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DJ Harvey (otherwise known as ifisHarvey Bassett). ; 9590:? 33 he says, more like 36 we say. London.

style? House, hip hop, funk, "soul, jazz, rock, electro, disco, techno land pop.

Harvey history Drummed in a finely wave band Ersatz when he was 13, f’s'et up record label Leisure Sounds at 16, iibecame disillusioned and got into Dling .‘-..ahd started The Tonka warehouse g'parties with mates from Cambridge in mid 805.

days? Too right, he gotinvolved gin the Freedom parties with the likes of T‘iPaul ‘Trouble‘ Anderson, Norman Jay, Judge Jules and Danny Rampling. They _-.were renowned for flying clubbers out gto Amsterdam for insane weekend giiaunts.

this sort of behaviour led to , exactly? Going out to Japan as of the first house Dls to visit, setting one of the seminal house and garage in London: Moist at The rfiardening Club with guests like iF‘r'ancois Kevorkian and Larry Levan, and g‘t'rltimateiy being one of the first firesidents at the Ministry of Sound. long'did he last there? Five years, one point resident on both the Friday and Saturday. He left when the Ministry decided he was just a little too weird for

he bothered? Nah, he just set up Ehfs own more intimate nights and "continued playing percussion in bands, gene of which happened to be :famiroquai. They asked him to go on round the world, but he wasn't that fussed.

ind. he do instead? Died at his Note Friday New Hard Left, . odds and ends on his Black label, remixed and got into fanning.

7,513 this a big thing for’hlm? Enormously. rifle says he‘ll DJ for free if it's in a good area and he can get a couple of on the waves.

Harvey guests at Tangent at The Club, Fri 26 Feb. A DJ Harvey mix of Efifilectronica's ’Prodigal Son' is out later in year

BB TIIEUST l8 Feb—4 Mar 1999


I Club 69 at Rocksy's Basement. lOpm—2.30am. £5. Martin. Wilba and Barrie of dance record shop Rub-A-Dub playing the best and deepest from the underground. joined frequently by guests of high standing who are not always announced beforehand. Well worth the taxi fare out from the city. but note the midnight curfew.

I Colombian Earthquake Benefit at the Community Central Hall. 304 Maryhill Road. 8pm—late. £5 on the door in advance from lntersport Store. Great George Street. 27 Feb only. Colombian ceilidh with live music. tapas and bar organised by the people behind Club Cubana. For more info call: 9460032.

I Cooler at The Cooler. 8pm—midnight. Free. Steven McCreery (Tunnel) with a house and arage pre-club set.

I Cul De ac at Cul De Sac Bar. 9pm—midnight. Free. Jim Hutchison with hard house and techno.

I Dans Delux at The CCA. 9pm—midnight. Free. Quality house and techno-phunk with your host Stacee.

I Discojunky at The Arches. “pm—3.30am. £ IO. 20 Feb only. Blake Baxter. one of the leaders of the acid- techno-house scene of the late '80s and a man whose DJing has been described as ‘an exhibition of pure Detroit heaven' headlines. He isjoined by New York's Brett Dancer and resident Stevie Donaldson for hard house and techno. In the second arch The East Village Pharmacy kick up hip hop and breaks and beats in the second arch plus the Concrete Skates crew out on their specially constructed ramp.

I Divine at Glasgow School ()fArt (downstairs). lOpm—late. £3.50 (£2.50 GSA students). Andrew Divine. one of the most familiar faces on the scene. joined by Hush Puppy for Northern soul. Hammond grooves. bubblegum pop. wah-wah funk. Moog power and chemical breakbeats. 20 Feb. Chris ‘Beans‘ Geddes of Belle & Sebastian guests behind the decks of Divinity.

I D] Q at Ocho. 8pm—midnight. Free. Glasgow‘s favourite deep cut up disco house DJ resident here every week. plus a few guests too. Pre-club.

I Free Form at The l3th Note Club (both floors). 9pm—3atn. £3 (free before l0.30pm). Steven anti Paul Watt with two floors of soul. Latin. jazz. funk and contemporary beats.

I The Garage at The Garage. lOpm—3am. £6 (£4); £l off before I lptn. Big. brash and unashamedly happy to put the good time party groove into your Saturday night with a wide spread of commercial anthems in the main room and indie inspiration upstairs. Get there early as the queues start snaking up the street well before the pubs close.

I HELP and RPM at The Renfrew Ferry. lOpm—2.30am. £5. 27 Feb only. Fundraising night organised by Glasgow University students raising money for the HELP (Humanitarian and Educational Long-term Projects) organisation which sends volunteers to developing countries to take part in construction projects in rural areas. Top class music comes frotn the RPM collective of DJs Serge. Leon D..King Pin. Karma and Merlin playing a revolutionary set of house. techno and drum & bass. You come along. have a dance. and people in Nepal get stuff httilt for them.

I Home Cookin' at Babaza. 5.30pm—3am (DJs from I lpm). £5 (free before llpm). Pumping mix from Jamie Strang; funk. rare groove and hip hop anti generally music of black origin.

