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Tailors Hall

After months of worx, the Tailors Hall Hotel and the Three Srsters pub have Shed their skin of workmen and scaffolding to reveal the burldrnc; underneath For years, the srte on Edinburgh's Cots/time was, like much of the rest of the Coy-rnate, an eyesore A derelict building that had weeds growmg out of the wrndows, the place looked in for derrtoirtlor‘. and lrttle else

Its prevzous state makes the building's transformation all the more remarkable. Dating back to the 17th century, rt was originally the home for Edznnurqh's society of tailors and, over the years, It has also been a theatre and a brewery Having been practically reburit, the place can now hold its head high again

Overlooking a handsome courtyard which rs likely to prove popular m the Summer, Tailors Hall includes the Three Sisters bar Or perhaps that should be bars plural because there are three distinct areas ander the one roof Towards the bat k of the ouzldrng rs the gothrc bar whit h ‘s at! dark fittings and includes two pu.prts \"anueiy contrnurnn the etzlesratrtal theme there is a row of ‘,".t.f)S corrtessetynals an the 'l‘r:(2(ll(‘ ;rr_sn bar while the front bar "as a contemporary styl .> bar (lesion

The food ava:lat>le ranges from the traditional pub (put) of Fat Boy burners and steak and ate p-es to amorrnr and striton spirals, bowls of mussels and Thar green c‘urres

lnter‘estrngiy, the suriday menu rs sponsored by GLillili(?SS and Resolve Every breakfast ordered before i lam entitles the customer to a free prnt of Guinness or a Bloody t. ary Good luck (Jonathan Trew; Tar/ors Hai/ and the Three Sisters, Cozrvgate, Edinburgh, 0737 622 6800


Following on from last rssue's article on Bleu, we have been asked to pornt out that Prerre LeVrr‘Ky «s not a shareholder rn La Vie En Bleu, the :ompany that owns the two Bleu restaurants La Vie En Bleu are not LeVrcKy's backers but employ mm as a :<;ns't..tant chef and



Make mine a triple: the Three Sisters. Cowgate, Edinburgh

The Basement

iOa-lZa Broughtor‘. Street 557 CC97 Restaurant quality food at pub-:rrul:

prices, served 'trl 10pm colourful surroundrnr;s

. ‘. lively,

Cyberia Internet Cafe

88 Hanover Street _ 220 4403

’One of the best cafes In Edrnburgh' The Scotsman VVlih the fastest Internet access rn town.


32c BroughtOn Street 478 7246 D

Global food wrth stylrsh decor Tuesday - Saturday nights, Sunday ion; 7", We need 'U' to tun DSK to D'b'SK

EH1 197 High Street

220 5277

Menu available all day

Also tempting daily specials sewed daily until 7pm

Filmhouse 88 Lothran Road. a 229 5932- FILMHOUSE Relaxed,

atmospheric cafe bar, st-rvrnt;

great value snacks, salads, spec rats arr: brilliant cappurcrnos EOam tri: rate Pancho Villas

240 Canonqate

557 4416

Mexrc an-born owner

Mayra Nunez says 'rf you're r;o;nr; tr: eat Mexrcan, then don t be plan.) Lunch untrl Spm, dinner untrl 1pm


24 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbrrdge

332 4476. Cosmopolitan (ursrne daily set price drhner rrrenus ‘rorn £12 50 ’booluno adv.sab|r‘-v, i.<:"t


lunches, coffees, beers arr: Peter Sellers

i1-13 \Vriilram Street, 22": 336' lcelandr: expenerxe, new; : utsrne f’:tt‘;‘-‘; to Edinburgh on Sundays saith the best

of Nordic food - F003 0? THE 6335'

Antoniou's Taverna 523 Sauchrehali St 0141 221 7636

Enjoy authentr: t‘riate-smasrtmt; (fire-t».

ANTONIOU'S PLACE ...:7:.'.::;

nrohts ‘.‘./|Ili live music and rian; "if; every weekend Lanz"es how {2 Back Alley Restaurant

8 Ruthven Lane 334 7 ‘: 65

World Wide cuisine, t'reexenrl breakfast» Happy Hour, iunth menu, ear-snot; specials and Glasgow s nest t).lrtit"s'

Brel bar : restaurant . 39 Ashton Lane

342 4966

Belgian peers urat’t

Lefte and H()(?(]:i:il(1(‘ltl, free wmes, rustic toot , tool


Caffe Latte

58 ‘Jrr'trnra Street, Siasttow, 553 2553 ‘Drxxas, PastasSalaus, Sandwiches, S'tat Ks seteft itays Relaxed, ‘r'ertttzy


rrtusu, relaxed

. \\I 81)“ lA-rtlt III\I-‘l\,l t,

Cas(bah) cellar bar & bistro

‘. '._‘,’lit"'tl()(lt St, baserrtent

Car or; Cress 564 180C New ;ellar bar 8 bistro open until

‘. 00am every night it peers ail day 81 "’(ilti Located at the

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\‘t‘oodrands Road

Grassroots 20 \Noodzands Road 353 3278 Stare-free food, :>rr;anr; drown-es, ext-:Ment : t-L’dt), f.r‘.-:= :neeses, neros and st: tes, Le Petit Pain

239 Bytes Road

337 ‘t‘: prone/tax

\ ~r- (1)8, ititl'lt./S<1rlt]\/lx“V‘s :1. LA

)ii‘SOilli‘ r()-(){}S All”, ‘y’th'll


Mojo 7. -2 _ ‘58) Bath Street 0 33‘. 2257

Much acclaimed stylish bar a unique olend of modern brasserie cooking rn an ;r‘.t:mate settrht;


28 Cubson Street 334 2665 Cresh Stottrsh .nnredrents, authentr: and or::;rna: reczpes, <i\\did-\Lrltlillti) t()()kllt(l, irveiy and .ntorrnar atmosphere The 13th Note

King Street 553 1638 Bar/t afehxenue mth a totally verran menu of wholesome .‘ood \vrthrn a relaxed atmosphere

The Ubiquitous Chip

‘.2 Ashton Lane 334 5007

One of Glasgow's Ubéqvélw/ Chip finest restaurants serum; _ modern Scottish fayre Tron Bar and Restaurant Clusholm St 552 8587 Contemporary European style bar and newly- refurbrshed restaurant, sersnnr; excellent (urszne and woe n comfortable,


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’M‘ Open tr-l mronroht “mum” Market Bar For details of how to include your 2;; faxrerath so; fie-CS restaurant/bistro!

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2 FOR 1 MEAL DEAL VALID SEVEN DAYS 11AM - 7PM VALID FOR ALL STARTERS. MAIN COURSES 8. DESSERTS. Please complete coupon and surrender at time of order.





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7 VICTORIA ST TEL 0131 225 5846


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