O I saw you Danny. working at Tron. You have a captivating smile and a sexy body to match. Will you meet me on other side of bar. Box No U/353/55.

O I saw you across a pint of cider and black. You. small and pattable. Me. tall with big eye- brows. I think they call you Jenny. See me in the CuI-De- Sac soon. Tony. xx Box No U/353/56.

C I saw you groovy chick mincing by the bar at Cul-De- Sac. All warm and funny like a little kitten. Purr purr little pussy. Box No U/353/57.

0 I saw you with jumper bear and Mr Happy at the zoo. You were kind to me when I needed you. Thanks. Box No U/353/58.

9 I saw you standing at the bar. You asked for something different. I bought you Sauza and orange. Could we meet again for another mix?

. I saw you hit that guy for saying I was a tart. Thanks for standing up for a complete slag like me. Box No U/353/59.

O I saw you Bobby Hood. The lights went off. then they came on. There was a blackout - good buddy! Love mad Mike. xx Box No U/353/60.

O I saw you in Delmonicas with a white and black sports top. fair hair. nice smile and lovely eyebrows. l was the skin- head with the red top. 30/ 1/99. Like to meet? Box No U/353/6l.

O I saw you in Dundee Rep cafe. The waitress with the love- ly smile. tall slim. brown hair. You served me with a smile. Fancy a date? Box No U/353/62.

O I saw you and spoke to you. Glasgow Art School. 28/I/99. You Katie. white vest and jeans. gorgeous. Me Ben. tall. a bit far gone. Would you like to meet up? Box No U/353/63.

O I saw you looking at me through your little hatch. Yes. you with the Ant & Dec hair style. Buba. xx Box No U/353/64.

U I saw you white shell suit. dropping your chips up the Port. Will you marry me curly tops? Box No U/353/65.

U I saw you Level 6 library. woolly hat. curly brunette. Mysterious between two book- shelves. like a shy little kitten. meow! Leave the books for some extra-curricular feline fun! Box No U/353/66.

9 I saw you bending over in your checks NICE ARSE. Come out of the kitchen. heat my sauce! I‘ll eat your steak (sandwich) at the Tron. Box No U/353/67.

O I saw you curly redhead in Brel. Never seen a girl wear jeans sooo good! Get them off!! Box No U/353/68.

V I saw you with crazy dog you with crazy black hair. red jacket and tall. freaky mate. How’s about yanking my lead? Lil B. Box No U/353/69.

. I saw you Cul-De-Sac. Ashton Lane. 4 Feb. Nike base- ball cap. N.B. trainers and fly (ID) bracelet. Aldo? Friend

clear rim specs. I wanna be your

playthang! Blonde & beautiful. Box No U/353/70.

V I saw you outside Nice ‘n' Sleazy. You had pink ribbon in your hair. I think we met years ago in Cathouse. l have long curly hair and l was wearing a

brown jacket. Box No U/353/7l.

U I saw you Brunswick Cellar. Gavin? Specs. Levis. sheepskin and denim jacket. From back~ door action to gay satisfaction. To see you again would be cool but. eich von smerch! Box No U/353/72.

0 I saw you sexy. drunk. Me falling over at Brel. You blonde. 30s. Let’s discuss art once more enlightening! Box No U/353/73.

U I saw you potential Richie Sambora behind the bar at Brel. What happened to your white

hair. Hope to jam with you soon.

xx Box No U/353/74.

U I saw you doin ya own thing with no preset plan. Brunswick Cellar. Wednesday. You rocked da house and my world. Teddy Liddle. you and I could make beautiful music together. Box No U/353/75.

9 I saw you getting your kit off in my bedroom Tiger. It was nothing to laugh about! Meow Adrian. I‘ve got the catnip. From the ditsiest chick. Box No U/353/76.

V I saw you sexy American football player. tall. dark and very handsome in the Cul-de- Sac. I‘ll buy you a Peroni soon! Box No U/353/77.

