One True Parker

Karen Parker, a Glasgow grrl (‘urrently makrng a brg norse on the London (lub scene by Dlrng alongsrde the lrkes of Talvrn Srngh and Grooverrder, rs set to release her debut album under the name One True Parker

Wr/l / Dream rs as wrlfully e( le( tr( a debut as you're lrkely to hear, drawrng on a range of rnfluences rncludrng drum & bass label Ram Records, Leonard Cohen and 70s ele<tronrc proneers SUICIde.

’My work is shaped by everythrng I’ve ever lrstened to,’ says Parker ’You shouldn’t deny the musrc you lrke, Anyway, rt's a good thrng that you (an’t prgeonhole my album.’

When not genre-bustrng, she does a lot of remrxrng work, has a London resrdenr'e wrth Fabro and has been known to warm-up crowds for Prrmal Stream and the Chemrral Brothers. One True Parker one to watth, lSrmonC Barrdt Wr’l/ I Dream rs released on Eruptron Rer'ords', Mon 1 Mar Karen Parker plays lt/langa at La Belle Ange/e, Edrnburgl'r, Frr 79 Feb See ("/ub lr'strngs, page 6/1.

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Carl Cox rs better known for hrs awesome skrll on the trrple decks than hrs trrple prrouettes. But the rnternatronal mega-DJ rs set to (ombrne turntable actron wrth contemporary dance at Slam's Fr'rday Pressure nrght rn Gld8(}()\\"S Arches. The event rs a Collaboratron between the Slam Dls and hot Br'rt choreographer Caar‘y Lambert ‘of XXL danre Company), wrth Cox experted to punt hrs tunes rn a surtably arty drre( tron as the performance evolves What Cox wrll make of thrs alternatrve to the bog-standard podrum danter rs anybody’s guess, but Lambert and Slam are keen to ensure that therr efforts are not lost rn the Frrday nrght ha/e. The lrve show rs to be extended to a ' multrtude of vrdeo st reens, where real-trme footage \yrll mrx wrth prevrously frlmed materral lEllre Carrr

Pressure, Arr/res, Glasgow, Frr 79 Feb See (la/rte /r,strngs, page 59 and club lrstr'rrgs, page 64

‘:8Fe:>-»-1‘.‘a' 1999 THE lIST5