to stand in the way

=WheelchairSpaces.AS =.»\diaceiit The AnatomISt of his Will-to-pov‘vei through )(ltffttt‘, hut actually revels in 503m- = ""dl'k‘llU'] l-“Ql’IS‘S‘W”L IR 2 Edinburgh: Royal LyceUm Theatre: Uni” 6 Mar “i ’3‘ adversity Of the inot‘i's LI'L‘Sllt" tor iiis blood, he says its like killlléizxiifld C : Even though the grisly practices of the nineteenth century swunming in a storm for him, an inVigorating experience. Cami[lg-ACCCSSMC'T:Adapted Anatomist are never far from the surface (early dialogue details Paui Rattray plays Atitiitt‘stfli, Knox's earnestly Presbyterian Tclcpm,nc_ the dissection of a head), there is a surpriSingly zestful humour assistant, whose early li'lllll'lttltm to his boss 'please tell me if Help: A 2 Assistance Available. AA = to James Bridie’s seldom-seen Scottish theatre CIaSSIC. Kenny you're ioking, for I have no sense of humour" tiers a solid laugh Advise Venue in Advance- Ireland’s production of Bridie's account of Dr Robert Knox's and sets him up as a straight man. Rattray's performance is a Salim” \chm in mummy are business relationship with serial—killing grave robbers Burke and little stilted early on, but warms up well as things progress. available from the Tic-m Cum-c,“ Hare WISQ'Y Dial/5 Up the b'aCk-COmIC Elements Of the narrative Jenny Ryan plays both lvlary Belle, Anderson's intended, and Cundlcrma Mums“, mam," Um” and minimises, Without neglecting, the play's rather dated Mary Patterson, the prostitute whose association with the (i.3()pin iiiiperson or until 9pm hy phone romantic plot. First produced at this very theatre in 1930, the young doctor is sanitiseu to the point of pub conversation in 0110'“ 3‘7 55H; Sl'mlél)’ “Putin‘s 1-“ play has been absent from Scottish stages for decades. and Bririie's version of the story Her performance, in two difficult ljf>0n_-,i‘lp'.‘fki\'l.‘tfl i'Cle‘VL‘lfk hf" “Hm should prove a revelation for audiences young enough not to roles is well above average, and its doubling may say W‘EXTR‘E'LTEIZEfi'Sm m mm“ remember phrases like 'the old firm won't get the title this something about the damned whores and God's police’ Trinainwmlcc“rm-C'rimu-C'r‘(,kcm year'. attitude to women shown by the men of the play. Special can be exchanged for tickets. Tokens can be Sandy Neiison's Dr Knox is all bellowmg and bluster not an mention should be made of Russell Craig's lecture-hall/drawing bought l"<“i"ris‘k0' (‘Cnll'c- ('imdlt‘fii-‘i—‘X ideal approach to a naturalistic role, but this one isn’t. Kn0x room set surely the most rnioosing and astutely produced of

Glasuoyv. ()IJI 287 5‘) It): most branches of - . .' .. . emer es here as a comic rotes ue of Nietzschem )ower- hel > r (n triii a h- r w W.H. Smith. John Menzies and James Him 9 g q C i I 38! via 60 ) ' H i i I m i' qr” 1' (sum gamer)

Booksellers: or by credit card from Tokcnline. ()l7l 2in 8800.

JAMES ARNDTT THEATRE i Perfect Days Uiitil Sat 27 Feb. 7.30pm. i (‘oiiipany investigate the infamous l883 Gilinorehill Centre. 9 University Avenue. l £8 (£4). Lil, Lochhcad's lidiiibui'gh - (‘iovan shipyard disaster.

Tickets: 287 551 l. : Fringe smash comes to Cilztsgtm‘. fresh ; Phaedra’s Love Tue 2--Sat l3 Mar. 7.30 ARCHES THEATRE The Glass Menagerie Wed 24~Sat 27 i from selling otit in London. and prior to a . pm. £8.t£4) Sarah Kane’s typically Midland Street. 22l «llllll. [Accessz l.. I Feb. 7.30pm; mat Sat 27 Feb. 2.30pm. £7 l'till Scottish tour. Siobhan Redmond 7 confrontational contemporary take on Facilities: WC. “S C. (3. Help: A. AA] I (£3) Flexible Deadlock add video leads as the coil’l‘euse on the hunt tor a (ireel. my tli. Sec preview page 55. Mainstream 'l‘iie _.‘~--Sat 27 Feb (not projection. choreography and live music sperm donor. i . --. -... --_ -_»-. Wed 24). 8pm. £7i£4i Suspect Culture to the already heady Tennessee Williams : Faith Healer Until Sat 2() Feb. 7..‘i()piii. EASTWOOD THEATRE return to the theatrical tray with a bold I mix. See preview page 56. 1 1.650(8). Theatre in Action lool. at the ' liashvood Recreation Centre. liastivood and compch new work. Four actors. two i i ‘F‘ word in Brian i‘TiCFS three hander. Park. Roulsenglen Road. (iiif‘l‘nock. 577 characters. parallel-universt s. infinite ; CITIZENS' THEATRE i See i'eviety page 5‘). 4970. Tickets also from 032 4640. possibilities. Sec l'eattii‘e page l7. l Goi'bals. 42‘) 0022 TT [Accessz l..R. The Daphne Disaster Tue 23 -Sat 27 [.-\ccess: l’. l.. ST. R. Facilities: WC. W5.

i Facilities: WC. W8. H. CO. Help: AA] Feb. 7.30pm. £8 (£4) Cran Theatre (i. (‘l

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