V I saw you Ginger Spice. not as nice as you. Fiery chic from

the chip wants you. sexy! B.J.D.

Box No U/353/78.

O I saw you sexy barman at the Cul-De-Sac. Thursday. Me. black shirt light. You. very sweet. I‘ll be back to see you again soon. Box No U/353/79. V I saw you Lars Soma boy hope you are as large as I heard you were. Hope to see you in Delmonica’s or Bar l0. Let's go camping big bhoy! xx Box No U/353/80.

U I saw you smiling at me a few times I thought it meant something. Doesn’t that mean we should get married Vince? Can we wait till I‘m sober? Box No U/353/8 I.

U I saw you Tom. You are it! Box No U/353/82.

0 I saw you sitting at the near end of Russells Bar. looking all dark-haired. dark-eyed. unshaven. sexy and contempla- tive. I think you may work there. Keep. keeping on. x Box No U/353/83.

. I saw you handing out leaflets in the Cul-De-Sac. Very tall. dark and sexy. See you

there soon!!! Box No U/353/84. U I saw you in McChuils. You were the ‘niggas at the back' - Ohio boys. full of attitude and oozing sex. Let‘s get together and have a funky good time. Box No U/353/85.

0 I saw you at the Car Wash in Astoria (London). wearing sexy specs and smile. Your mates called you ‘Smokey‘. Let me me your ‘Bandit'. baby! Get in touch for some ‘Dirty Lovin‘ Box No U/353/86.

0 I saw you two chefs at Tron. Both of you behind serving hatch. Thursday 4 February lunch time. Me with female friend sitting at window oppo- site. Box No U/353/87.

9 I saw you young. dark haired barman at Rat and Parrot. upper floor party. Friday 29 January from 6pm. Me. guy wearing cream jacket and black T-shirt. Box No U/353/88.

. I saw you Anne Marie at the Tron. 'Everybody needs a



bosom for a pillow.‘ Murdo. Box No U/353/89.

O I saw you Citizens' Theatre box office (Jade???) You offered me a concession for your inner circle. but all I wanted was a backstage pass. Box No U/353/90.

V I saw you Lynn. can I leave you a poem? ‘Champagne I desire and embrace it.’ You know the rest!!! Box No U.353/9l.

U I saw you scouring the streets of Glasgow for a puffa on Saturday 6 Feb. I still haven’t found what I'm looking for! Have you? Maybe they're better down south!! See you soon. Box No U/353/92.

O I saw you Pauley at the Tron. You sexy thing. So glad I'll see you again in the morn- ing! I love you darling. Sweet pea. Box No U/353/93.

U I saw you Your name was Corrie. We chatted and I fell in love. You called me bunny. Call me. Box No U/353/94.

. I saw you after you held my hair as I was sick. I enjoy female sex and small criminals. Call me foxy. Box No U/353/95. 0 I saw you dark haired. fit doctor at the Western. Can I have an appointment? You're not from Wolverhampton. Box No U/353/96.

. I saw you sexy doctor. and you saw my arse. Kiss it. Box

No U/353/97.

0 I saw you sexy clockwork orange rider. Dark hair. brown Ieatherjacket. far too long ago. Don‘t ride that. ride me. Box No U/353/98.

V I saw you little cheeky pils- bury dough boy look-alike. Pepe. I want to squish your roly tummy. hot lover. Box No U/353/99.

9 I saw you you‘re leaving the Tron. Can I come with you? I‘ll miss you. I must stay. I tnust say. Paul. it’s you. all agoo. Box No U/353/ 100.

O I saw you Tron staff. sore leg. sore face. Good luck with the boob job. Can I see the results? Mr Boilersuit and yel- low helmet. xx Box No U/353/l0l.

V I saw you Mark Bennets. 30/I/99. You grey temples. Me tall. big bulge. Get in touch. xx Box No U/353/IO2.

. I saw you in Libertys. You. big and chunky. Me. small and cute. Said you were a fruit and veg man!!! Would like to talk. Box No U/353/103.