I Inside Out at The Arches.

l lpm—3.30am. £ I250. 27 Feb and monthly.Mammoth night of seriously full-on. reach for the rafters house frorn some of the best in the business. Leading the march into debauchery are Seb Fontaine. Sister Bliss. Darren Stokes and resident caners Zammo. Michael Kilkie and Simon Foy. Big? Nay you jest. it’s bleeding colossal.

I Knucklehead at Glasgow School Of Art (upstairs). l0pm—late. £4 (£2.50 GSA

students). Underground electronica presented by detn DJs Jilkes and Hatch. lnto its fourth year and consolidating itself as the club to hear true funk technology. Freaky dancing actively encouraged.

I Lime at The Lime. l0.30pm—3am. £6 (£4). DJ Cameron Craig with progressive house and garage. Look out for the ‘Shock hour‘ llpm—midnight when Aftershock and Miller is only £ l.

I Living Room at The Living Room. 8pm—midnight. Free. New York Alliance‘s Colin Walker playing a deep house set. Pre-club.

I Lure at Bar Sauza. 8pm-midnight. Free. DJs Ziggy and Bob get housey for a crowd heading off to Archaos and the Tunnel. Pre-club.

I Made at Bar Lautrec‘s (upstairs). 9pm—midnight. Free. DJ syndicate Levitating Children bust loose with sleek badass drum 8; bass and jungle. Pre-cltrb. I Mish Mash at Alaska. llprn—3ant. £8. 27 Feb only. Long awaited first live performance tonight frotn the Mish Mash twelve-piece band. showcasing material from the debut album. Band on at midnight for halfan hour. with the Mish Mash DJs Oscar. Nick Peacock. Paul Booth and MC Nordin playing hip hop. Latin. dattce hall. reggae and house before and after. See Hitlist.

I Missing Links at g2. l lpni—3ani. £4 (£3). Big beat bonanza frotn Neil McMillan (Hi Karate) and Michael Peck (Brass Monkeys). Replaced by the Scratch Perverts 27 Feb.

I October Cafe at October Cafe. ()ptrt—midnight. Free. Lisa Littlewood (Tunnel) with a funky house pre-club set. I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge. l().3()pm-3am. £5. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ lan playing a camp mix of housey faves and anthems. or down in the Trophy Rooin with Andy for 80s op. punk and new wave. Gay.

I P anet Peach at Planet Peach. llpm—3. l5ani. £5 (£4). Free before

midnight. New night of huge tunes and anthems from Alan Ronald.

I Revolution at Havana. 8pm—midnight. Free. DJ Tchico of Virunga with his lusty Latin sounds. Pre- club.

I Salsa Night at The Cross Bar. 8pm—midnight. Free. 20 Feb and fortnightly. Senor Melocoton with his own brand of hot Latin vibes.

I Scratch Perverts at g2. l lpm—3am. £5. 27 Feb only. Harry Love and DJ Renegade from world class hip hop collective The Scratch Perverts guest at g2. These two turntablists represent the growing SP collective. founded by London’s Tony Vegas as a superstar DJ team. if you're into their thing. check out fellow pervert MR Thing at the Pressure night at the Arches l9 Feb.

I Scratch Perverts at Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy (botlt floors). Spin—midnight. Free. 27 Feb only. Harry Love and DJ Renegade (The Scratch Perverts) kick the night off over here before running across the street to g2.

I The Shed at The Shed. lOpm—3arn. £5 (£4). Graeme Ferguson in the main with commercial dance favourites at this Southside club from the team behind the Garage.

I Shrapnell at The Cross Bar. Spin—midnight. Free. 27 Feb only. Progressive drum 8; bass pre-club.

I Straight Ahead at Alaska. I lpm—- 3am. £8 (£6). 20 Feb and the third Sat of every month. Kev arid Mark from the top class Northern soul night Goodfoot come at you with soul. jazz. funk and dub over two floors.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields. 9pm—3am. £5. Sixties to 80s pop, soul. funk. Motown. party tunes plus cult videos and news reels.

I Sub Culture at The Strb Club. l().3()pm—5am. £l0. Han‘i and Domenic lord it over the legendary night of nice 'n‘ groovy. hard-hittin'. funky house at the king of Scottish underground dance venues. This is still one of the hottest.



It's been four years since the Chaser duo first impressed with their 'Sides

Of Iron' track, a deep jazzy groover that slunk its way into many a funkier record box. You might think that on hearing their new album Game On that Lars Sandberg and Nigel Hayes have been slaving away in the studio

since then, but far from it.

Even though they've been mates for a decade now, they describe their professional relationship as a love/hate one, signalled by the original track which was recorded relay style, one in the pub while the other worked on the mix. 'Getting us together in the studio was a nightmare,’ remembers Sandberg. 'We’d never really been into the other's music and we let each

other know that.’

Individual projects kept them apart but, when the time came up last summer to have a go at the album, it was a case of ’bugger it, get it going,

get it done,’ says Sandberg.

While Sandberg is renowned for his Detroit influenced sparse beats, the Chaser material shows a mellower side, softened by Hayes' passion for jazz, breaks and disco. With Hayes working as Charlie Brown for Guidance and Sandberg continuing to build his worldwide reputation as Funk D’Void, it's good when they find some time to Chase each other.

(Rory Weller)

a Game On by Chaser is released on Soma on Mon 22 Feb For album review

see page 42.