V I saw you a woman wearing maori bone carving on flight ED 006 from London to Glasgow on Jan 23. You had just travelled from Auckland with Air New Zealand. you with pakeha partner and daughter. me. asian kiwi with dreads walked past you when talking to my partner (sit- ting in the row behind you). Lets get together sometime? Box No U/353/l.

V I saw you ginger heid and hugeshoulders. nice! Little miss Kitty says ‘Y'all sure got jazz in those crazy hands of yours!’ Have a nice day now . . . Box No U/353/2.

V I saw you the beautiful blond boy behind the bar at the Blue Moon. Later. I nearly ran you Over. but stopped in time. Your killer tan has faded. but your eyes are still bright blue. Let’s do something. somewhere. some- time. Box No U/353/3.

V I saw you looking fantastic at the Love Boutique. Please come to the Sauza Runway on February 24th. I will be on the Catwalk!

V I saw you tall!!. elegant!!. blonde!! you followed me ! all the way up Lothian Rd Kangol hat (it was cold). Berghaus~boy WLTM. Box No U/353l4.

V I saw you Damon Albarn look-a-like. at Northern Soul at the Sub Club 22 Jan. where l complimented you on our super soul shuffle. Let’s put that baby powder to another sweaty use! Box No U/353/5.

V I saw you Jane through my cloudy. tear-dropped iris but. while my vision may not be 20/20. it is true. Excuse the ‘Ex‘ Files and garbled messages. Can't wait for York. London (via you know where!). Zante. my total eclipse. into the millennium and beyond. ‘The futures bright. the future includes you.‘ The Finger Doctor. Box No U/353/6. V I saw you You're my hero. my lover. my easy-listener. You help me get up each day. when you don‘t stay. everyone must stare as if only half of me is there. Box No U/353/7.

V I saw you Habitat. 30/l/99. You. male. tweedy jacket. blondish hair with two friends (long black coats. red ribbons). Me. flushedl. dark hair. goatee. Next bag. Courage crisis. fancy coffee? Box No U/353/8.

V I saw you wearing dirty jeans and carrying a heavy rucksack. You smiled to me and you offered to prepare a burnt frozen pizza for me. Then the tyre of my bike exploded and I had to leave to repair it. Do you fancy some camping in the Scottish winter. where you could speak about more reunions? Me. lazy cheese snob. Box No U/353/9.

V I saw you tall. bald. distin- guised tash - Binkies. Tron. look- ing tres sexy. you're always around Andy?? Come round see me! You magnetic charm. Box No U/353/I0.

V I saw you Glasgow uni stu- dent. shining behind the counter in Christopher Bond. Byres Road. Dec ‘98. Me: the internet designer seeking friendly spiders and tigger. You made me smile inside. Never came back for the spider. but didn‘t forget about you. Was attached. but not now. Make me smile again? Box No U/353/l I.

V I saw you Yate‘s. Fri 5th. You. tall. short hair in the corner. Me. short hair. tall boots in other corner. Seen each other all night. introduced by your friends at the end but it was too late! Both too shy to talk. lets try again. Box No U/353/ l2.

V I saw you Bar Kohl. 5 Feb. You gorgeous girl. dark shoulder length hair. big brown eyes and a smile like sunshine. I love you from afar. Yada. yada. yada. Box No U/353/l3.

V I saw you Billy Rugby. Saturday in the queue at Club 30. I really like you. I'm sorry I was drunk and kissed your friend. I’d like to see you. Box No U/353/l4.

V I saw you at The Shore. Leith. and then at the Citadel. l2 hours of partying and you still looked hot. So glad I came back. See you soon. The basket case lover. Box No U/353/l5.

V I saw you Andy. last year in Bar Buddah. you. tall. dark. handsome. neanderthal you! You spw G. who pointed tne out. I‘m small. blonde and wore a black. cleavage plunging top. we exchanged glaces and smiled. You melted me! I had to leave sharpish. doh! Box No U/353/l6. V I saw you Stuart. mainland in Australia. eighteen months ago. Now I‘m in Scotland and want to see you. Fat Bob and Mike again. Call me. Michelle from Adelaide - The Grand. Box No U/353/l7.

V I saw you Irish guy. being questioned by me in Planet Ottt. You. with Irish girlfriend. me. with clipboard. Wish I‘d hung around to hear you laugh some more. Interested? Box No U/353/I8.

V I saw you Gordon B. at the Garage ages ago. Me. too shy/pissed to make sense. Now I've learnt your name . your head isn't up your arse? Let me hook you tackle. Box No U/353/I9. V I saw you Negociants. Sun 3|/l. You. tall-ish guy. slightly greying with glasses. up the back by the mirrors. Me: Guy in the grey sweatshirt. short hair. caught your eye (twice). Fancy a drink? Box No U/353/20.

V I saw you downstairs at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. You. tall. gorgeous man. sold me a shiny new bike. I‘d cycle round the world with you. Box No U/353/21.

V I saw you kind Sir of Branigan coerced into giving me a crisp in Fibber McFee's after Wales Vs Scotland. Fancy a duel? The gentle lady with blue hair. Box No U/353/22.

V I saw you Harriet in Byzantium before your migration south. Edinburgh can only be less without you. Don‘t stay away too long. Love A. xxx. Box No U/353/23.

V I saw you Kate. Edinburgh . . . Well nearly! You replied to my personal ad (dislike emotional baggage. like outdoors). but did- n't leave any contact details. Please get back in touch. R. Box No U/353/24.