0 I saw you at the OFT on Sunday afternoon. You still ignite the same response as when I first saw you. Let‘s not waste what's good. Box No U/353/ 104.

0 I saw you in Brel. Are you the fire-starter? Twisted. shirts on fire. with a side shed to die for. I love you. Box No U/353/I05.

V I saw you jogging to Lennoxtown with a sore nose. I thought you looked scrumptious. Box No U/353/IO6.

V I saw you small but perfect- ly formed. dyed red hair. glass- es. Going into Centre 21 with food from Henry Healey‘s. Love to share lunch. Box No

U/353/ l07.

O I saw you tall goddess with fair. curly hair. You appeared like a vision of loveliness (cheese alert!) from Cafe Cosmos. OFF. 9 Feb. 9pm. Could this be destiny? Box No U/353/l08.

U I saw you on the tube. Silver face paint. intense stare and masking tape. You looked again again. Me: wanting more. Let‘s spray together. I know where your heart lies. Box No

U/353/ 109.

U I saw you Helensburgh sta- tion. 9. lSam. 26 January. getting off train from Glasgow. A guy with blue eyes. wearing navy overcoat. Me blonde woman. black coat. Wonderful smiling eye contact! Do get in touch! Box No U/353/I lO.

. I saw you GFT. Sunday. brown jacket. yellow top. You‘re beautiful and I love those groovy trainers. Box No

U/3S3/ l l I.

V I saw you lovely Diesel coat girl (although there are many)

from your Saturday Cafe Latte fn'end. Here‘s to lots more Saturdays darling. Box No U/353/l 12.

U I saw you long-haired beau- ty Alex. I think you’re lovely. What are you having for tea tonight? All my love. Pan. xx Box No U/353/l I3.

V I saw you my angel. mer- maid. goddess of glitter and things. Anyway Pan. I love you. lots & lots & lots. Thank you for being there. Box No U/353/l l4. 0 I saw you at Hi-Karate. every time I’m there! Why do you stare? Because you’re so beautiful! Go on. let me kiss your fuzzy bonehead! Lots of love. xxx Box No U/353/l IS. 0 I saw you wee blondie er al in CCA. Saturday 6. Let‘s all grow beards and make experi- mental frlms. Box No

U/353/l I6.

U I saw you two poodles in a bar. Your silky coats glowing rouge. Fifi and Fifi. you’re great. Two boney blokes. Box No U/353/l l7.

'0 I saw you in Whistler's Mother. You with the silver ori- ental top and black mini skirt. Liz? Fancy a knight. a tall dark. quiet stranger? Box No

U/353/I I8.

0 I saw you in the CCA. and since the last one didn‘t make much sense. I thought I should try again. So. love you. thank you. See you soon Pan. Lots of Arrows and Edges. from . . . Box No U/353/I 19.

V I saw you working in Cruise. Sat 6/2/99. You. Gary Barlow look-alike. Me. shy. brown eyes. I would like to be your ultra vixen. Box No U/353/l20.

U I saw you tall. blonde. rav- ishing. in the CuI-De-Sac. I think they call you Lucy ‘f‘ing' Ritchie. Meet me in the Cul-De- Sac soon. Tiger. Box No U/353/l21.

. I saw you this really sexy chick Amy in CuI-De-Sac. with really long blonde hair and a wicked shirt. Hope she doesn't have a boyfriend! Give me a call. you know who I am! R. Box No U/353/I22.

0 I saw you Fredrique in the Monkey Bar. We took polaroids of your food (porter cake & donner kebab). Box No U/353/123.

. I saw you drinking peach Schnapps in Brel. Are you German? If so. please contact. Wtinderbar mein leibling. Box No U/353/l24.

. I saw you Joanne (fake name) in your dodgy work clothes at The Ark. Friday 5 Feb. Told you I would write this. you didn‘t believe me. Box No U/353/l25.


92 'I'IIELIST 18 Feb—4 Mar I999