Beat FM

‘A dynamzc mix of new music and dance, wrapped up \vth fast, stylish presentation’, :s the message at the heart of Beat FM, a Vibrant new radio station ‘.‘.'iII( 1i has Jast been awarded the licence for Central Scotland. The station will begin broadcasting later tl‘rs yea." ‘rom studios lr‘. both. G’asgovv and

Ed ebur'gl‘, and The List will be providing a clay-by- (lay entertammer“. guide to go out on air.

The people behmd Beat FM have an unr:valled knowledge of inusm, dance, entertainment and oroadcastng in Scotland. Leading the team are :\.-.'o people who have been programming many of the best live gigs and club events II‘ Scotland over the past ten years Stuart Ciumpas, creator of King Tut's \Vah Wan Hut and T in the Park, and Ron McCuléoch of The Tunnel. The music policy is being developed by DJ and TV presenter Ewan Mac Leod, and The List 5 closely involved in i)iar‘nr‘g the programming nux, which \vrli I'ICltIdG continbutioris from our team of writers and

rev (".‘JOI'S, Many of Scotland's stars have backed the stator including Carol Smillie, Ally McCOIst, Si‘av'leen Spitert ar‘o‘ Johnny Mc'Elhone of Texas, and Justin Currie of Del A'nitri; support T'or the statzori has also come from other leading figures in i?‘(‘ music, arts and entcvtainment scene.

Beat FM \vrll bring a new sOund to the airwaves. ’The station mll be an unmissable combination of Ii(‘\.‘.' music and clance,’ Ron McCulloch explains. ‘lt ‘.‘.lii mirror the spirit and tastes of young Scots and Will pulse \vith energy, passion, creativrty and personalrty.’

Beat FM is planned to launch in the autumn. More details and Job opportunities Will be revealed over the coming months in The List. iRobin Hodgel

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Surveying the entire span of Wright's career: architecture, graphic design, furniture and the decorative arts. Kelvingrove Art Gallery 19 February 11 April.

VERTIGO: The Strange New World of The Contemporary City. The buildings that are shaping the city of tomorrow, today. The Old Fruitmarket 26 February ~16 May.

FOOD: DESIGN & CULTURE. It’s packaging, presentation and place in historic and contemporary culture. Kelvingrove Art Gallery 8 May 22 August.

MIES VAN DER ROHE: Architecture and Design in Stuttgart, Barcelona, Brno. Internationalist, uncompromisingly Modernist, Mies van der Rohe at the height of his powers. The Burrell Collection 14 May 29 August.

Glasgow 1999 UK City of Architecture and Design. Arguably the best thing that’s ever happened in

Glasgow. BROCHURE: 0141 287 1essaww-v'mmeaw-ek