magical funk bassline or perfect snare hit.

‘I don't hit the antique record shops because they‘re so burned out. but I go to certain thrift shops in Jersey that are next to trailer homes . I'll find. like. an Al (ireen record for like ten cents. It's the only hobby I‘ve got left. 'cause eyerything else has turned into a business.‘

Iiyen though he‘s idolised by millions and crosses the international date line as often as we cross the street. he is at pains to point out that he ain't no rock star. He doesn't go for that at all and says. to be honest. that he‘d just rather stay in the house and make more music.

"That whole popstar thing . . . it‘s not going to work with me.” he contends. ‘You can lose the plot pretty easily in the music industry game. but I still have my moments. know what I mean. I get freaky like anybody else.

They ain't eyery day. but there‘s a time and a place to go buckwild.‘ llis biggest hate is l).ls who

jump around the DJ box and fling

their hands in the air like they‘re a 1).] deity. In fact. he promises the next time he sees someone doing it. he‘ll kick him in the head. seriously. He‘s got a similar

ayersion to his part in any sort of

live show to go with his music. 'lfl was eyer to do a show. I'll have maybe 50 people on stage - Brazilian capoeira dancers. beautiful girls with snakes. some

fire. witchdoctors. all types of

crazy shit. But try and find me. and I won't be there. I don‘t really like to shine that much. I‘d rather just go back to the lab and give you the next project.‘

Don't let us stop you then.

Armand Van Helden 015 at Colours, The Arches, Sat 6 Mar. 2Future4U is released on FFrr on Mon 29 Mar.





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