V I saw you Cat~loving reporter. Fri 5 Feb. offArgyle St. Me. photographer. Too many corny. puns spring to mind. Would you like to meet again? Box No U/353/25.

V I saw you Finger Doctor. making me laugh with your mid- night Permit Patrol despite copi- ous amouts of IPA. The only zones worth bothering about are the Erongenous ones. PS. I love your Stinky butt. can’t wait to. see it on a 50" Screen with Dolby Surround Sound!! Box No U/353/26.

V I saw you I see you through the week. I also saw you 26 Jan in Margiotta (New Town). I lost the power of speech. sorry. Can we meet somewhere without pre- packed meals? Box No U/353/27.

SAUZA® commune Q ’3


V I saw you not yet 50 some- thing with sore foot but still dancing. Tina Turner and Cher no competition. Love your Little Voice. See you at yoga. Don't forget the mat. Box No U/353/28.

V I saw you Don Macl.ean without yer pie! Two years ago - summer in the Officer's Club. I miss you!! Tell me where you are. Love 11' Jam. Laura Belle. Box No U/353/29.

V I saw you Tori. smoking fags and watching South Park in the house of experimental goings-on. The plays on its way. Box No U/353/30.

V I saw you Stuart. many times. I can't say how I feel to you. Steve xxx. You are coolest waif dude in CCs. Planet ()ut and Tackno. Box No U/353/3l. V I saw you at Monday Lizard Gennan girl. Love the curls - will you marry me? And have my babies? Box No U/353/32. V I saw you in Teviot. Fri 5/2. How could anything so sexy grace this building? Silvery top. gorgeous body (!). cute dimple on chin - still drives me wild! Our eyes met in the arcade bar. Short. dark. Italian looking. Could our other body parts meet? Later babe! Box No U/353/33. V I saw you sitting in the win~ dow of a cafe on Cockburn St on Fri 5/2 (0‘ 5.30pm. You - black hair with friend. Me - balck hair with friends too. Jobs a good un? Box No U/353/34.

V I saw you all here. You filled in I Saw You‘s. Job‘s a good un? Come in again you guys. special- ly you with the gorgeous greeny eyes! Box No U/353/35.

V I saw you sexy medic! You; glasses. short hair. black jacket. sexy voice. In Revolution with sexy greek friend. Me: blonde. voluptuous. model. Make my day! Bring you mate! Box No U/353/36.

V I saw you you: Blonde and tubby. they said you work at Standard Life. I heard you talk about Northern Soul. Boxing Day Ca‘ The Citadel was the place. Me: shy but tried to make eye contact loads of times. Box No U/353/17.

V I saw you Dervla. tasting it up with your sexy love confused boyfriend. I want you tnore. It's a kiwi thing. U/353/38.

V I saw you Blonde. electric blue eyes. You chatted to the DJ (Yogi) for a while. Our eyes met and you smiled. Me. small but well formed. They told me you are Julia. Is it true? Box No U/353/39.

V I saw you Drunken duck at the bar in EHI. I'll kiss your bill when you come back from down under! Box No U/353/40.

V I saw you with a guy who looked like Danny Rampling (if you are his girlfriend) I think we should hook up. Box No U/353/41.

V I saw you drop dead honey from Le Sept. Plum coloured hair. blue eyes and a smile to die for! From your blue eyed Calvin! Box No U/353/42.

V I saw you Michael in EH l. drinking Sauza. Are you in a band or do you just look like a rock star. You can get my rocks off anytime. Box No U/353/43. V I saw you in Common Grounds with friends. Thursday. tall with green hair. too shy to approach you but lets meet for coffee. Box No U/353/4-l.

V I saw you in Aviemore on your morrow board Me. red stripe in hair. You're name Jonny . . . I told you I love you. Do you love me? Box No U/353/45.


V I saw you in the Lost Sock Diner. I made you full-on breakky. You. winked at me. Who are you? I need love! I need it! Box No U/353/46.

V I saw you tanned and gor- geous Spanish type Fifer! Big Beat . . . Your brown skin seduced me and those dance moves. I can tell you are a funker. Box No U/353/47.

V I saw you in Still‘s Gallery on reception desk. Long black skirt. dark hair. glasses. sexy bod. What a babe! You‘ve seen me many times let‘s get it on. Box No U/353/48.

V I saw you at Vegas. Muthafunk. Me. brown hair (long). I had on heeled boots. tried showing you I can break- dance. There were three of you: Fancy a boogie guys. Box No U/353/49.

V I saw you in Bar 02 on Sat 5 Feb. You were cheering for Scotland against Wales. Love to see you again. Love Ross. Box No U/353/50.

V I saw you work in the Cul- De-Sac (5/2/99). You were the blonde goddess. You served beer and Bacardi. Your eyes sparkled and your smile was divine. Let's have a l-2~l. Box No U/353/5]. V I saw you Eleanor Edinburgh chick. I last knew you with long hair. Now you blow my mind. Box No U/353/52.

V I saw you foxy hussy. I know you are from Edinburgh. I'm from Glasgow but your curls spin my tongue! Call

me . . . Box No U/353/53.

V I saw you in Wintersgills. the quiz night. You were tall with beautiful dark eyes. You got all the answers. Let's get together and compare notes. Write to me. Mr Bear! Box No U/353/5-l.

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