V I saw you Benji. doing rub- bish drawings on an I Saw You postcard. We all wrote one but you couldn’t manage it. You silly gorge. Box No U/353/l26. U I saw you or rather I havenzt seen you for ages. Laura H. I don’t have your phone number ring me at work! Love Liz. Box No U/353/l27.

O I saw you Sailor Boy. Tweedle Dee. Liza Lou. the Bookwriter. Grey Squirrel and the Mango. Yer all a bit mad. Here’s to clogging the system! Box No U/353/l28.

9 I saw you two. Your knitwear gave me double vision. Or maybe it was a mirror. Can you fill the GAP in my life? Box No U/353/l29.

V I saw you in my nurses uni- form. You looking like Kramer from Seinfeld. me lonely and sad. Let‘s meet again. you can be my heart throb anyday. Box No U/353/l30.

. I saw you is this not sor- cery? You old enough to be my dad. me the young protege. See you next Friday at the Tron. Box No U/353/l3l.

. I saw you Mr Glenn from the Art College at CC. Bloom’s. You’re a very attractive and sexy guy and would love to meet and talk to you. Box No U/353/ 132.

.I saw you in the window of the Apex Hotel. We were in The Beehive saw your chest and more . . . Close your curtains next time. Box No U/353/l33. O I saw you looking divine in black. I saw the cross and was smitten. You don‘t know me but I have this feeling about us. I‘m cute with spikes. I know you remember me. Box No U/353/l34.

9 I saw you Mr sexy. camel coat Glenn from the Art College. I have noticed you for a long time. and I think I’ve fallen! Box No U/353/l35.

9 I saw you in the flat. eating toast and tea and curly wurlys that are frozen. See you in Dublin at Easter. Love little Vixen. Box No U/353/l36.

U I'saw you yesterday. You balding head and poor grasp of the English language. do it for me baby. Take me to you Eastern European heaven. Do you need a green card? Box No U/353/l37.

V I saw you sporting a silly beard while Dling at the Bongo Club. What a gimp. Still. a good set though. Get some dance classes ('?). Box No U/353/I38. . I saw you in Bertie’s on

Saturday night. You had ridicu- lously ginger hair and were wearing a shirt and tie. You spoke in that soft Irish lilt that really does it for me. baby. Box No U/353/l39.

. I saw you at Sharski on Wednesday 20th. you were small. mediterranean and limp- ing. I was in a small dress with brown hair and nice friend. ls job a good ‘un. Box No

U/353/ 140.

v I saw you by the cold meats in Scotmid on Tuesday evening. I wore beige trousers and black jacket. You were tall. blonde and wearing black. Box No U/353/141.

U I saw you getting the knock back from Revolution on the 21st. Short dark hair and Jewish frame witha long. black coat. You make me horny. Find me. Box No U/353/I42.

. I saw you at Teviot on Friday. You had short(ish) hair. combats. and a loud voice. You stole my pint. my place. and my heart. Caroline, is it? Find me. Box No U/353/143.

O I saw you Sublime. Friday 30th. cheeky brown and curly. you danced like a diva get away from Perth and join me. Box No U/353/l44.

9 I saw you All the stars went down. somehow. and I saw your figure in the sky. Box No U/353/l45.

. I saw you everywhere I looked. I love you duckface. Why won’t you be. mine? I‘ll miss you loads and I’ll see you when I get back. Box No U/353/l46.

V I saw you at Club Lothian in Dalkeith. I love you with all my heart and nothing can change my feelings for you. Box No U/353/l47.

U I saw you small furry and balding - but oh so wide. What a man. I am Scandinavian but tall and up for a good time in your jungle. Box No U/353/148.

9 I saw you Tribal Funkiion a little bit naughty . . . long. dark and totally lion powered hair. You moves on the dance floor. and that strangely enticing glint in your eye. really snared my mind . . . ! Want to see you etc . . call me. Box No U/353/149. 0 I saw you blue eyed and leg- less. with streams of hair like golden fields. your lips. crimson like pomegranites. Box No U/353/150.

. I saw you strutting. brown eyed soul man. Traverse bar. sit- ting yet longing by the bar. . . When will you succumb to my temptation. I’m waiting . . . blue eyed. gorgeous. Box No U/353/l51.



Lineage: £6 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word.

Semi-display: £10 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word.

Recruitment Display: £10 per single

column cm, excl VAT. Display

(all ot er sections):

£8 per single

column cm, excl VAT.

Box No costs £6 extra per issue for non-personal ads.


(Box No is

included in price). Lineage: £10 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word. .

Semi-display: £14 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word.




If your advert doesn’t come under any of the above sections, please contact us and it may be possible to arrange a new section heading for you.



: Print in BLOCK CAPITALS EName ................................................................... .. EAddress ................................................................ ..

: ........................................ .. Tel: ........................... .. Print message one word per bOx

(N8 Telephone Numbers c0unt as One word).

Which Section? How many issues?

:Tick if you want a Semi-display ad Cl :Tick if you want a Box No (obligatory in personal) 0

ETotal Cost £

: Not reqwed Mr I Sat-.1 You or Flatshare.

:All adverts must be prepaid. Cheques and Postal Orders should : be. made out to The List Ltd

2 I enclose cheque/postal order/cash for £

:Alternatively, yOu may pay by MasterCard 0r Visa credit cards.

EPIease debit my :MasterCard/Visa card i J

E Number: / / / E Expiry date __L—/

:Cardholder’s Name ........................................................ ..

This is display It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo. Rates are £1018 per sin le column centimetre excl AT).

Minimum size 3 co umn cm. Minimum cost £24 (plus VAT).

This is semi-display It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. Minimum cost is £10 for up to 20 words plus 50p per extra word. Personal ads in this style include a Box No and cost from £14.

I This is lineage.

Minimum cost is £6 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word. Personal ads in this style include a Box No and cost from £10.

Please note Lineage and Semi-display ads are inclusive of VAT.



2 consecutive insertions 10% 3 consecutive insertions 15°/ 4 consecutive insertions 20% 6 consecutive insertions 25%

:(name and initials as on card)

I Address. ....................................................................... ..

:(if not as above) ............................................................. ..


: Conditions:

I 1 Advertisers must suppl, iii. name and address (NOT for publication).

: 2 The List reserves the rzgizt to :efuse 0r ‘Nlihdfaw any advertisement at our ' disaetion and \‘JlIhOUI explaiiatiori.

I 3 With series bookings, alterations cannot be made and no refunds

: allowed on cancellat-o'is after the first insertion

I 4 Addresses and telecmne numbers are not accepted fOr publication in

: persorial ads


: Copy for Classified ads must reach us by second post on :THURSDAY A WEEK BEFORE PUBLICATION

:WE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High Street (opp. John Knox's :House), Edinburgh, during business hours.

1 Post this form enclosing payment to:

I Classified Ads

i The List Ltd

: 14 High Street or at the CCA

Edinburgh 350 Sauchiehall St 1.3 EH1 1TE Glasgow 62 310

For further details phone 0131 558 1191

18 Feb—4 Mar 1999 TIIEIJSTOS