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IT CAN BE A SAD AND lonely state of affarrs when all your mates are popprng over the Atlantic to New York and the furthest west you've ever been rs Arran They're comparrng the merrts of the 'madrratto Wrth (old rnrlk' to the 'skenny latte no froth', you're left sppmg lrn-Bru. Feelrng

left Out? No longer

Srmpiy follow our easy rnstru<trons and have the gurntessentral New York

experrence wrthout

searchrng the house for

yOur passport.

Frrst create some

atmosphere On the coffee table display a few copres of The New

104 THEL . 18 Mar 1999

Yorker, VII/age Vorre and

T/me Out New York maga/rnes, Let the prrnted word ease you rnto the pace of the (rty 0n the fridge suck a Couple of dog-eared Andy Warhol posttards. More VIsual rnsprratron (an be found rn Edward Hopper's parntrng N/ghthawks, Wrth rts solrtary drner alone at the counter. If that's too much urban alrenatron for you, then remember that musrc rs of lrfe- defrnrng rmportance - and nowhere more so than rn New York.

Dance around your flat to the sweeprng symphonrt’ sounds of

Leonard Bernstmns's ’West Srde Story', belt out ’New York, New York’ along Wrth Frank Srnatra rand a mrllron karaoke krngs who do It therr way), and srng or shout along to the Wu- Tang Clan, Blondre, Velvet Underground and the Beastre Boys - they all (all New York home

Now that you’re rn the swrng of all thrngs Brg Apple-esgue, It's trme to get dressed, Remember, dress with attitude, Ultra-baggy Jeans restrng on your hrps 101' lowerr are a must, as are labels irke the Beastrt Boys' XL range, Prorett Dragon and Subware.

Chth out the Amerrtan labels at Players at 58 South Brrdge Edrnburgh 1622 72231, for Glasgow get along to Dr Jrves at Candlerrggs 1552 S451) and

Con( rete Skates at 20 erson Street 1552 02221, For Arnerr<an retro and vrntage (lothrng, try Nrtols' Orrgrnals Authentrr Amerrtan Clothrng at 8 Chantellor Street, Glasgow (33/ 69941 or Flrp at 59 61 South Budge, Edrnburgh (556 4966) and 72 Queen Street, Glasgow (221 2041), Oh, and don't forget your baseball (ap Just don't wear rt ba(k to front, unless


': Ffr‘.’--.Ul “a”

you want to look lrke a sad and desperate polrtr< ran

Okay, now you're lookrng the part, but after so 111U( h mental exertron, rt’s trme to chill in front of the box No one loves televrsron more than the Yanks, and that set lurkrng rn the (orner of your room (an l)(’(()111(‘ your very own wrndow to the world For all that New York a( t10n - wrthout stepprng past your front door tune rnto Frrends rChannel 4, Frr, mer, Sex In The City (Channel 4, Wed, 10pm), or NYPD Blue 1C hannel 4, Thu, varrous late-nrght tunes)

No doubt the ads have set your stoma< h. growlrng - but put down that frsh supper and (ast asrde that deep-frred Mars Bar, betrause rt's trrne to eat New York style For munchies, a box of Oreo (ookres, a (Ouple of Hershey's bars or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups wrll s'atrsfy any sugar (ravrng If you feel lrke (ookrng up a storm, a bat( h of pan< akes Is the best way forward All of these thrngs ('an be bought New York style, too Seek out a deli for the genurne New York way of /at)prng your hunger In Edrn't)urgh, (hetk out Lupe Prntos at 24 Leven